Annual Convocation 22nd October 2020 Clevedon Masonic Hall

A much reduced meeting with only six members present because of the restrictions imposed by government for Covid-19. Those present were E Comps Barry Woodside, MEGS, Chris Moore, Prov DC, Tony Beaumont, Prov Scribe E, David Dixon, Prov 3rd Principal, Geoff Lester, Prov 3rd Principal designate, and D John Bennett, PGS, acting as 2nd Provv Principal. E Comp Neil Hurcum acted as Janitor but was outside all of the time. The Annual Convocation was opened by MEGS at 16:30 in at the Masonic Hall Clevedon

Once the Convocation was opened the items on the Agenda were worked through as follows:

To confirm the minutes of the Annual Convocation held at The Webbington Hotel & Spa,Loxton, Somerset, on Thursday 17th May 2019.

In Memoriam.

The Provincial Grand Treasurer’s Report and Accounts for the year ending 31st December
2019 will be presented and if approved, adopted.

To receive the report of The Provincial Grand Scribe Ezra.

To Elect a Provincial Grand Treasurer for the ensuing year.

To Elect an Account Examiner for the ensuing year.

The Most Excellent Grand Superintendent will re-appoint E.Comp. Clive A F Lambert
PGSwdB in absentia as Deputy Grand Superintendent.

The Most Excellent Grand Superintendent will re-appoint E.Comp. Raymond F Beckingham,PAGSoj, in absentia as Second Provincial Grand Principal.

The Most Excellent Grand Superintendent will appoint, obligate, invest and install E.Comp. Geoffrey Lester as Third Provincial Grand Principal.

The Most Excellent Grans Superintendent will re-affirm the appointments and promotions
conferred on Thursday 21st May 2020.
The Most Excellent Grand Superintendent addressed the Companions. To see this please follow this link.

Any other business.

To close Provincial Grand Chapter.

E Comp Geoff Lester, newly installed 3rd Principal, with MEGS and PGS

E Comps Barry, John, Geoff, Tony and Neil enjoyed a meal provide by Zena at Clevedon.

The day started at 4.30 and after dinner the building was vacated at 7.30.

Barry Jones – Something I really enjoy

Having read about Barry’s accident and his recovery I asked him for an article on his hobby. Here is an article by E Comp Barry Jones which may be of interest to some Companions:

Adrian Halliwell
Provincial Liaison Officer

During my recuperation following my recent painfully decent down my stairs I have occupied myself with one of my hobbies, along with my Wife Karen, we are keen clay pigeon shooters with 6 shotguns between us. Due  to everything being closed I decided to get my shooting fix from my airguns/airweapons whatever name you give them will upset someone. I have 18 rifles and 33 handguns I call them handguns as I have a range of revolvers, semi automatic to single shot. My rifles vary from purest air rifles to military, fully firing replicas. In calibre off ·177, ·20, ·22 and ·25. My interest in shooting is target only, I don’t hunt with them not that I am anti hunting I just don’t see the need… but if needs must! I do a bit of pest control for my elderly neighbours as they are  keen bird feeders and watchers which unfortunately attracts the rats out of the nearby stream.

I have the following power plants in my collection of rifles and handguns; spring power, nitro piston(very similar to spring), pneumatic (it has a self contained pump) precharged pneumatic or PCP (requires a compressed air tank or stirrup pump) and CO2 (12gm and 88gm cartridges).

My firing point is a comfy chair and foot stool in my conservatory giving me a range of up to 25 yards I can extend that to 35+ yards by moving back into the sitting room. I have a 5 meter range in my garden shed for handguns and bad weather.

I have a variety of targets, paper targets which I place in brought pellet catchers, knock down resetting targets, chalk targets and back stops, which I use for any other targets, and those I have made myself, from tin cans, old fruit, eggs (messy and smelly) bottle caps, the list is endless. The law regarding air weapons is not too complex but is another subject on its own but simply they generally (there are some types that do) do not require a licence (except in Scotland). It can be an inexpensive hobby in which you can include all of the family. I find it fun and very satisfying to place a projectile  exactly where I want it.

