Busy February Meeting For Avalon Chapter, No. 446

The regular meeting of the Chapter took place on Tuesday 18th February at 6.15pm at Wedmore. The meeting was very well attended and there was a very busy agenda. We were honoured with the presence of the MEGS, EComp Barry Woodside who had the very pleasant duty of presenting a Grand Superintendent’s Award to the MEZ, EComp Colin Snook. Colin graciously accepted the award and made a brief acceptance speech.

The Chapter was also delighted to welcome EComp John Smith as an honorary member, and John, who was recovering from his recent fall, expressed his gratitude for this honour.

In addition we exalted a new companion and balloted for two new candidates for Exaltation.

Following the formal proceedings we made our way to the Festive Board where we enjoyed an excellent meal, which included a great deal of laughter and bonhomie.

Calderley Chapter 2nd March 2020

This was the first meeting of Calderley at Clevedon since it’s Consecration. The three Principals entered the Chapter, E comps Keith Fisher as Z, Ray Beckingham as H and John Bennett as J, standing in for Matt Wesley who was in hospital.

When the Chapter was opened E Comp Ray Conneely, PrDepDC, announced that the Chapter was to be honoured by the presence of E Comp Barry Woodside, MEGS.

Following a Notice of Motion given by E Comp John Bennett the Past Prov Grand Masters, Rulers of other degrees were balloted for Honorary Membership. The ballot proved clear and those companions were made Honorary Members. E Comp Ray Johnstone-Smith, Inspector General of the Ancient and Accepted Rite, thanked the companions for that honour.

Next item was to Induct the three Principals, E Comp Ray Beckingham as MEZ, Matt Westley, could not be inducted, E Comp Richard Ellis acted in his absence as H, and E Comp Chris Summers as J. The Principals then reappointed many of the Officers and those others taking Officers were presented with their collars. MEGS gave the Address to the Principals.

MEGS then took the chair of Z and proceeded to advise that needed to be increased and charged the CLOs to try and get those unattached Companions to rejoin. There are some 558 unattached in Somerset. Of course there are many reasons why they wish to be unattached: age; ability; financial plus many other. A working group has been set up to look into this headed by yE Comps Chris Moore and Clive Lambert. Chris is looking into the status of these companions, where they live, why they resigned and how to approach them, then the Project can get started, Interesting point made by E Comp John Bennett was that though you may resign from a Chapter one is still a Companion, to resign fully you must return your Chapter Certificate to Supreme Grand Chapter. Also you have to be a subscribing member of the Craft to be a Companion in the HRA. The aim is for Retrieval and recovery. Though it is not wholly the CLOs to undertake this task but on every companion to assist.

MEGS then returned the Sceptre to MEZ and the chapter was closed with companions heading for a very convivial Festive Board.

The Principals: ER Comps Chris Summers, J, Ray Beckingham, MEZ and Richard Ellis, acting H

Apologies for the lateness of this report but I have been away.

Adrian Halliwell
Provincial Liaison Officer


Thursday 27th February saw the first regular meeting at the Yeovil Masonic Hall of the newly installed Principals.

The meeting was honoured with the presence of David Dixon, 3rd Provincial Grand Principal, and his escorting Officer Sandy Glenn, Past Prov AGDC, who had decided to sit in to witness the rather different opening of the Chapter. The Chapter was then opened it its own usual style. 

The MEZ, E. Comp. Bill Spregg proffered the Sceptre to the 3rd Provincial Grand Principal who said that in view of the differences in the ritual of the Chapter and the obvious amount of effort that had obviously been undertaken by all for the evening and he was not going to take that away from them and he returned the Sceptre.

Comp Ken Crang delivered a heartfelt eulogy in respect of Comp Ron Tuttiett who had passed to the Supreme Grand Chapter above. The Chapter stood in respect of departed merit

The usual business was completed followed by the reading of the Antient Minutes and the Chapter was then infused with incense.

The meeting continued with the exaltation of Brother Christopher James of the Lodge of Brotherly Love No.329. A delightful ceremony culminated by E. Comp. David Dixon, 3rd Provincial Grand Principal, welcoming Companion Chris James into the Holy Royal Arch and in particular to the Province of Somerset

After the usual business and risings the Chapter was closed and the Companions retired to the festive board.


