Clevedon Social Hub organised a socially


Clevedon Social Hub organised a socially distanced Macmillan Coffee Morning supported by the Past MEGS John and Jenny as well as a number of Adair, Chapter Marine and Wrington Vale companions.

(Don’t tell Philip but we even used the Chapter Marine Bell!)

Some superb baking, good company and Great Fundraising!

allowed the Social Hub to donate a fantastic


to W.Bro Peter Niccol and his going Sober for October”

in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support. A super effort, especial thanks to Zena for her donation of all the sandwiches!

Annual Provincial Grand Chapter Convocation

As you are fully aware, the Annual Provincial Grand Chapter Convocation did not take place on 21st May due to the current circumstances relating to Covid-19, and the subsequent announcement by The Grand Master and First Grand Principal, HRH the Duke of Kent, suspending Masonic activity until July 2020 at the earliest.

However, Provincial Grand Chapter is in the initial stages of planning a much reduced Annual Convocation to be held at Clevedon Masonic Hall, on 22nd October 2020.

The intention is to hold a Convocation of invited participants only, up to a maximum of about 25 persons, with the intention of installing E. Comp. Geoff Lester as 3rd Provincial Grand Principal, approving our finances and electing a Treasurer etc. etc. It is anticipated that the duration of the Convocation will be no more than about 45 minutes, and of course there will be no Festive Board.

It is entirely possible that this very recent restriction of no more than six persons gathered together will still be in force, in which case the Convocation will still take place with a bare minimum quorum of six Companions taken from these 25 persons.

Easing of Lockdown – Letter from MEGS

Dear Comp Scribe Ezra and Companions all,

Further to the recent correspondence you will have received from the Provincial Grand Scribe Ezra, you will also by now have received and I trust been able to digest the content of the Provincial Grand Master’s letter dated 10th July 2020, (copy attached) in relation to the resumption of Masonic
activities from the 18th July.

The contents are self-explanatory and address the very sensitive and difficult circumstances that we are all currently faced with; to that end I can confirm that I am in full agreement with Right Worshipful Brother David Medlock’s assessment and I would therefore respectfully request that
you all accede to his recommendations and continue to do so until further notice.

Chapter Scribe E’s are reminded that all matters relating to administration under the Book of Constitutions including the short-term changes to ceremonial matters, are to be directed to the Provincial Grand Scribe Ezra, E Comp Tony Beaumont for assistance and or clarification. Additional advice/assistance on ceremonial matters can be obtained from the Provincial Grand Director of Ceremonies, E Comp Chris Moore.

Companions, believe you me this action has not been taken lightly, or to frustrate any of those who might be anxious to resume their regular Masonic activities, it has been taken with your best interests at heart and to protect your safety, health and welfare as well as those nearest and dearest
to you. Similarly, all Provincial visitations; official or otherwise will remain suspended until further notice.

In the meantime, and until we meet again please continue to stay healthy, look after yourselves and above all keep SAFE.

With very best wishes to you all,
Yours sincerely and fraternally


Barry K Woodside

Grand Superintendent in and over the Province of Somerset.

For the full letter and that from the PGM follow this link

Support for local communities with a total of £11,047.50 into the Covid-19 Relief Chest.

Provincial Grand Chapter
of Somerset
E. Comp. Andrew S. Clapp PAGDC
Provincial Grand Charity Steward
1 The Lindens, Worle, Weston-super-Mare. Somerset BS22 9LU
Tel: 01934 515018. Mobile: 075843 04213

2nd June 2020.

Dear Companion Scribe E’s,

In the weeks following the end of March and in response to the joint communique by the MCF and UGLE, the Provincial Chapter of Somerset has been able to support our local communities with a total of £11,047.50 into the Covid-19 Relief Chest.

The Grand Superintendent was overwhelmed by your generosity and sends his best wishes to all those who gave donations and organised or took part in fundraising activities towards that marvellous figure.
It shows true Masonic support for the community and all Companions should be very proud of this achievement.
Please send this onto your members of your respective Chapters it helps to keep them updated on what we as a Province are responding to in this crisis.

I hope you are keeping well and safe, and look forward to the time we can all meet up and attend the meetings in our
wonderful Order.

Best Regards
Sincerely and Fraternally
Andy Clapp
E.Companion Andrew Clapp PAGDC
Provincial Grand Charity Steward

Guard of Honour for E Comp Peter

E Comp Peter Light, MEZ of the Chapter of St George, no 3158, passed to the Grand Chapter Above on Wednesday 6th May 2020 at home with his family around him. Peter had been suffering from cancer for the past eight weeks.

E Comp Peter was a well liked and respected member of the Chapter and Craft, he was enthusiastic in all that he did and looked to bring more into our organisation. A keen wine maker and friendly, generous and kind hearted person.

