CHAPTER OF BROTHERLY LOVE No. 329 October Convocation

The chapter was opened and E Comp Derek Marpole, MEZ, welcomed all companions and the one visitor. He then invited E Comp Tony Rash to present the Historical Lecture in Catechitical form assisted Comps: Part A Frank Suter; Part B Brian Gay ; Part C Alan Watkins; Part D Grant Lyons; Part E Ken Sherring; and Part F Rob Mitchell

MEZ the asked E Comp  Bill Spregg (H) for the Symbolical Lecture assisted by Comps: Part 1 Rob Mitchell; Part 2 Adrian Horsey; Part 3 Alan Watkins; Part 4 Gary Hall; Part 5 Frank Suter; Part 6 E Comp Clive Barlow; Part 7 E.Comp John Hawkins and Part 8. by E Comp Brian Buckle.

Next on the Agenda was the Election of the Principals for the forthcoming year as E Comp Bill Spregg as MEZ, E Comp Tony Rash as H and Comp Adrian Watkins as J. Likewise the Treasurer, Comp Rob Mitchell.

Scribe E announced that there were two candidates for Exaltation in the coming season. However, he announced that there have been six resignation,  all for a variety of reasons and accepted by the Scribe E.

The Chapter was closed in Peace and Harmony and the companions made their way to the festive board for melon and Parma Ham, Faggots, creamy mash and veg completed with fruit crumble.