Royal Cumberland Chapter 41

2008 - Banner Photo from David Hudson mod 1The Masonic Hall, Old Orchard Street, Bath, BA1 1JU
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  • 3rd Tuesday in February – 18:15RCRAC 41 LOGO
  • 3rd Tuesday in March – 18:15
  • 3rd Tuesday in April – 18:15
  • 3rd Tuesday in October – 18:15
  • 3rd Tuesday in November (Installation) – 18:00


Contact: – Scribe E – Ken Ellis


The three Principals of the Chapter (l-r) E.Comp. David. Hogg (H), E.Comp. Jeff Penfold (Z), and E.Comp. Malcolm Toogood (J)


Calderley Liaison Officer: Derek Tadman



Information and History:
A bicentenary Chapter!

Founded in 1782 the first Principals were E.Comp. Hopwood (Z), E.Comp. Davis (H) and E.Comp. Fox (J).

At an Emergency Meeting of the Chapter on 14th November 1882 the Grand Scribe E., Companion C. W. Radway on behalf of H.R.H. the Price of Wales, First Grand Principal presented to Col. A. W. Adair, Provincial Grand Superintendent a Centenary Warrant.

The Provincial Grand Superintendent then addressed the Principals of the Chapter and assured them it was with great honour and pride he place in their hands:

“the first Centenary Warrant of a Chapter which has ever been granted in England”

  • 2019
  • Tuesday 19th March (6:15 p.m.)
    Regular Convocation
    "Talking Heads"
  • Tuesday 16th April (6:15 p.m.)
    Regular Convocation
    Travelling Sceptre Arrives
  • Friday 6th September (7:00 p.m.)
    The Principals and Past First Principals Committee Meeting
  • Tuesday 15th October (6:15 p.m.)
    Regular Convocation
  • Friday 1st November (8:00 p.m.)
    Rehearsal of the Installation Ceremony
  • Tuesday 19th November (6:00 p.m.)
    Installation Convocation