As the Covid-19 shutdown is upon us there could not be the usual funeral service, family only could attend. As a consequence E Comp Adrian Halliwell, a friend of Peter and a fellow member of Vivary Lodge, organised a Guard of Honour to line the approach road to the Taunton Deane Crematorium. Companions of his own Chapter, others from Taunton Chapters and Brethren from Vivary Lodge, and wives, formed the Guard of Honour, about 35 in all, showed their respect. He will be sorely missed.




What have you been up to in the Lockdown – No 2 – E Comp Adrian Halliwell

Being of a certain age I have been self isolating since Anne and I returned from our aborted trip to Australia. Our cruise to the Great Barrier Reef was cancelled due to New Zealand closing down ports to cruise ships. But we had nine days visiting our son and family in Adelaide before hand. With only four days before the cruise was to depart Sydney it was cancelled we had to rearrange our flights back to UK, which is another story.

Mrs H and I brought the fine weather back with us from Australia and it was shorts on again. One of our hobbies is our garden, which we established seven years ago. It was basically overgrown with trees, bushes, and wayward plants which we removed and started with a blank canvas. Over the years we have established the garden changing parts as things become too hard to maintain or we have different ideas.

As part of the changes in the garden we take cuttings, split plants  and propagate allsorts, Mrs H is the one for this. As a consequence we have a surplus of plants so we decided to put a table outside the bungalow and sell them off. We have been doing this for several years with monies from the sales going to Teddies For Loving Care, TLC for short, which I am the Taunton Area Coordinator. However, this year we have given the money to Captain Tom’s Appeal and Love Musgrove Covid-19 Appeal, together amounting to £130. Our plant sales are now well established and the number of people coming has meant that we have been wiped out of plants. Put the table out and within an hour it was nearly all gone! There are still plants coming on so perhaps we shall have more for sale later.

Thanks to the good weather, garden centres being closed and people taking their exercise we have once again had a good year for selling plants. So next year who knows…

E Comp Adrian Halliwell and Mrs H

Barry Jones – Something I really enjoy

Having read about Barry’s accident and his recovery I asked him for an article on his hobby. Here is an article by E Comp Barry Jones which may be of interest to some Companions:

Adrian Halliwell
Provincial Liaison Officer

During my recuperation following my recent painfully decent down my stairs I have occupied myself with one of my hobbies, along with my Wife Karen, we are keen clay pigeon shooters with 6 shotguns between us. Due  to everything being closed I decided to get my shooting fix from my airguns/airweapons whatever name you give them will upset someone. I have 18 rifles and 33 handguns I call them handguns as I have a range of revolvers, semi automatic to single shot. My rifles vary from purest air rifles to military, fully firing replicas. In calibre off ·177, ·20, ·22 and ·25. My interest in shooting is target only, I don’t hunt with them not that I am anti hunting I just don’t see the need… but if needs must! I do a bit of pest control for my elderly neighbours as they are  keen bird feeders and watchers which unfortunately attracts the rats out of the nearby stream.

I have the following power plants in my collection of rifles and handguns; spring power, nitro piston(very similar to spring), pneumatic (it has a self contained pump) precharged pneumatic or PCP (requires a compressed air tank or stirrup pump) and CO2 (12gm and 88gm cartridges).

My firing point is a comfy chair and foot stool in my conservatory giving me a range of up to 25 yards I can extend that to 35+ yards by moving back into the sitting room. I have a 5 meter range in my garden shed for handguns and bad weather.

I have a variety of targets, paper targets which I place in brought pellet catchers, knock down resetting targets, chalk targets and back stops, which I use for any other targets, and those I have made myself, from tin cans, old fruit, eggs (messy and smelly) bottle caps, the list is endless. The law regarding air weapons is not too complex but is another subject on its own but simply they generally (there are some types that do) do not require a licence (except in Scotland). It can be an inexpensive hobby in which you can include all of the family. I find it fun and very satisfying to place a projectile  exactly where I want it.

There is a sport side to this hobby which I have tried in Field Target and Hunter Field Target.  Also major international competitions which I have NOT tried. I have included a few photographs of some of my rifles, I would be happy to write other articles in more detail about my hobby Including pictures of all the types of airweapons I own. I would like to add I don’t consider myself an expert or authority in the subject, it’s just been an interest of mine since the age of 14. If any Companions would like to learn more or share an interest I would be happy to be contacted on or 07411035541 also via WhatsApp.

A Stringer
Three nitro pistons two of which are military replicas
A Pneumatic rifle
Two PCP Rifles

Thank you for reading Companions,

Barry Jones.



It is sad that due to Corona Virus, we are unable to Commemorate our heroes of WWII together, in person, or as a group on Friday 8th May, on the 75th Anniversary of V E Day. Nevertheless, we will not allow the day to go unmarked.

Let us remember and reflect on this 75th Anniversary on the enormous sacrifice, bravery and courage of all those British Servicemen and women who served and fought in WWII, in the Royal Air Force, the Army and the Royal Navy and those personnel from Allied Countries, Canada, the United States, Soviet Union, France, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia, Netherlands, Belgium, Norway, India, South Africa, Australia & New Zealand.

