Avalon 446 – Dedication of new Honours Board

Our May meeting was yet another busy one! Early on in the agenda we welcomed the First Principals of our fellow Founding Chapters of the Province, and shortly after we welcomed the Provincial Team, headed, of course, by the MEGS John Bennett. The Provincial Officers were invited to take up their officers in the Chapter and the MEGS proceeded to dedicate the new Chapter Honours Board. Part of the Dedication Ceremony included an excellent oration given by the Third Provincial Grand Principal, E Comp David Parslow.

The Third Provincial Grand Principal has a busy evening because shortly after his oration he presented a Grand Chapter Certificate to Companion Mick Wright. However, his work was not yet over as he then proceeded to host a light-hearted quiz entitled ‘An Advancement in Masonic Knowledge’, which was somehow won by the MEGS.

With the formal proceedings completed, we then retired to the bar/festive board, where an excellent meal was had by all.

Announcement of new Grand Superintendent

As you know, E Comp  D John Bennett, Most Excellent Grand Superintendent in and over the Province of Somerset, will officially retire on 17th October next, and the Most Excellent the First Grand Principal has been pleased to appoint E Comp Barry Keith Woodside, PGSwdB, to the office of Grand Superintendent in and over the Province of Somerset with effect from 18th October next.

Congratulations to E Comp Barry

E Comp Barry Woodside, MEGS designate

Annual Convocation in Pictures

Setting up the Chapter
E Comp George Francis and MEGS
The New Rulers
The 2017/18 Rulers
Devonshire Companions
E Comp Denis Calderley and George Francis with the Rulers
Provincial DCs: E Comps Geof Lester [ADC], Adrian Halliwell [DDC], Chris Moore [DC], Tony Cooper [DDC] and Sandy Glen [ADC]
Very Distinguished Companions
E Comp George Francis and MEGS after the Convocation
John loves fruit
MEGS responding to his toast
Time for Arthur to pack away the camera and head home. Thanks Arthur

With many thanks to E Comp Arthur Rowe for his dedication to capturing the essence of the Provincial Convocation 2018

King Alfred Chapter 3169 May 2018

King Alfred Chapter met on Monday 14th May 2018 with E. Comp Jeremy Thomas as Z, E. Comp Arthur Rowe standing in as H (for E. Comp Sandy Glen who was unwell at short notice), and E. Comp Tony Wilsher-Day as J.

The main business of this meeting centred on advancement in Chapter knowledge.

Firstly the Historical Lecture was delivered under the direction of J, and some of the newer Companions took part as follows:

Part 1   Comp. Justin Percy
Part 2   Comp. Graham Caulfield
Part 3   Comp. Lindsay Edmonds and E. Comp Simon Sparkes

Secondly E. Comp Sandy Glen had obtained a quiz for the Companions to test their knowledge. Unfortunately as E. Comp Sandy Glen was not able to be present, E. Comp Simon Sparkes acted as question master. The questions covered a wide variety of areas such as the history of King Alfred Chapter, the arrangement of the Chapter and its ornaments, historical parts of the ritual (including some from the Historical Lecture we had just heard that often proved illusive!) and definitions for example where does vellum come from.

The answer sheets had been arranged numbering 1 to 25 in a grid with the numbers arranged randomly for each Companion, so the winner was to be the first Companion with 5 correct answers in a row, in a manner similar to bingo. Some early calls did not have fully correct answers, and finally joint winners were announced with E.Comp Arthur Rowe and E.Comp Tony Helliker. As these are among the most experienced Companions in our Chapter, the question master was prompted to announce that “age and experience beat youth and enthusiasm!”

Here we see the question master flanked by the winners.

The evening concluded with an excellent festive board and we look forward to the next meeting on 11th June.

Congratulations to E Comp Neil

At the recent Annual Convocation of Provincial Grand Chapter I with other members of Wrington Vale looked on in great pride and pleasure as our very own Scribe E (and very hard working), E Comp Neil Hurcum, was Appointed, Obligated, Invested and Installed by the Most Excellent Grand Superintendent as The Third Grand Principal. Very well deserved Neil well done. It’s not the first time the Chapter has been so Honoured as E Comp Ray Beckingham has held this office as have others before my time (I can tell you my history book arrives). It is a great Honour for the Chapter to have Neil hold this High Office as it is a mark of how successful we as a Chapter have been.

Neil on behalf of the entire Chapter I offer you congratulations, again well deserved and have a great time as Third Grand Principal of The Provincial Grand Chapter of Somerset. An achievement to be very proud of, as the Chapter is.

The Cat is out of the bag
Time to Celebrate
The Real Deal

All three Lectures done at Fidelity and Sincerity – April 2018

E Comp Clive Lambert, 2nd Prov Grand Principal, with the Principals of 1966

At the April Convocation we were honoured with the presence of E Comp Clive Lambert, 2nd Provincial Grand Principal, accompanied by E Comp John Smith, Provincial Grand Almoner, and E Comp Sandy Glen, Provincial AssDC.

The Chapter was opened an MEZ, E Comp Peter Chidzey welcomed E Comp Clive Lambert and proffered the Sceptre which E Comp Clive thanked MEZ and swiftly returned it.

The Lectures were undertaken in catechetical form firstly with E Comp Joshua, Jason Vincent,gave the Historical Lecture directing five companions. The second lecture, Symbolical, was given by E Comp Haggai, Andrew Kerslake with the assistance of eight comps. Finally the Mystical Lecture was undertaken by E Comps Andrew Kerslake, Chris Summers and Adrian Halliwell.

The Principals for next season

Next item was to elect the Principals and Treasurer for the ensuing year, there being no other nominations the following were declared:

As Z, E Comp Andrew Kerslake
As H, E Comp Jason Vincent and
As J, Comp Paul Spoors

As Treasurer E Comp Keith Smith

L to R: E Comps Andrew Kerslake, Keith Smith, Adrian Halliwell, Peter Chidzey, Jason Vincent, Jim Nicol, Mike Condick and Comp Barry Renwick

Other voting was carried out and at he 2nd Rising E Comp Jim Nicol announced the following appointments: in Chapter E Comp Jim Nicol, PrAssScribe E, Comp Barry Renwick, PrGOrganist and Comp Keith Smith, ProvGSteward; in the Craft, E Comp Adrian Halliwell as PrSGD; and in Mark, E Comp Mike Condick, Grand Standard Bearer.

Two Grand Officers, E Comps Chris Summers and John Smith with 2nd Prov G Principal and the Principals of 1966

After the Chapter was closed photos were taken and everyone went to the dining room for an enjoyable Supper.

First Meeting after Installation at Vale of Jehoshaphat, February 2018

Following their being installed into the Principals Chairs the three Principals held their first Exaltation Ceremony at the Vale of Jehoshaphat Chapter, and was accompanied by E Comp Alan Holton, Deputy Grand Superintendent, and his DC E Comp Adrian Halliwell.

The Three Principals –  E Comps Chris Perry ‘Z’, Ted Toon ‘H’, Graham Puddy ’J’, with Comp Alan Chambers

Due to sickness of several officers or their family, late changes had to be made, E Comp Julian Frost stepping in as Principal Sojourner, E Comp Matt Jarvis deserting the IPZ post and becoming 1st Assistant Sojourner, E Comp Fred Body became IPZ and E Comp John Kidd stepped up to Director of Ceremonies.  Despite all the changes the Exaltee, Bro Alan Chambers, was treated to a very good ceremony.

Comp Tommy Boll with E Comp Alan Holton, DGS

Comp Tommy Boll was presented with his Supreme Grand Chapter Certificate by E Comp Alan Holton.

At the festive board the call was made to one of the “ancients”, E Comp Trevor Cooper, who acted as Director of Ceremonies and ensured that proceedings continued in a friendly and congenial way.  Birthday greetings were sung to E Comp Bob Smith who celebrated his 76th birthday on that day.

Visit by MEGS to 3158, the Sceptre and the Banners 14/12/2017

The December convocation was a busy evening for the Chapter. The M E Comp John Bennett was welcomed and during the evening presented the Grand Chapter Certificate to Comp Guy Annan.
The Somerset Sceptre was delivered by a deputation from the Parratt and Axe Chapter No 814, lead by E Comp Gerald Morgan, and duly received by E Comp Neil Trood as the Z of the Chapter.
The Companions of the Chapter then proceeded to participate in the Ceremony of the Description of the Banners to advance the masonic knowledge of many newer members.
A lively and seasonal festive board was enhanced by an excellent response to the visitors’ toast by E Comp David Wakely, from the visiting Chapter, who delivered ritual on the “12 days of turkey”.

Adair Receive Ray Beckingham’s ‘Commentary on The Royal Arch’

E Comp Ray Beckingham was At the January meeting The Convocation was opened and the Deputy Provincial Grand Director of Ceremonies, E Comp Adrian Halliwell, was admitted. He announced that E Comp David Parslow, 3rd Provincial Principal, accompanied by two Companions of Supreme Grand Chapter, demanded admission. An escort was formed and he was admitted and greeted by E Comp Glynn Derrick, MEZ, and proffered the Sceptre which E Comp David quickly returned.

After the Minutes were approved those Officers who were absent from the Installation were investeE: E Comp Arthur Marrow as Charity Steward, Comp Nick Delaney as 2nd Ass Sojourner and Comp Alan Southey as Steward.

E Comp Ray Beckingham
E Comp Ray with the Principals: E Comps Alan Trask, H, Glynn Derrick, MEZ, and Tim Gosling, J.

E Comp Ray Beckingham then gave an oration entitled ‘A Commentary of The Royal Arch’ which was very informative and everyone in the Chapter made their daily advancement in ‘Masonic Knowledge’. E Comp Ray received acclamation on the completion of his talk and was thanked by MEZ.

On the 2nd and 3rd Risings the 3rd Principal commented on the members of Adair Chapter who will be honoured at the Provincial Convocation: E Comp Darrel Hinder as 2ndPrGSoj; E Comp Lionel Webb as PPrGScrE  and E Comp Ian Strickland as PPrGScrN. There be no further items the Chapter was closed with peace and harmony and the Companions then paraded out to gather for the Festive Board. At the splendid Festive Board the Sunday Lunch on 11th March was announced and a raffle drawn which all of the visitors won prizes.

E Comp Adrian Halliwell
Provincial Calderley Liaison Officer

MEGS to retire in October

E Comp D John Bennett was installed as Grand Superintendent, in and over, the Province of Somerset at The Annual Convocation of Provincial Grand Chapter of Somerset in May 2008 and his tenure of that Office was for a period of 10 years which will be completed in 2018. The following arrangements are being made.

E Comp John Bennett will be retiring as Grand Superintendent on Wednesday 17th October 2018 and his successor will be installed on the following day, Thursday 18th October 2018, at a Convocation of Provincial Grand Chapter of Somerset to be held at The Webbington Hotel & Spa, Loxton.

The Annual Convocation of Provincial Grand Chapter of Somerset to be presided over by E Comp D John Bennett, will be held on Thursday 17th May 2018 at The Webbington Hotel & Spa, Loxton as normal information will be published as usual. All Officers appointed on this day will serve until May 2019 and will be re-appointed by the new Grand Superintendent in October 2018.

It is not possible to give you any further information regarding the new Grand Superintendent due to the fact that the 1st Grand Principal has not yet made a final decision but that decision is expected in early April 2018.