Chapter Marine No. 232 Regular Convocation Tuesday 14th May 2019

Chapter Marine was honoured with the presence of the 3rd Principal of Provincial Grand Chapter E.Comp. Neil Hurcum.

We also were honoured with our past MEGS E.Comp. D. John Bennett who stood in as Joshua for the evening.

E.Comp. Andy Wade proposed that we Exalt Bro Wayne Kelly  of Birnbeck Lodge into Chapter Marine and E.Comp. Martin Slocombe proposed on behalf of E.Comp. Mike Barfoot-Franks that we also Exalt Bro Timothy O’Neil of Lodge Marine into Chapter Marine.

Both propositions were carried unanimously.

Bro Wayne Kelly was then Exalted into Chapter Marine by our Principals ably assisted by their Officers.

The Address after Exaltation was given by E.Comp. Neil Hurcum, the signs were explained by E.Comp. Andy Wade and the Mystical Lecture was given by E.Comps. Richard Reeve, Martin Slocombe and Marshall Westley.

E.Comp. Kevin Dean, Haggai, E.Comp. Neil Hurcum, Provincial 3rd Principal, E.Comp. Peter Harris, Zerubbabel, Comp. Wayne Kelly, Exaltee, and E.Comp. D. John Bennett, Acting Joshua  –  Past MEGS


E.Comp. Neil Hurcum Provincial 3rd Principal welcoming our Exaltee Comp. Wayne Kelly and presenting him with the Companions Guide.

At the Festive Board we had an ‘Italian Themed Night ‘ which was thoroughly enjoyed by all, finishing with  Chapter Marine’s unique custom of  everyone individually standing and toasting their Mother Chapter.

We will be Exalting Bro Timothy O’Neill at our next Convocation on the 10th October 2019.