Ex. Comp. Peter TOMKINS 50 years a member of the Holy Royal Arch

Peter was born on the 10th September 1934 and during his working life he was an Accountant. He was initiated into Freemasonry on the 5th November 1965 in Edward Holiday Lodge No 7997 under The District Grand Lodge of Eastern Archipelago and meeting at Kuala Lumpar. This Lodge still exists and still meets in the same place. Peter resigned from Edward Holliday Lodge on the 13th March 1992.

Peter also became a joining member of the 23rd September 1966 of Lodge of St George No 1152 and they meet at Freemason’s Hall, Singapore, this Lodge made him an Honourary Member  on the 28th August 2001.

He was also a joining Member of Lodge of St Michael No 2933 again meeting at Freemason’s Hall, Singapore and he resigned from this Lodge on the 6th March 1992. It was obviously at this time that he left Singapore to return to England.

Peter became a joining member of the Lodge of Unanimity & Sincerity No 261 meeting at Taunton on the 15th April 1992 and was Master of the Lodge in 2000 and has served that Lodge as Treasurer from 2007 until 2013. He holds the Provincial Grand Rank in Somerset of Past Provincial Grand Warden.

Peter Tomkins was Exalted into the Holy Royal Arch on the 4th April 1967 in St George Chapter No 1152 in Singapore under the District Grand Chapter of the Eastern Archipelago and is a Past 1st Principal of the Chapter, he resigned his membership on the 28th August 1998.

He became a joining Companion of Chapter of Sincerity No 261 on the 11th November 1992 and has served the Chapter as Almoner between 2001 and 2003 when he became Treasurer, and Office he held until 2009. Peter holds the Ranks of Past Provincial Grand Scribe Nehemiah in the Provincial Grand Chapter of Somerset.

At the May Convocation of the chapter the MEGS had hoped to be able to present a 5o year certificate to Ex. Comp. Peter.Unfortunately Peter was not well enough to attend and the certificate was left in the safe keeping of Ex. Comp Roger Bailey (Z) for later presentation.

There was word that Peter might be returning to Hong Kong so it was hoped he could be presented with his certificate before he disappeared.

Subsequently Ex. Companions Roger Bailey and Bob Nicholls visited Peter at Nynehead Court where he was convalescing following a recent illness. Their visit coincided with a visit from his family and presented him with his certificate and Badge. Peter quickly tired but asked that his gratitude for the honour bestowed was passed onto the MEGS.