Also in our thoughts should be all the women who worked as Nurses, drove trucks, repaired and flew/delivered aircraft, worked in Munitions factories, in ship, tank and Aircraft Construction, in the Auxiliary Services, the Woman’s Land Army who performed so many duties, they are all deserving of our thoughts.

Those who served and survived, then served again, rebuilding our country they were a very special breed indeed and must never be forgotten.

Let us participate as individuals in the Special Events of the day this coming Friday 8th May: A 2 minutes silence at 11am which will be broadcast on the BBC.

The Nations Toast to the heroes of WWII at 3pm, Let us ALL stand at 3pm to “raise a glass” to toast all those who gave so much for our freedom during WWII.

Her Majesty the Queen will give a televised address to the Nation on the significance of VE Day from Windsor Castle at 9pm, the same time that her Father King George VI, gave his radio address on this day in 1945.

The Royal British Legion Exhortation:
“They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old,
Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn,
At the going down of the sun and in the morning,
We WILL remember them.”

Submitted by E Comp John Hawkins
Brotherly Love No 329

What have you been up to in the Lockdown – No 1 – E Comp Barry Jones

E Comp Barry Jones, Prov Grand Steward

After our recent Wrington Vale meeting I was all set to compose a piece for our page, with photographs, when I had problems with my new knee and arthritis it knocked me off course. Then on the 18th March I had an accident to beat all my other efforts at doing myself harm. As I went to step off the top stair my right knee gave way propelling me down all 13 stairs, my descent was arrested by a solid oak door. This earned me a fast trip in an ambulance, after the hour or so it took them to extract me from my hallway, I managed to do the following to myself: 9 fractured ribs front and back of my rib cage, fractured spine, torn right kidney, damaged bladder and pancreas, a hemothorax and pulmonary contusion and a huge hole in my scalp (17 staples and a fairly serious head injury) and a huge amount of fluid in my abdomen. The day in question has vanished from my memory the subsequent four I lived in a different reality apparently, I tried to escape twice.

I was discharged from hospital too early but, in thinking about it now, it was exactly the right time as the patient in the next bed went down with Covid-19!!  With one day till my discharge from hospital Karen managed to order and get delivered a hospital bed for our sitting room. She had to buy it as there was no other options and the hospital didn’t want to let me out without it. My son and grandson put it together and my daughter managed to buy a new hospital mattress and bed table, also delivered same time as the bed, a real family effort (my daughter lives in Wiltshire). I am still using the bed down stairs.

As I was banned from the stairs and to be honest I had no desire to go up and down them, I managed to have 3 telephone surveys for a stair lift one using WhatsApp and within 24 hrs I had a lift ordered and fitted by a reputable company, with a good discount.

I left hospital with a rather nasty bladder infection, Serratia Liquefaciens, a horrible 3rd World bacteria, or one that lives in UK Hospitals, plus a catheter again, the catheter and infection are now gone.

What is amusing now, a couple of Doctor’s couldn’t help themselves and just blurted what they were thinking. One said “How come you’re still alive” and got a dagger look from the nurse. I was extensively bruised, dark purple from above my knee to chest, another Doctor said “On my God, I’ve only ever seen bruising that bad on a corpse”. Not the best bedside manner but I can laugh about it now.

During my recuperation I have been going through my airgun collection, fine tuning their accuracy and my skill. I have a nice set up with a lounge chair and foot-stool in the conservatory leading to the back garden where I can safely practice target shooting at about 25 yards. I can stretch it to 35 yards by putting the firing point in the sitting room (something I did when Karen was at work!!).

This was written by E Comp Barry Jones and forwarded to me. I am sure you will all wish Barry a speedy recovery.
If you have any stories of what you have been up to in the Lockdown, hopefully not one like Barry’s, then why not send them to me at

Royal Cumberland pledge to Square Meals Appeal

There follows a letter sent out to all members of Royal Cumberland Chapter, can your Chapter do similarly? What a great act of charity.

I trust you are all keeping well physically and continuing to exercise your minds with the Grand Superintendent’s weekly quiz. Some of the questions are even more taxing than Royal Cumberland Ritual.

There can be no doubt that these circumstances in which we all find ourselves may correctly be defined as an emergency. Whilst I doubt Supreme Grand Chapter had the coronavirus in mind when compiling draft bylaws. E.Comp. David Medlock, MEZ of Royal Cumberland Chapter No.41, recently agreed to release £500 from the Chapter’s charity fund as our first pledge towards the Square Meals Appeal being organised at Bath Masonic Hall. He did so using the authority contained in our Bylaws governing emergency expenditure and requested that I appraise you of the action taken in the hope that it may encourage others to act even when we are unable to meet together in our Chapters.

Once we are back to normal, in whatever guise that may be, the decision will be formally reported to the Companions of our Chapter to ensure compliance with our Bylaws.

Jeff Penfold

Scribe E

Royal Cumberland Chapter No.41

Please let me know if your Chapter or any member of your Chapter has been doing anything interesting during this lockdown, so we can include on the website – send to: