Sincerity 261-Deferred installation of Principals

Principals for 2017/2018: E Comps David Brandhuber, J, Charlie Barker, MEZ, Chris Partridge, J

At the Convocation on Wednesday 8th November E. Comp  Charlie Barker finally had the opportunity to install the H of the Chapter E. Comp David Brandhuber. Unfortunately due to ill health David was unable to attend the Installation Convocation in May. The chapter Principals are now pictured above. As the majority of the Provincial Team had made the journey to London for a visit to Supreme Grand Chapter and the Somersetshire Chapter, we were honoured to be able to call E. Comp Bob Moore, PDGS, out of retirement and have the pleasure of his company at the Convocation. E. Comp Bob gave the address to the Principals after the Installation.

On the evening we also received the Travelling Sceptre from the Companions of Brotherly Love Chapter (Z-Neil Tinkley and 6 accompanying Companions). The convocation concluded with the presentation of the Historical Lecture in Catechetical format led by J, E. Comp Chris Partridge assisted by E. Comps S Leyton, R Bailey, P Hitchcock and Comps R Town, J Leeming & D Hughes.