On the evening of the 20th February 2020 the ME Grand Superintendent in and over the Province of Somerset, E.Comp. Barry Woodside, accompanied by his 2rd Provincial Grand Principal E.Comp. Ray Beckingham, the Past Provincial Grand Superintendent E.Comp. D John Bennett, plus Grand and Provincial Grand Officers, on the personal invitation of E.Comp. Arthur Rowe (dressed in a bright red waist coat) sojourned to Sidmouth, on the SOUTH COAST, not Mexico, but down Devonshire way.

The delegation from Somerset received an extremely warm welcome from the companions of PERSEVERANCE CHAPTER No164 on the occasion of their 99th Installation Convocation. An extended welcome was also received from the ME Grand Superintendent in and over the Province of Devonshire, E.Comp. Simon Rowe who was also accompanied by his Provincial Officers. The past Grand Superintendent of Royal Berkshire, E.Comp. Benford now residing in Holsworthy, Devon, was also in attendance.

A most enjoyable and social festive board was well attended, where the wine, food and conversation flowed in splendid profusion. Old acquaintances were reunited and new friendships established. Thank you E.Comp. Arthur Rowe, now residing, South of the border down “Devonshire way” for a most appreciated and memorable invitation.

John. M. Griffin. PGStB.


Alas I was unable to attend this meeting as I was working away, I was not happy about this but as it’s said, it’s Family, Work and Freemasonry all in that order. So I have to send a huge thank you to E. Comp. Iain  Disdale for the words and photos on this one.

Another excellent evening at Tyntesfield Chapter

The Chapter received E. Comp. Clive A. F. Lambert, Deputy Grand Superintendent, plus a good number of Grand Chapter Officers and Provincial Officers, contributing to a total of 16 Visitors, which included a welcome return from E. Comp. John Smith, Prov. G. Almoner, plus E. Comp. Geoff Lester being Prov. Dep GDC before his preferment to Provincial 3rd Grand Principal at the Annual Provincial Convocation in May.

The Visitors and 20 Members of the Chapter witnessed an excellent ceremony to exalt W. Brother Bill Hillis of Sir Isaac Newton Lodge into the Holy Royal Arch.

The Principals E. Comps. David Maddern (Z), Martin Slocombe (H) and Richard Hicken (J) were greatly assisted by E. Comp. Frank Clarke (Acting PSoj) doing most of the Sojourners work with excellent assistance from Comp. Jon Trott as 1st Asst Sojourner, plus E. Comp. Clive Lambert doing the Address to the Candidate, E. Comp Martin Slocombe presenting the Signs, then E. Comps Richard Ellis, David Maddern and Richard Reeve presenting the Mystical Lecture.

The evening proceeded with a ballot for another candidate to be exalted in May, with 4-5 more candidates in the pipeline, plus presentation of Grand Chapter Certificates to Comps Tom Francis and Phil Taylor, by E. Comp. Clive Lambert Deputy Grand Superintendent

The evening concluded with another fine meal from the Nailsea Caterer and the Principals and Candidate were in relaxed mode, although the Most Excellent had to make a dash to pick up his son from the airport as Storm Dennis had blown the plane to an early landing, thus dropping E. Comp. Dale Shermon as IPZ into the hot seat to manage the conclusion of the festive board.

E. Comp. Clive A. F. Lambert, Deputy Grand Superintendent, reported that he was extremely pleased to see Tyntesfield Chapter was yet again a friendly, welcoming, and happy Chapter and in such fine fettle with great engagement from the members and lots of members in the pipeline through to 2022.

The next convocation will be an Exaltation on 14th May 2020.

I cannot urge all MM enough to complete their journey and join Royal Arch (Chapter) its such an awesome degree, if you don’t know who your Chapter representative is drop me a line and I will point you in the right direction, well until next time may I wish you all good health and prosperity.

