Alas I was unable to attend this meeting as I was working away, I was not happy about this but as it’s said, it’s Family, Work and Freemasonry all in that order. So I have to send a huge thank you to E. Comp. Iain  Disdale for the words and photos on this one.

Another excellent evening at Tyntesfield Chapter

The Chapter received E. Comp. Clive A. F. Lambert, Deputy Grand Superintendent, plus a good number of Grand Chapter Officers and Provincial Officers, contributing to a total of 16 Visitors, which included a welcome return from E. Comp. John Smith, Prov. G. Almoner, plus E. Comp. Geoff Lester being Prov. Dep GDC before his preferment to Provincial 3rd Grand Principal at the Annual Provincial Convocation in May.

The Visitors and 20 Members of the Chapter witnessed an excellent ceremony to exalt W. Brother Bill Hillis of Sir Isaac Newton Lodge into the Holy Royal Arch.

The Principals E. Comps. David Maddern (Z), Martin Slocombe (H) and Richard Hicken (J) were greatly assisted by E. Comp. Frank Clarke (Acting PSoj) doing most of the Sojourners work with excellent assistance from Comp. Jon Trott as 1st Asst Sojourner, plus E. Comp. Clive Lambert doing the Address to the Candidate, E. Comp Martin Slocombe presenting the Signs, then E. Comps Richard Ellis, David Maddern and Richard Reeve presenting the Mystical Lecture.

The evening proceeded with a ballot for another candidate to be exalted in May, with 4-5 more candidates in the pipeline, plus presentation of Grand Chapter Certificates to Comps Tom Francis and Phil Taylor, by E. Comp. Clive Lambert Deputy Grand Superintendent

The evening concluded with another fine meal from the Nailsea Caterer and the Principals and Candidate were in relaxed mode, although the Most Excellent had to make a dash to pick up his son from the airport as Storm Dennis had blown the plane to an early landing, thus dropping E. Comp. Dale Shermon as IPZ into the hot seat to manage the conclusion of the festive board.

E. Comp. Clive A. F. Lambert, Deputy Grand Superintendent, reported that he was extremely pleased to see Tyntesfield Chapter was yet again a friendly, welcoming, and happy Chapter and in such fine fettle with great engagement from the members and lots of members in the pipeline through to 2022.

The next convocation will be an Exaltation on 14th May 2020.

I cannot urge all MM enough to complete their journey and join Royal Arch (Chapter) its such an awesome degree, if you don’t know who your Chapter representative is drop me a line and I will point you in the right direction, well until next time may I wish you all good health and prosperity.

Tyntesfield Chapter meeting 12th Decemer 2019

The Principals of the Chapter and E Comp Ray Beckingham and Past MEGS John Bennett, with Comp Phil Taylor

The Companions all paraded in in fine style, I did not see the ceremony as we were short of a Janitor this evening, so I swapped my ADC role to a Janitor Role, words to follow are from E Comp Iain Disdale, I will pick up on this after the meeting at the awesome Tyntesfield Festive Board.

Tyntesfield Chapter honored by presence of E Comp Ray Beckingham, 2nd Provincial Principal, to witness the Exaltation of the latest Somerset Companion W Bro Phillip Taylor of Wraxall Lodge.

The Principals E Comps David Maddern (Z), Jon Mansell (Acting H) and Richard Hicken (J) were greatly assisted by E Comps Richard Ellis, John Bennett and David Maddern presenting the Mystical Lecture, with E Comp Iain Disdel presenting the signs.

E Comp Richard Reeve swapped his DC duties with E Comp Chris Haliburton and delivered most of the Sojourners work to a great standard.

Afterwards, the companions were treated to an excellent and merry festive
festive board.


The evening was very much a Wraxall 9011 Lodge event with 7 members plus 5 further visiting companions all supporting fellow Wraxall Lodge member.

It was a special evening for Comp Phil Taylor, being exalted into his late
father’s chapter, E Comp Dr John Taylor who was one of Tyntesfield’s first

Tyntesfield Chapter is in good heart and in a healthy position with two more
candidates proposed and to be exalted in February and May 2020.

Plus other picture of many members of Wraxall Lodge supporting the newly
exalted companion.

Right I am back, We had such a merry and jolly festive board to welcome Companion Chris to this most wonderful order, I think I will let the photos we took tell the rest of the story on this one, I did get chance to get a couple of photos that really show the Companionship of this great order with my good chums and fellow companions, Comp Davide Pina and Comp Jerry Jones.


