Eldon Chapter Installation Convocation – 7th March 2019

Eldon Chapter’s Installation Convocation on March 7th 2019  was honoured with the presence of our new Provincial Grand Superintendent E.Comp. Barry Woodside.

With the assistance of E.Comps. Richard Ellis and Philip du Kamp as H and J respectively, E.Comp. Keith Smith inducted E.Comp. Darryl Woodruff as Z after which E.Comp. Sam Stride was Installed as H and E.Comp. Philip Mills was inducted as J.

Comp. Kelvin Grainger was presented with his Grand Chapter certificate by the Grand Superintendent E.Comp. Barry Woodside.

We had two Exaltees proposed – Bro Peter Flack and Bro Michael Glanville both of whom are from Severn Lodge.

On the second rising MEGS E.Comp. Barry Woodside congratulated the Principals on their appointments. He then  reminded Companions of the Annual Convocation at the Webbington where E.Comp. Geoff Lester will be appointed Deputy Provincial Grand Director of Ceremonies and E.Comps. Keith Smith and Darryl Woodruff will be promoted to Past Provincial Registrar and Past Provincial Assistant Sojourner respectively.

Eldon Chapter’s next Convocation is on Thursday 2nd May 2019.

Sam Stride (H), Darryl Woodruff (Z), Philip Mills (J)
Ray Conneely (Pr D/C ), Sam Stride (H), Barry Woodside (MEGS), Darryl Woodruff (Z), Philip Mills (H) 
Kelvin Grainger receiving his Grand Chapter Certificate from MEGS