F & S Have a Quiet Meeting in February

We had a very small number attending this meeting so we were pleased to receive E Comp Clive Lambert, Deputy Grand Superintendent, here in Wellington. E Comp Chris Moore, Prov DC, entered the Chapter immediately it was opened to announce that E Comp Clive was outside the door, accompanied by E Comps Chris Summers, PGStdB, Jim Nicol, Prov Ass Scribe E, and John Brown, Prov 2nd AssGSoj. Clive was welcomed by MEZ, Jason Vincent, proffered the Sceptre, which was returned post haste.

The minutes were duly confirmed and the Almoner, E Comp Keith Smith, gave a report on those companions and or wives who were unwell.

MEZ then announced the next labour of the evening was to give the Historical and Symbolical lectures. Both of these lectures were given in catechetical form by companions under direction of E Comp Chris Waterhouse, J, and E Comp Paul Spoors, H. This went well with the companions having learnt there parts.

The next item was to present an explanation of the Tracing Board. E Comp Jim Nicol lead the lecture and Companions read from the pages distributed by the DC, E Comp Adrian Halliwell. With 19 parts to this presentation only four people without anything to read!

E Comp Clive then presented a Supreme Grand Chapter Certificate to Comp Alan Clayton, who had been Exalted at our November meeting.

Under the 2nd and 3rd Risings DGS congratulated those companions from 1966 who would be promoted or first appointments at the forthcoming Provincial Convocation in May, to which acclamation was given. On the fourth rising Comp Simon Gamlin proposed a candidate for Exaltation which was seconded by E Comp Adrian Halliwell.

Obviously three demob happy Principals

The Chapter was closed in peace and harmony the Principals and DGS retired and the companions returned the Chapter to a Craft Lodge. An enjoyable Festive Board was had, E Comp Chris Summers gave a sincere visitor’s toast and E Comp Peter Thomas responded on behalf of the five visitors.

Tyntesfield Chapter meeting 12th Decemer 2019

The Principals of the Chapter and E Comp Ray Beckingham and Past MEGS John Bennett, with Comp Phil Taylor

The Companions all paraded in in fine style, I did not see the ceremony as we were short of a Janitor this evening, so I swapped my ADC role to a Janitor Role, words to follow are from E Comp Iain Disdale, I will pick up on this after the meeting at the awesome Tyntesfield Festive Board.

Tyntesfield Chapter honored by presence of E Comp Ray Beckingham, 2nd Provincial Principal, to witness the Exaltation of the latest Somerset Companion W Bro Phillip Taylor of Wraxall Lodge.

The Principals E Comps David Maddern (Z), Jon Mansell (Acting H) and Richard Hicken (J) were greatly assisted by E Comps Richard Ellis, John Bennett and David Maddern presenting the Mystical Lecture, with E Comp Iain Disdel presenting the signs.

E Comp Richard Reeve swapped his DC duties with E Comp Chris Haliburton and delivered most of the Sojourners work to a great standard.

Afterwards, the companions were treated to an excellent and merry festive
festive board.


The evening was very much a Wraxall 9011 Lodge event with 7 members plus 5 further visiting companions all supporting fellow Wraxall Lodge member.

It was a special evening for Comp Phil Taylor, being exalted into his late
father’s chapter, E Comp Dr John Taylor who was one of Tyntesfield’s first

Tyntesfield Chapter is in good heart and in a healthy position with two more
candidates proposed and to be exalted in February and May 2020.

Plus other picture of many members of Wraxall Lodge supporting the newly
exalted companion.

Right I am back, We had such a merry and jolly festive board to welcome Companion Chris to this most wonderful order, I think I will let the photos we took tell the rest of the story on this one, I did get chance to get a couple of photos that really show the Companionship of this great order with my good chums and fellow companions, Comp Davide Pina and Comp Jerry Jones.


I cannot urge all MM high enough to seek out your Royal Arch (Chapter) representative and find out about joining this wonderful degree, when you do you will kick yourself for not joining sooner, I guarantee you that.

Until Next Time Cheers.

Rob Collins CLA
for the Tyntesfield 4494 Royal Arch Chapter.
Meeting in the Nailsea Temple here in Somersetshire

Provincial Chapter Weekend at Bideford 2020

The Provincial Grand Chapter of Somerset on the weekend of the 7th, 8th and 9th of February 2020, celebrated its 25th Anniversary of its Provincial Weekend in North Devon, at the Durrant Hotel, Bideford.

