Eldon Chapter 1755

The Masonic Hall, Albert Road, Clevedon, BS21 7RN
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  • Tuesday the 20th March – 18.45 (Installation) – re arranged due to the recent cold weather
  • 1st Thursday in May – 18.45
  • 1st Thursday in September – 18.45
  • 1st Thursday in November  – 18.45


Scribe E – E Comp David Parslow – davidkparslow@gmail.com

Treasurer & Dining – E Comp Philip du Kamp – pr.dukamp@gmail.com

  • Due to unforeseen circumstances the Z Elect for 2018/ 2019, E Comp Phillip Mills, will be unavailable to attend the Chapter in the immediate short term. Eldon Chapter understand E Comp Phillip’s circumstances take priority and we look forward to seeing him return to Eldon when time and circumstances permit. E Comp Keith Smith has very kindly agreed to remain as Z for the ensuing year for which the Eldon Chapter is very grateful and we thank him for his continued support.
  • Thursday 3rd May 2018 - 18:45 - Regular Meeting
  • Thursday 6th September 2018 - 18:45 - Regular Meeting