King Alfred Chapter 3169

King Alfred Chapter 3169 meets at:
The Masonic Hall, Tivoli Lane, The Boulevard, Weston-super-Mare, BS23 1NZ
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  • 4th Monday in March – 18.30
  • 2nd Monday in May – 18.30
  • 2nd Monday in June – 18.30
  • 4th Monday in October – 17.45 (Installation)

The King Alfred Chapter 3 Principals 2022 – 2023
E. Comp David Mallinson (Z), E. Comp Justin Pursey (H), E. Comp Danny Kennedy (J)

Chapter Liaison Officer: Simon Sparkes
Scribe E: Simon Sparkes
Dining contact: Sandy Glen

Officers 2022 – 2023

MEZE Comp D.P. Mallinson
HE Comp J.C. Pursey
JE Comp D. Kennedy
Scribe EE Comp S.T. Sparkes
Scribe NE Comp A Wilsher-Day
TreasurerE Comp A.W. Glen
DCE Comp J.R. Thomas
AlmonerE Comp D. Kennedy
Charity StewardComp M. Dew
Principal SojournerComp G.G. Vou
1st Asst. SojournerComp J. Joyce
2nd Asst. SojournerComp N. Henderson
ADCE Comp Malcolm Beard
Organist (Guest)Comp C. Henderson
Senior StewardComp D.H. Walmsley
StewardComp P. Barber
StewardComp S. Poland
StewardComp G.R. Hawkes
JanitorComp A. Richards

Past First Principals of the Chapter

1989 E.Comp W.F. Jackson*1990 E.Comp K.J. Ball*1991 E.Comp E. Wilderspin*
1992 E.Comp D.M. Lambert*1993 E.Comp W.F. Jefford1994 E.Comp T.F. Baker*
1995 E.Comp B.E. Ruse1996 E.Comp I.S. White1997 E.Comp C.E. Davies*
1998 E.Comp E.D.J. Hobbs*1999 E.Comp A.W. Rowe2000 E.Comp I.R. Cottrell*
2001 E.Comp G. Nutty2002 E.Comp Sam.J. Boyd2003 E.Comp G.W.T. Lanfear*
2004 E.Comp P.G. Johns2005 E.Comp T.M. Clarke2006 E.Comp A.C. Helliker*
2007 E.Comp T.J. Rhodes2008 E.Comp J.T Hawkins*2009 E.Comp P.N. Morrisey
2010 E.Comp T.L.B. Horner*2010 E.Comp M Beard2011 E.Comp Dr S.T. Sparkes
2012 E.Comp D.P. Mallinson2013 E.Comp I.J. Woollard2014 E.Comp A.W. Glen
2015 E.Comp A Wilsher-Day2016 E.Comp A Wilsher-Day2017 E.Comp J.R.Thomas
2018 E.Comp A.W. Glen2019 E.Comp Dr S.T. Sparkes2020 E.Comp Dr S.T. Sparkes
2021 E.Comp Stuart Boyd2022 E. Comp Stuart Boyd


Latest Chapter News & Events

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