Easter Message from MEGS

Dear Companions
A month or so ago who would ever have imagined we would be spending this Easter in lockdown, no longer able to practice our long-held traditions of worship and religious celebration; not forgetting family gathering,
socialising with friends and in many cases with neighbours.
Yet here we are, all in isolation, anxious not only for family, friends and loved ones, but for all those in front line services struggling to look after our health and welfare. Making our own individual contribution to the
requirements for staying at home, social distancing in the interest of gaining valuable time for the health professionals, scientists and other professional bodies to hopefully stabilise and eventually eradicate this
dreadful viral pandemic. I am confident however, if we all heed the advice we’ve been given and encourage others to do likewise and stick to it, it will not be too much longer before we are able to resume our regular activities and meet once again in that love and harmony that we have all become very much accustomed to.

I wish you all a Very Happy and Peaceful Easter

Finally, Companions and once again please avoid all unnecessary contact in order to protect our brilliant NHS, but above all and whatever you do, please stay SAFE.
With very best wishes to you all,

Yours sincerely and fraternally


Barry K Woodside
Grand Superintendent in and over the Province of Somerset.

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