Companions of Taunton Deane Chapter met on Tuesday 3rd December with a potential Exaltee but due to illness the candidate was unable to attend. This did not deter the Companions present.

E. Comp. Ray receiving final instructions from the DC with a pensive ME looking on in the background.

E. Comp. Ray was welcomed by the MEZ who proffered him the Sceptre which E. Comp. Ray took, looked at it very carefully and  quickly returned it to the MEZ.            

At least one patriotic Companion
I wonder if the socks were a birthday present?











The Chapter was fortunate to have a willing candidate in the form of  E. Comp. John Bennett who had been made an honorary member earlier this year and now can claim to have been Exalted according to Aldersgate ritual.

MEZ thanked E. Comp. John for his participation in the ceremony to much amusement.
The ceremony concluded the smiles were back on the faces of the Principals.

The Companions retired and enjoyed a dinner of Chicken Liver Pate and Roast Beef.


Taunton Deane Chapter no 5221 met on Friday 6th of September and a rehearsal was held the night before.

Hopefully the attire will be better on the night

It was an important evening as the Grand Superintendent, a member of the Chapter, had signified his attendance to be present so there was an air of expectation.

The Grand Superintendent was welcomed into the Chapter under the expert guidance of the Provincial Deputy Grand Director of Ceremonies E. Comp. Geoffrey Lester

E. Comp. Peter Roworth welcomed the Grand Superintendent for the first time since the Grand Superintendent’s Installation hoping that he would have an enjoyable evening. Obviously something was said that made E. Comp. Harry Price laugh!

Have Fulham scored a goal!

E. Comp. Roworth proffered the Grand Superintendent the Sceptre, the Grand Superintendent thanked E. Comp. Roworth for the courtesy shown but was very quick to hand it back.

E. Comp. Colin Martin gave the Historical Lecture assisted by Comps Robin Cassell and Steve Parsons

The Chapter was called off and E. Comp. Peter Roworth gave a talk on the “Origins of Chapter with special reference to the Pedestal.” This was much appreciated by the Companions

The Chapter was called on and the rest of the business conducted before the Chapter was closed. The Companions retired to a dinner of Egg Mayonnaise followed by Roast Lamb and an assortment of Vegetables enjoyed by all.

E. Comp. Harry Price, H, E. Comp. Barry Woodside, Grand Superintendent, E. Comp. Peter Roworth, MEZ,  E. Comp. Geoff Lester, PrDGDC, and E. Comp. Colin Marten, J.

The next Convocation of Taunton Deane Chapter is on Tuesday 3rd December when the Principals will give a demonstration of an Exaltation Aldersgate ritual when E. Comp. Ray Beckingham will be in attendance.



Friday 24th May was the date of Installation Convocation of Taunton Deane Chapter No 5221. The Principals opened the Chapter in due form and awaited the arrival of E. Comp. Raymond F Beckingham somewhat pensively. 

E. Comp. Ray Conneely announced that E. Comp. Ray was outside the door of the Chapter and demanded admission. He was admitted and welcomed by the MEZ E. Comp. Roger Seaton.       

E. Comp Roger proffered the sceptre to E. Comp Ray who took it, thought about retaining it  but returned it to theMEZ when realising that the ritual was not known to him thanking the MEZ for the courtesy shown to him.          

The Principals were installed into their respective Chairs and E. Comp. Ray gave the address helped by E Comp Conneely.  

The Chapter was closed and the Principals had their photographs taken with E. Comp. Ray Beckingham.

E. Comp. Harry Price H, E. Comp. Ray Beckingham, E. Comp/ Peter Roworth Z and E. Comp. Colin Martin J

The Companions retired to a supper of Egg Mayonnaise, Baked Ham, Parsley Sauce and Vegetables followed by Cheese and Biscuits.


For the want of light we could not see colour.

Taunton Deane Chapter held the December Convocation on Tuesday 4th December. The Chapter was honoured by the presence of the Deputy Grand Superintendent E. Comp. Clive Lambert escorted by E. Comp. Chris Moore Provincial Grand Director of Ceremonies. Also in attendance was  E. Comp. D. John Bennett Past Grand Superintendent.

E. Comp. Roger Seaton welcomed E. Comp. Clive to the Chapter and proffered the sceptre.

The Deputy Grand Superintendent knowing that the Chapter worked Aldersgate ritual was quick to hand the sceptre back

The Companions of the Chapter elected the Past Grand Superintendent as an honorary member and E. Comp. D. John Bennett thanked the Chapter for the honour.

The Principals gave a demonstration of Exaltation during which E. Comp. Peter Ashby gave the Mystical Lecture in its entirety.

The Chapter was closed in due form and the Companions retired for supper of Pate followed by Roast Pork which was enjoyed by all.

The Principals by this time had seen the light and changed robes accordingly!



On Friday 5th April Taunton Deane Chapter held their first Convocation of the new masonic year. The three Principals opened the Chapter in due form. The Director of Ceremonies E. Comp. Maldwyn Davies First Principal of the Somerset First Principals Chapter no 3746 invited the companions of the First Principals Chapter to join him in presenting the Travelling Sceptre to E. Comp. Roger Seaton, First Principal of Taunton Deane Chapter

4 happy principals , ceremony completed and the Festive Board beckoning.

The presentation was the first official duty of E. Companion Maldwyn. E. Comp. Roger received the Sceptre and said that he would pass it onto the Companions of the Calderley Chapter of Union no 906 on Thursday 20th September. E. Comp. Peter Roworth gave the Historical Lecture and E. Comp. Roger delivered the Symbolical Lecture with the help of E. Comp. Davies, Cozens, Ashby, Comp. Cassell, Parsons and Martin.