I cannot urge all MM high enough to seek out your Royal Arch (Chapter) representative and find out about joining this wonderful degree, when you do you will kick yourself for not joining sooner, I guarantee you that.

Until Next Time Cheers.

Rob Collins CLA
for the Tyntesfield 4494 Royal Arch Chapter.
Meeting in the Nailsea Temple here in Somersetshire



The evening started off just like any other, we all arrived at the Nailsea Temple some of us very early and Hmmm some of us just in the knick of time as always Tonight was very special so the entire team was a little nervous from the rehearsal the night before. We all put our regalia on and proceeded to get the ceremony under way.

The meeting began by welcoming E Comp Barry Woodside, Most Excellent Grand Superintendent in and over the Province of Somerset. He was accompanied by E Comp Sandy Glen,  PProv ADC, E Comp John Hewett, Prov Grand Standard Bearer and E Comp, Chris Brooks, Prov Grand Steward.

The outgoing First Principal E Comp Dale Shermon, presided despite only returning from his Caribbean Sojourn very early the previous day and we were very happy that his jet-lagged head had not caught up with him.

The MEZ, proffered MEGS the Sceptre hoping he would take over the ceremony, the Sceptre was returned as MEGS and the Provincial team had done lots of work at the May meeting.

The main business of the evening was the Installation of the Principals for the ensuing year. The First and Second Principals elect had already been past First Principals of Tyntesfield Chapter so only inductions were needed before E Comp David Maddern became Z and E. Comp Martin Slocombe became H. However, E. Comp Martin Slocombe provided an excellent installation of Comp Richard Hicken into the chair of Joshua, plus presented the Blue Robe Address.

The Principals appointed the officers with decorum, all Officers, except two being on holiday, were invested.

The address to the Principals was then presented by the MEGS. The Address to the Officers was presented by E Comp Richard Reeve and Address to the Companions by E Comp Iain Disdel.

After the Risings the Chapter was closed in peace and harmony and the companions adjourned for the Festive Board of Leek & Potato Soup, followed by Steak & Ale Pie, Chocolate & Rum Tiramisu and Coffee, all was quite simply delicious and home made by Sam our chef, as always up to the normal excellent Nailsea standard.

The festive board was going wonderfully until that is the Provincial ADC looked directly at me as E Comp Barry Woodside, Most Excellent Grand
Superintendent in and over the Province of Somerset, stood up and called my name out, I sank in my chair oh golly what had I done wrong in the ceremony up stairs, I walked gingerly to the top table feeling like a naughty school boy being called up in assembly in front of the head master, thankfully and gratefully it was to present me with the badge of my office as the Calderley Liaison Officer for the Tyntesfield Royal Arch Chapter 4494 meeting in Nailsea.

Phew I had a cold sweat on there for a moment, I asked E Comp Richard Ellis to take some pics for me as I was presented with my badge of office, we had to do a take 2 as he took 20 photos of himself, that’s one reason why were were all laughing so much even Richard, the friendly joviality of this degree is one reason why I love it so much, I really love this role and love going to The Calderley Royal Arch Chapter meetings, such great Companions and the debates about Chapter are very eye opening and inspiring, I will say I cannot urge highly enough all MM to consider fulfilling your journey into the Royal Arch its a wonderful degree full to the brim of jolly good fellow.

A very pleasant evening was had by all and I am sure the photos of the festive board say it far better than I can with mere words.

The next convocation will be an exaltation on 12th December 2019


Tyntesfield Chapter were honoured by the visit of Somerset Provincial Team in May to make it a very special evening for the latest Somerset Companion Bro Tom Francis of Wraxall Lodge.

Before the Provincial Team made their entrance, a deputation from Royal Cumberland Chapter No 41 presented the Travelling Sceptre in a very competent manner, which will be passed on the following week to the MEGS at the Provincial AGM.

*stock photo for illustration purposes only*

There followed a report on the door and E Comp Tony Cooper Pr Dep GDC advised that E Comp Barry K Woodside, MEGS, accompanied by his Team, demanded admission. The Provincial Team was processed into the Chapter and MEGS was warmly welcomed by E Comp Dale Sherman, MEZ, who proffered his Sceptre which was retained and the MEGS took the chair, the Provincial team then took the places of the Chapter Officers.

