King Alfred Chapter 3169

King Alfred Chapter 3169 meets at:
The Masonic Hall, Tivoli Lane, The Boulevard, Weston-super-Mare, BS23 1NZ
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  • 4th Monday in March – 18.30
  • 2nd Monday in May – 18.30
  • 2nd Monday in June – 18.30
  • 4th Monday in October – 17.45 (Installation)

The King Alfred Chapter 3 Principals 2021 – 2022
E.Comp. Stuart Boyd (Z), E.Comp. David Mallinson (H) and E.Comp. Justin Pursey (J)

Chapter Liaison Officer: Malcolm Beard
Scribe E: Simon Sparkes
Dining contact: tbc

Officers 2021 – 2022

M.E.ZE.Comp S.Boyd PPGSoj
H.E.Comp D.P.Mallinson PPGStwd
J.Comp J.Pursey
Scribe E.E.Comp S.T. Sparkes PPGSoj
Scribe N.E.Comp T.Wilsher-Day
Treasurer.E.Comp A Glen
Director of Ceremonies.E.Comp J.Thomas
Almoner.Comp. D. Kennedy
Charity Steward.Comp. M Dew
Principal Soj.Comp. D. Kennedy
1st Asst Soj.Comp. G.Vou
2nd Asst SojComp. J Joyce
Asst Director of CeremoniesE.Comp M. Beard PPGSwdB
Asst Scribe E.tbc
Guest Organist.tbc
Chapter Communications Officer.E.Comp M. Beard PPGSwdB
Senior Steward.Comp D.H. Walmsley PPAsstGDC
Steward.Comp. A Richards
Steward.Comp G Caulfield
Steward.Comp. L. Edmunds
Janitor.Comp. N Henderson

Past First Principals of the Chapter

1989 E.Comp W.F. Jackson*1990 E.Comp K.J. Ball*1991 E.Comp E. Wilderspin*
1992 E.Comp D.M. Lambert*1993 E.Comp W.F. Jefford1994 E.Comp T.F. Baker*
1995 E.Comp B.E. Ruse1996 E.Comp I.S. White1997 E.Comp C.E. Davies*
1998 E.Comp E.D.J. Hobbs*1999 E.Comp A.W. Rowe2000 E.Comp I.R. Cottrell*
2001 E.Comp G. Nutty2002 E.Comp Sam.J. Boyd2003 E.Comp G.W.T. Lanfear*
2004 E.Comp P.G. Johns2005 E.Comp T.M. Clarke2006 E.Comp A.C. Helliker*
2007 E.Comp T.J. Rhodes2008 E.Comp J.T Hawkins*2009 E.Comp P.N. Morrisey
2010 E.Comp T.L.B. Horner*2010 E.Comp M Beard2011 E.Comp Dr S.T. Sparkes
2012 E.Comp D.P. Mallinson2013 E.Comp I.J. Woollard2014 E.Comp A.W. Glen
2015 E.Comp A Wilsher-Day2016 E.Comp A Wilsher-Day2017 E.Comp J.R.Thomas
2018 E.Comp A.W. Glen2019 E.Comp Dr S.T. Sparkes2020 E.Comp Dr S.T. Sparkes
2021 E.Comp Stuart Boyd


Latest Chapter News & Events

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