Chapter Marine Installation Convocation – 15th March, 2018

A most convivial Installation Convocation was experienced by everyone. The meeting was enhanced by the visit of our Grand Superintendent E.Comp. D. John Bennett and 3 of his Provincial team.

We Installed:

E.Comp. Marshall Westley as ‘Z’

E.Comp. Peter Harris as ‘H’

Comp. Kevin Dean as ‘J’.

In addition to the Warrant being presented, our IPZ E.Comp. Steven Wilson also presented for their guidance and safe keeping :-

Our Ship’s Compass – to point them in the right direction.

Our Ship’s Wheel – to keep them on course.

Chapter Marine Principals

Chapter Marine Principals with MEGS and his team.

At the festive board we held a ‘Curry Night’ which was thoroughly enjoyed by all those dining.