Main item of the evening was to Exalt Bro Tom Francis. With MEGS calmly steering his Team through the ceremony, ably assisted by E Comp Ray Beckingham, 2nd Pr Principal, as H and E Comp Neil Hurcum, 3rd Pr Principal, as J. E Comp Clive Lambert, Dep GS, read the Prayers, Readings and narrated what the Janitor was explaining outside the door to Bro Tom, which added more meaning to the 60 or more Companions within the Chapter. E Comp Darrell Hinder, Pr Prin G Soj, was ably assisted by Pr Asst G Sojs E Comp John Pinder and Stand-in E Comp Geoff Lester guiding Comp Tom around the chapter and through his ceremony of being exalted.

E Comp Neil Hurcum, 3rd Pr Principal, gave an explanation of the signs, whilst the Mystical Lecture was given by E Comp Ray Conneely, Pr Dep G DC, E Comp Chris Moore, Pr G DC, and E Comp Andy Gray, Pr Archivist. On completion of the Exaltation MEGS presented Comp Tom with a set of cuff links only given to Companions Exalted by the Provincial Team, these are similar to the Provincial crest but with the Grand Superintendent’s crest in the centre. The constant smile of Comp Tom was commented upon and he was led to a seat in the Chapter.

The MEGS then returned the Sceptre to MEZ and the Chapter Officers were reinstated. MEZ, E Comp Dale Sherman, thanked MEGS and the Team for a wonderful ceremony.

E Comp Neil Hurcum, 3rd Pr G Prin, was then called upon to present Grand Chapter Certificates to Comps Colin Fraser and Jon Trott.

The Provincial team then took their leave from the Chapter whilst other Chapter matters were considered.

An excellent and merry festive board was then enjoyed by the Companions.

The Provincial Team left Tyntesfield Chapter in good heart and in a healthy position with two more candidates proposed and to be exalted in December 2019 and February 2020.

* a huge thanks to E Comp Ian Disdel for help with the words and who is who *

Now for my bit from the heart, I have said before I am the Calderley Liaison Officer for our Chapter as well as the ADC, my good friend and mentor who I look up to, E Comp Ian Disdel, emailed me a couple of days before asking if I could stand in as DC, YIKES I had never done that before and only doing the job as ADC once I felt a bit out of my depth, as always if asked I will do anything to  help and to the best of my ability, thus I agreed to take on the DC role for one night only, my good friend E Comp Richard Reeves who is our DC was called away on other Provincial Masonic Business so was unable to take post on this convocation.

Blimey no pressure on me then, I had to fill Richard’s big boots and the Provincial Team were coming too, Ian reassured me all would be OK with a bit of polishing off at rehearsal, he would be there to make sure I was pointed in the right direction. Ian is a good mentor to have as an ex DC who was quite simply marvellous at the job as is Richard, we had the rehearsal the night before and all went well, I went home literally in a dream all night of what lay ahead, even waking up saying in my confident manor, TO ORDER COMPANIONS not to order Brethren as I kept having to remind myself, you may laugh but I wanted to do a good job not only for myself but also my chapter and our team, especially in front of the Provincial Team.

I must say the meeting was first class, my heart beating like a marching band of the Kings Men going into battle, all of our team did a brilliant job and pulled our part of the ceremony off first class.

What can I say about the Provincial Team, sheer poetry in motion that was a pleasure, nay honour, to watch, like watching a well oiled machine. Comp Tom’s face was a picture to behold at that certain part of the ceremony when he could see clearly what was happening, it made it all come flooding back to when I was raised and looked on in amazement in a state of pride and confusion, but all has become clear since.

The festive board for me was really Jolly as DC (for one night only) I got to sit on the top table, WOW what an experience that was,  I watched as these E Comps had a jolly time and I had learnt so much already, Ian helped me to call for the fire and indeed several other parts of what happens at the festive board too, I even got to do The Janitors Toast, a job I know well as I was the Tyler for my craft lodge for 4 years. All in all a truly amazing evening that I loved being part of so much even though my heart rate was through the roof.

I truly can’t urge all MM and above enough to join a Royal Arch Chapter, the ceremonies are something to behold, the camaraderie and friendliness of the order is second to none, so why not complete your Masonic Circle instead of having a piece missing, I promise you will thank me if you do.

