Chapter of Fidelity and Sincerity 1966 – MEGS’ visit in February

The Chapter was honoured by the attendance of MEGS E Comp D John Bennett accompanied by E Comp Mervyn Small, PrDDC. On his entrance he was presented with the Sceptre which was gracefully received and promptly returned to E Comp Keith Smith, Z.

A vote was then taken for Bro Malcolm South to be Exalted into the Chapter, which was duly carried. Malcolm is currently the Junior Warden of the Lodge of Fidelity and Sincerity.

There followed a demonstration of the Historical and Symbolical Lectures by J, E Comp Peter Chidzey, assisted by other companions and H, E Comp John Brown respectively.

The next agenda item of the evening was then passed to MEGS for a discussion on ‘Changes to the Province’. This highlighted the changes to the Provincial website and also in the ritual used by the Provincial Team when they conduct Exaltation Ceremonies. The reason for not wearing gloves within in the Province was also explained informing the companions present of the situation with Supreme Grand Chapter, the Provincial Team and individual chapters. E Comp Adrian Halliwell, DC, asked MEGS to talk on the new Executive Team which had not been announced with the other Provincial honours in November. MEZ thanks MEGS for visiting 1966, leading in with the discussion and for his work for the Province.

ltormeetE comp Adrian Halliwell then proposed, seconded by E Comp Jim Nicol, Scribe E, that gloves be no longer worn in Chapter, which was passed by a large majority. From April’s meeting gloves will no longer be worn.

Next item on the agenda was a discussion of the Chapter Bylaws. E Comp Adrian gave the background as to the need to update these and E Comp Jim gave details of the changes. MEGS suggested that Prov Scribe E be contacted to obtain the ‘Model Bylaws’ which would make this task easier.






The Chapter was closed after the Risings and all adjourned to the Dining Room for a very convivial time at the festive board