There is a sport side to this hobby which I have tried in Field Target and Hunter Field Target.  Also major international competitions which I have NOT tried. I have included a few photographs of some of my rifles, I would be happy to write other articles in more detail about my hobby Including pictures of all the types of airweapons I own. I would like to add I don’t consider myself an expert or authority in the subject, it’s just been an interest of mine since the age of 14. If any Companions would like to learn more or share an interest I would be happy to be contacted on or 07411035541 also via WhatsApp.

A Stringer
Three nitro pistons two of which are military replicas
A Pneumatic rifle
Two PCP Rifles

Thank you for reading Companions,

Barry Jones.


Letter from MEGS and PGM re Covid-19, May 2020

Provincial Grand Chapter of Somerset


                                                            4th April 2020.


Two months ago, daily life was continuing as normal, we never realised that we were all just about to embark on one of the biggest human challenges we all have ever faced.

Not the threat of an enemy of indiscriminate bombing from above, or the desperate shortage of basic provisions, but the threat of a silent, and indiscriminate killer, and the desperation of isolation, and loneliness it has created. Yet again we are not going to give up without a fight, but with the mutual support of each other, and the benefit of modern technology, we will overcome this devastating period in our history.

We are both tremendously proud of the way our Brethren have stood together in support not only for each other, but also within our communities. The provision of material support we have provided is measurable, but the amount of moral support we have shared is incalculable. All given within our Masonic tradition without any desire for recognition or reward. May all this continue way beyond the passing of this epidemic, and we will look back and remember the individual acts of kindness that emerged out of these dark days.

Our love and thoughts must be with those who have lost family, and friends through whatever cause and have been unable to mourn their passing in the traditional way. It makes it a much greater loss when we cannot share your grief with family, and friends.

Better days will come, and we will share our experiences, and know the pain and joy of these times. As we gradually return to a changed way of life, let us all be stronger, and wiser to become a more caring, and tolerant society that we all seek.

We wish you, and your family every good wish at this time, and remember :- STAY HOME, STAY SAFE!
David Barry

David J Medlock DL                                                                              Barry K Woodside Provincial Grand Master                           Most Excellent Grand Superintendent Provincial Grand Lodge,                              Somerset Holy Royal Arch, Somerset
For the original letter follow this link

Pre-Covid Convocation

The regular convocation of the chapter took place on Wednesday 11th when the chapter was honoured by the presence of the deputy Grand Superintendent Clive Lambert accompanied by his DC Ex. Comp Chris Moore.

It’s always disconcerting when you arrive and find Karen the caterer standing outside the kitchen looking fraught.

On enquiring she explained she was waiting for Chris Partridge the chapter Z who oversees much of the halls’ needs. Chris was in fact never going to arrive as he was with the craft provincial team in London.

Karen quickly explained that the kitchen was flooded and indeed it was up to the top step.

Some quick phone calls were made and the water levels reduced Karen manged to serve up her usual quality fayre at the festive board much to the grateful thanks of all who had attended.

The meeting itself was the usual march business meeting with the election of the new principals who will be installed at some point!) followed by a very informative talk by Ex. Comp Ray Beckingham entitled ‘just where is it that we meet’ who had been allowed out on his 53rd Wedding anniversary to present this. 

The DGS then presented his Grand chapter certificate to Companion Tom Lomas currently our newest member.

There followed a proposition for a candidate or exaltation which will give the new Principals their first ceremony!

As always a very enjoyable evening was had by all made possible due to the support of our provincial officers who took the time to join us.


Alas I was unable to attend this meeting as I was working away, I was not happy about this but as it’s said, it’s Family, Work and Freemasonry all in that order. So I have to send a huge thank you to E. Comp. Iain  Disdale for the words and photos on this one.

Another excellent evening at Tyntesfield Chapter

The Chapter received E. Comp. Clive A. F. Lambert, Deputy Grand Superintendent, plus a good number of Grand Chapter Officers and Provincial Officers, contributing to a total of 16 Visitors, which included a welcome return from E. Comp. John Smith, Prov. G. Almoner, plus E. Comp. Geoff Lester being Prov. Dep GDC before his preferment to Provincial 3rd Grand Principal at the Annual Provincial Convocation in May.

The Visitors and 20 Members of the Chapter witnessed an excellent ceremony to exalt W. Brother Bill Hillis of Sir Isaac Newton Lodge into the Holy Royal Arch.

The Principals E. Comps. David Maddern (Z), Martin Slocombe (H) and Richard Hicken (J) were greatly assisted by E. Comp. Frank Clarke (Acting PSoj) doing most of the Sojourners work with excellent assistance from Comp. Jon Trott as 1st Asst Sojourner, plus E. Comp. Clive Lambert doing the Address to the Candidate, E. Comp Martin Slocombe presenting the Signs, then E. Comps Richard Ellis, David Maddern and Richard Reeve presenting the Mystical Lecture.

The evening proceeded with a ballot for another candidate to be exalted in May, with 4-5 more candidates in the pipeline, plus presentation of Grand Chapter Certificates to Comps Tom Francis and Phil Taylor, by E. Comp. Clive Lambert Deputy Grand Superintendent

The evening concluded with another fine meal from the Nailsea Caterer and the Principals and Candidate were in relaxed mode, although the Most Excellent had to make a dash to pick up his son from the airport as Storm Dennis had blown the plane to an early landing, thus dropping E. Comp. Dale Shermon as IPZ into the hot seat to manage the conclusion of the festive board.

E. Comp. Clive A. F. Lambert, Deputy Grand Superintendent, reported that he was extremely pleased to see Tyntesfield Chapter was yet again a friendly, welcoming, and happy Chapter and in such fine fettle with great engagement from the members and lots of members in the pipeline through to 2022.

The next convocation will be an Exaltation on 14th May 2020.

I cannot urge all MM enough to complete their journey and join Royal Arch (Chapter) its such an awesome degree, if you don’t know who your Chapter representative is drop me a line and I will point you in the right direction, well until next time may I wish you all good health and prosperity.

Going to Bideford? Photos required

Dear Companions all.

I am not attending the Provincial Weekend at Bideford but would very much appreciate if you take any photographs would you please send me a copy so I can include it on this website. Also if you fancy doing a write-up for the weekend could you also forward it to me.

Any contributions would be most gratefully received.

Provincial Liaison Officer

King Alfred 3169 October Installation

On Monday the 28th of October the King Alfred Chapter 3169 held their annual Installation ceremony. The ceremony was attended by Excellent Companion Clive Lambert, the Deputy Grand Superintendent, accompanied by Excellent Companion Roger Bailey, Provincial Assistant Grand Director of Ceremonies, John Hewett, Provincial Grand Standard Bearer, and Jonathon Mansell, Provincial Grand Steward.

Following recent illness and operations, our current DC, E. Comp Ian White was not able to be DC on the night, so we were very grateful for the help provided by E. Comp Brian Horn from Inkerman 1222 as DC.

The chapter was opened by the outgoing First Principal, E. Comp. Sandy Glen who welcomed the Deputy Grand Superintendent.

The installation proceeded with E. Comp Dr Simon Sparkes being inducted to Z, and E. Comp Stuart Boyd was inducted as H.
As E.Comp David Mallinson was unfortunately not able to be present due to illness, E.Comp Arthur Rowe stood in as J for the remainder of the evening.

The rest of the officers were then appointed and invested to their respective offices.

The Deputy Grand Superintendent then gave the address to the Principals, which was followed by E. Comp Tom Gould from Inkerman 1222 (with our thanks) addressing the Officers and E. Comp Sandy Glen addressing the Companions.

The companions retired to an excellent festive board, to meet again for an exaltation on Monday 23 March 2020.

Stuart Boyd, Simon Sparkes and Arthur Rose (l-r) as the Principals for the night.

The Principals with Excellent Companion Clive Lambert, Deputy Grand Superintendent,  Barry Jones, Provincial Grand Steward, Excellent Companion Roger Bailey, Provincial Assistant Grand Director of Ceremonies, and Jonathon Mansell, Provincial Grand Steward.

Three Principals at the festive board.