Lastly before I finish this, I must send a massive thank you to Comp Ken Hill from our Royal Arch Chapter Tyntesfield 4494, he kindly donated us a cheque for £50 this will go such a long way, when I say us I mean my branch that I am The Chairman of The Somerset Branch of The Masonic Fishing Charity, the charity is totally funded and run by freemasonry although it is an outside charity, we at the Somerset Branch that I head up need all the help we can get to help OUR kids or adults here in Somerset who have special needs, take a look at the website for YOU may be able to help more than you think. www.mtsfc.org

Comp Ken Hill Of Tyntesfield 4494 presenting me with a cheque



A good number of Companions used a lot of brownie points to attend the Convocation that
clashed with Valentines Night. I am sure the companions paid for the evening in flowers,
chocolates and late meals out.
The companions were rewarded by an excellent evening to witness Brother Jonathan Trott of Wraxall Lodge, being exalted into the Holy Royal Arch.
The Principals E Comps Dale Shermon (Z), David Maddern (H) and Martin Slocombe (J)
were greatly assisted by Comp Richard Hicken (PSoj), plus E Comps Richard Ellis, Martin
Slocombe and Richard Reeve presenting the Mystical Lecture. However, it was very much
appreciated that E Comp David Parslow, Past Provincial Third Grand Principal, stood in at
fairly late notice as 1st Assist Soj and delivered Three Master Masons from Babylon
impeccably and did not introduce many foreign (Eldon) workings.

The evening proceeded with ballots for another two candidates, plus presentation of
Certificate to Comp Paul Light.
The evening concluded with another fine meal from the Nailsea Caterer and the Principals and Candidate were in relaxed mode.

Tyntesfield Chapter will welcome The Provincial Team for the May meeting (9th May) and look forward to greeting the Grand Superintendent, his team and hopefully many guests.

Words and pics are thanks to E Comp (Scribe Tyntesfield 4494) Ian Disdel, as I was working away in The United States Of America when we had our meeting.

Also on a Side note last night on the 4th of February 2019 we had our Calderley Chapter of Union meeting,  what a simply brilliant time I had at the meeting, I was there as my appointed role for my own Royal Arch Chapter Tyntesfield 4494 meeting in Nailsea Somerset as the Calderley Liaison Officer, we had such a wonderful installation of officers and I stood in as an officer of the chapter as they were short tonight, wow what am experience, we then opened the floor up to debate, mere words can’t describe what it’s like when with like minded professional people who can debate like gentlemen for the greater good making Freemasonary better and especially Royal Arch better, I feel so privileged, nay honoured, to be in their company treated as an equal, I cannot urge all MM enough to consider joining Royal Arch (Chapter) enough, complete the 4th part of your circle and become whole, MM get in touch I will find you a Royal Arch near you, equally I urge any man who has an interest in Freemasonary to get in touch if you want to join I will point you in the right direction, SMIB?#freemasonary #royalarchchapter#royalarchmasonary #craftfreemasonry

Tyntesfield 4494 Royal Arch Chapter Meeting 13 December 2018

Well here I am back for my second attempt at writing our Chapter’s report, that’s me in the picture there in all my Royal Arch refinery. I have had a little trouble negotiating this website but we are getting there. I must send a huge thank you to E Companion David Parslow for all his help in getting me to this point, for if it were not for his help I would not be writing this now It was also great catching up with David at Tyntesfield Chapter 4494 meeting last week. Alas I am a rough ole country boy so tiz how I speak so bare with me as I often break into a broad West Country accent when I write or speak.

We had a wonderful meeting and as I was taking my new position as ADC, as well as my role as the Calderley Liaison Officer, it was a big nervous night for me too. The ceremony was first class and I slipped into my role quite well, I think, although I was guided by my good friend E Companion Richard Reeves who is our DC. Our three Principals did a brilliant job from open to close and guided us mere mortals most excellently (hope you like the pun) in the ceremony and at the festive board.

E Comp Ray Beckingham delivering his Presentation

E. Companion Ray Beckingham, 2nd Provincial Grand Principal, gave us a presentation all about the history up to present day of Royal Arch Freemasonry. I must say I personally really enjoyed the presentation, as did all of our companions, I know I took away a better understanding of what it is we do at Royal Arch. I must send a massive thank you to E. Companion Ray Beckingham for this presentation from myself, our Principals and the rest of the Tyntesfield 4494 Companions. Please come back again soon and give us another presentation, I did not call it a lecture or anything else either (chuckle) as Ray told me all about Solomon and that we must now call it a Presentation not a lecture or anything else. I urge you all to check Solomon out, there is a great article all about it in Freemasonry Today Magazine, look inside the magazine that comes through your door or click on this link for the latest edition https://www.freemasonrytoday.com/magazine , or contact your Province for a direct link, etc.

