Comp Ken’s Exhalation

On the 12th February Wrington Vale Chapter was treated to one of the best if not the best exhalations I have been privileged to witness. The Provincial Team lead by MEGS carried out the exhalation of Bro Ken Avery, taking over just after we installed H. with the Grand Superintendent as Z, Second Grand Principal as H and Third Grand Principal as J. The Deputy Grand Superintendent carried out the narration of what the Janitor was saying to Ken outside the Temple during the ceremony. We were also joined by MEGs from Hampshire and Isle of Wight, Wiltshire and Dorset, plus a good number of Companions from those Provinces (we had 80 in total). The ceremony that followed can not have failed to impress Bro Ken (I was impressed as were the Companions), with the Temple full and the standard of the work was faultless, it all must have made Ken feel very privileged that evening.  E Comp D John Bennett as Z gave what can only described as a shining example of how to perform the Exhalation Ceremony the correct way which was ably backed up by the 2nd and 3rd Grand Principals and the rest of the Provincial Officers who took part in the evening. Just to cap off Ken’s ceremony the visiting Grand Superintendents perfectly preformed the Mystical Lecture.

The Companions of Wrington Vale were given a real treat that night and we feel proud and  privileged that such a prestigious ceremony was preformed in our Chapter. I turned up early and was asked to stand in for J for the entire meeting, I am very pleased I did as I feel very honoured  to have been involved in the ceremony albeit a small part as Wrington Vale Principals were treated to a night off.

Then to top it off we had an excellent festive board  which was punctuated with a very happy and friendly atmosphere, all in all very good evening was enjoyed by all who attended.   I took a number of photographs which I will put on another post.

E Comp Barry Jones
CLO Wrington Vale Chapter.