Eldon Chapter No.1755 Convocation 7th November 2019

Eldon Chapter had a full, busy and varied Convocation.

We were honoured with the presence of the Most Excellent Grand Superintendent E.Companion Barry Woodside, E. Companion Ray Beckingham 2nd Provincial Grand Principal together with other active Provincial Officers, Grand Officers and our Past MEGS E. Companion John Bennett.

The evening’s business included a Lecture from E. Companion Ray Beckingham and his team, the Symbolical Lecture led by E. Companion Sam Stride (Haggia) , receiving the Somerset Sceptre from St. Keyna Lodge and our MEGS E.Companion Barry Woodside presenting a 50 year certificate to E. Companion Geoff Day.


Eldon Chapter receiving the Somerset Sceptre.

E. Comp. A. Barden  ‘Z’                    E. Comp. B. Parks

St. Keyna Chapter.                             E. Comp.  M. Saunders

E. Comp. Darryl Woodruff ‘Z’          E. Comp.   A. Bardens  ‘Z’

Eldon Chapter.                                      Comp.   P. Drake

E.Companion Ray Beckingham assisted by his team, E.Companions Garry Sharp and Chris Fear gave an interesting and thought provoking lecture titled ‘My Chapter in Camera’. It was professionally delivered and enjoyed by all. I would recommend Chapters requesting this lecture should they have a spare date.

E. Companion Sam Stride the Eldon Haggai directed the Eldon version of the Symbolical Lecture which was confidently presented by E. Companions Keith Smith,Marshall Westley, Neil Pimm, Steven Wilson, David Parslow and Companion Darren Cook.

E. Companion Barry Woodside (MEGS) then made two presentations.

E. Companion Geoff Day receiving his 50 year certificate when E. Companion Barry Woodside congratulated Geoff on his achievement and for his dedication and commitment to the Royal Arch. He then gave the Companions a resume of E. Companion Geoff’s history in Masonry.

It had been decided at Grand Chapter that the Grand Superintendents Award collarette should not be worn. Our Grand Superintendent therefore has replaced this award with a badge. E. Companion Barry presenting E. Companion Philip du Kamp with his GSA award badge.

MEGS E. Companion Barry Woodside rise  to bring Fraternal Greetings from Provincial Grand Chapter and congratulating  E. Companion R. Beckingham and his team together with E. Companion Sam Stride and his team on the professional deliveries of their lectures. He concluded by again congratulating E. Companion Geoff Day and thanking our Principals and the Chapter for a very enjoyable evening.


Philip du Kamp  GSA  PPrGReg

CLO Eldon Chapter No. 1755