The Companions retired to the Festive Board of Smoked Mackerel followed by steak and Ale Pie and Vegetables in Season. It was a very enjoyable evening CLO Don Heys




E. Comp. Harry Price receiving his 50th Anniversary Certificate from the Grand Superintendent

The Installation meeting of Taunton Deane Chapter no 5221 was held on Friday 25th May 2018. The chapter was honoured by the presence of the Most Excellent Grand Superintendent D. John Bennett, the Deputy Grand Superintendent Excellent Companion Alan Holton, the Second Provincial Grand Principle E. Companion Clive Lambert, the Past Third Grand Principle Excellent Companion David Parslow as well as a number of Officers of Supreme Grand Chapter and Active Provincial Grand Officers. The Chapter was opened in due form and E. Comp. Kevin Hill asked the Grand Superintendent if he would like to present a 50th Anniversary Certificate to E. Comp. Harry Price. E. Comp. John gave a brief history of Harry’s life as a Royal Arch Mason and presented the Certificate to Harry accompanied by a round of acclamation.

The three Installing Principles installed their successors with great efficiency. E. Comp. Peter Roworth installed E. Comp. Harry Price as Third Principle, E. Comp. Roger Seaton installed E. Comp. Peter Roworth as Second Principle and E. Comp. Kevin Hill installed E. Comp. Roger Seaton as First Principle. The officers were invested and E. Comp. David Parslow gave the address to the Principles. The chapter was closed and E. Comp. Sidney French gave an excellent rendition of the Royal Arch Charge.

The Companions retired to an excellent festive Board of Smoked Salmon, Roast Lamb and vegetables in season followed by Apple Crumble and Custard. The proceedings were completed by 9.45pm. E. Comp. Harry was pleased with the early finish as he had an early start on Saturday to travel to Wembley to watch the Championship Playoff Final which ended with the right result Aston Villa 0- Fulham 1.

The newly installed principals and distinguished guests


E. Comp. Bob Moore, Roger Seaton Kevin Hill Peter Roworth and David Parslow

The December Convocation of Taunton Deane Chapter no 5221 was held on Tuesday 5th December.The Chapter was opened in due form and MEZ welcomed  all the Companions and in particular Excellent Companion David K. Parslow 3rd Provincial Grand Principal and Excellent Companion Bob Moore Past Grand Sword Bearer. E. Comp. Bob Moore was invited to present the Somerset Royal Arch Tracing Board. Numerous Companions assisted in the presentation which went very smoothly and was of great interest. The 3 Principals for the coming year were elected 1st Principal Elect E. Comp Roger B. Seaton, 2nd Principal Elect E. Comp. Peter G. Roworth and 3rd Principal Elect Harry H. Price. Festive greetings were given by E. Comp. Parslow on behalf of MEGS and in his own right. Greetings were given by the Companions of Taunton Deane Chapter and all the visiting Companions. The Companions retired for the Festive Board which was enjoyed by all. The Installation Meeting will be held on Friday 25th May 2018. The ME and their Excellencies wish all Companions a very Happy Christmas and Healthy New Year.


On Friday 1st September Taunton Deane Chapter held the first meeting of the new season. The Chapter was honoured once again by the presence of the Grand Superintendent accompanied by E. Comp. Sandy Glenn on his first outing as DC. A number of Officers of Supreme Grand Chapter and Provincial Grand Chapter were present to witness the Exaltation of Bro. James Wallace a member of the Lodge of St Christopher in Gloucestershire. E. Comp. Kevin Hill conducted an excellent ceremony ably assisted by E. Comp. Jimmy Durant as Principal Sojourner and E. Comp. Peter Ashby who gave an excellent account of the Mystical Lecture. The Chapter was closed with the Royal Arch Charge and the Companions retired to an excellent Festive Board finishing with the Tyler toast at 9.40pm

The Principals were joined by the Grand Superintendent and E. Comp Sandy Glenn
The new Exaltee Comp. Jim Wallace joined the Principals as well
The Grand Superintendent congratulated 3 members of the chapter E. Comp. Woodside, Price and Ashby on being half of the golf team that won the golf trophy for the first time in 9 years. VERY WELL DONE!

The next Convocation will be held on Tuesday 5th December. E. Comp. Bob Moore has been invited to give talk and the Companions will participate in the Historical and Symbolical Lectures to be given in catechetical form.


Taunton Deane Chapter will be holding the next Convocation on Friday 1st September at the Masonic Hall Taunton. The three Principals are looking forward to Exalting Bro. James Wallace. The 1st Principal has chosen Breast of Chicken in a Tarragon Cream Sauce followed by Apple Pie and Cream. Dining fee is £12.00p. Please let Don Heys know if you would like to attend


The Installation Meeting of Taunton Deane Chapter no 5221 was in doubt when I arrived at the Masonic Hall in Taunton on Friday 26th May. The car park barrier could not be opened and the Grand Superintendent was left on the street. The area had suffered a power cut but fortunately the power was restored at 5.45pm and the meeting started on time. The Installing Principals were very efficient in Installing their successors E. Comp Hill as Z, E. Comp Seaton as H and E. Comp. Roworth as J.

The three principals E. Comp.'s Seaton, Hill and Roworth
The three principals
E. Comp.’s Seaton, Hill and Roworth

The Officers were invested including the Chapter Liaison Officer E. Comp. Heys, the Grand Superintendent gave the address to the Principals and the Chapter was closed at 7.25pm.

The newly installed Principals and Grand Superintendent
The newly installed Principals and Grand Superintendent

The Companions were able to socialise for sometime whilst the meal was prepared. It was enjoyed by all eventually and following the traditional Toasts and speeches the Companions were on their way home by 9.40pm.

Do we all agree
Do we all agree