The event hosted by the Grand Superintendent, E.Comp. Barry Woodside, and his delightful wife Peggy, turned out to be a raging success. Many thanks to the organiser E.Comp. David Parslow who no doubt had assistance from his wife.

The companions were made to feel most welcome by the staff of  the Durrant Hotel at Bideford, North Devon. The food was excellent and the venue which culminated in and excellent dinner and the Grand Ball was superb. Even the live band who provided music at a volume level which did not impede conversation did an excellent job.

A contingent of companions and their ladies from Perpetual Friendship Chapter No135, Bridgwater, enjoyed a very pleasant and social weekend. Old friends got together and new friendship made. This 25th Anniversary certainly should be recorded in our archive for posterity. I am lead to believe the event was supported by 180 dining and attending the evening in this milestone of such a successful Provincial Grand Chapter of Somerset.

E Comp John Griffin

Some photos courtesy of John Griffin

Peg’s behind you Barry


If you have any photos or a write-up please send them to me at: clo@somersetroyalarch.org, thanks.
Provincial Liaison Officer

50th Veterans Certificate presentation to E Comp Ian Jacobs

On Monday 25th November the Grand Superintendent travelled up to Wiltshire to Lansdowne Chapter No. 626 meeting in Chippenham to accompany the Grand Superintendent in and over the Province of Wiltshire, E Comp John Reid with the sole purpose of a joint 50th Veterans Certificate presentation to E Comp Ian Jacobs a Past Grand Superintendent of Wiltshire, 1995-2008.

E Comp Ian Jacobs was the consecrating Joshua of Calderley Chapter of Union No. 906 when it was consecrated on the 7th April 2011 at The Webbington Hotel and Spa, Loxton. The full consecrating team was selected by the officiating First Principal, E Comp Denis Calderley a Past Grand Superintendent of Somerset.

All of the consecrating team had been selected from a selection of Past Grand Superintendents from our adjoining Provinces who just happened to have served in their respective Provinces at the same time as E Comp Denis; their participation resulted in them all being made Honorary Members of the Chapter.

The three Principals of the Chapter, E Comp’s C M Tarbitten (Z), M J Emmett (H) and P Ginger (J) on behalf of the members of the Chapter presented E Comp Ian with a magnificently engraved whisky decanter and twin whisky glasses, much to Ian’s utter dismay and delight, particularly as he had no idea as to what was install for him, there being no mention of any such presentation in the Chapter Summons, the only agenda items reflecting the customary chapter business. It was only to be the high attendance that aroused Ian’s suspicions that something was afoot. With the formalities of the presentation completed E Comp Ian took full advantage to address the chapter with an emotional recounting of his happy 50-year service to the Holy Royal Arch and finally thanking all the companions for their friendship and support throughout his extraordinary and privileged Royal Arch Journey.

Following a full agenda and with the presentations successfully concluded, the companions retired to the ground floor dining room where a hearty and enjoyable festive board of stew and dumplings was enjoyed by all.


The Chapter was opened and E Comp Neil Tinkley, PrAsstGDC, announced that E Comp Barry Woodside, MEGS, was without accompanied by three Supreme Grand Chapter Officers and a member of the Provincial Team, and demanded admission. An escort was formed and MEGS entered the Chapter and was warmly greeted by MEZ, E Comp Peter Light.

The meeting then proceeded with Minutes and AOB then a Ballot was held for Bro Vaughn Whereat which, thank goodness, proved clear, as he was the candidate for the evening. The Exaltation then proceeded with excellent ritual from the main two Companions, MEZ and stand in Principal Sojourner, E Comp Neil Troud.


On the Second Rising MEGS delivered the 50 year’s Certificate for E Comp John Widdicombe. He also gave a resumé E Comp John’s life through Masonry and in particular the Holy Royal Arch. Unfortunately E Comp John is in poor health and cannot make the meetings and it was asked if the Almoner, E Comp Rod Green, would arrange for the Certificate to be delivered.

E Comp Adrian Halliwell
Provincial Liaison Officer