The Festive Board, what can I say, it was such a jolly affair with Companions from all over coming to visit. I know we say it at every Lodge or Chapter in the visitors toast, but visiting other Chapters really is the life blood of Freemasonry. For me I learn so much see so many different ceremonies performed with little tweaks of  their own with each Chapter and always learn something new that I did not know. I met up with so many old friends and made so many new ones. the festive board for me is such a huge delight and fills my heart with such joy.

One such visitor to our Royal Arch Chapter this time was E. Companion D. John Bennett, Past Grand Superintendent, a man I have truly learned to look up too, for he has inspired me to try harder and learn more about Freemasonry in general but to educate myself well in The Royal Arch. He is such an inspiration and a truly a great guy, I personally wish to thank him for all he has done for Royal Arch Masonry and thank him for inspiring me as well as many others to do better, I hope I can call on you and your experience in the future, as there are a thousand and one questions I still have.

Another visitor was my guest that I invited, E Companion Barry Jones and fellow Calderley Liaison officer for his Chapter, we had such a wonderful catch up with old friends on our table and new ones. I am not sure which table was the most jolly in our Chapter this evening, I am sure our’s was right up there when it came to the toasts/singing and Christmas Carols.

I would whole hardheartedly urge all Craft Master Masons out there to seriously consider Royal Arch Freemasonry (Chapter) before joining any other degrees, thus complete the proper journey fill the fourth part of your circle, you can thank me later and if you’re not sure how to join drop your Craft Lodges Royal Arch representative a line or your secretary will know who that is, or drop me a line and I will do my very best to point you in the right direction.

All that’s left to say is to lock up our secrets and wish you all a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year.

From The Principals, Officers and Companions of the awesome Tyntesfield 4494 Royal Arch Chapter meeting in the Temple here in Somersetshire.

Complete the journey.

Master Masons contact me directly if you have trouble finding out how to join Royal Arch Freemasonry.

Tyntesfield 4494

Hi There.

Greetings from Tyntesfield 4494 RA Chapter, this will be a very short report as I have only just gained access to the website and I am about to fly out on holiday within the hour, may I introduce myself, my name is Rob Collins and I am the Calderley liaison officer and ADC for 4494, being new it will take a little time to find my feet so please bare with me.

We recently had a wonderful installation evening at our chapter here in the Nailsea temple, alas I have been remiss in my duties as the liaison officer on this occasion as I literally hit the floor running and having to jump in to several jobs all at the same time, this was due to a great many apologies for companions unable to attend Chapter that evening, none the less we had a wonderful and eventful installation, I will get pictures and give a full report after our next meeting so I can only give my heart felt sorry for such a garbled report, I will do better I promise.

We are doing a grand job at the Nailsea Temple the Chapter is flourishing, this year I hope to visit as many craft lodges and indeed chapters as I can on a double edged sword as it were, a bit of a giggle there as I am the Tyler in my craft lodge, the reason for the double edged sword is that I hope to recruit not only more MM to join Royal Arch but also find hands on help (volunteers) and possibly sponsorship for my role as Chairman for the Somerset Branch of the MTSFC, the details of the charity, branch and my contact details are on the picture below, this is a unique chance for Companions/Brother to do something truly great and not just chuck a couple of quid in the charity box or buy raffle tickets, I/we need you to actually get hands on, it also matters not weather you can fish or not we have so many roles that need filling, so please get in touch.

I attended the Calderley Liaison Chapter in Wedmore on Thursday the 20th of September 2018, WOW what a simply awesome night, watching the ceremony both from our Calderley team but also the provincial Team simply brilliant and has inspired me to do better, I won’t say much more about this but I urge you to read the Calderley Chapter report as mere words or pictures just does not do this awesome meeting justice.

All that’s left to say from me is I wish you all well and hope to meet you all again very soon.

Regards Rob Collins

Calderley Liaison Officer for Tyntesfield Royal Arch Chapter no 4494

Tyntesfield Chapter 4494

I am writing this on behalf of the Tyntesfield Chapters CLO, Comp Rob Collins, I had privilege to attend the Chapter’s May meeting which was an Exaltation  of a former colleague of mine, a Retired Police Officer, and embarrassingly  his name has escaped me, we even worked in the same department!!

The Chapter was a bit thin on the ground due to some unforeseen and last minute problems but I have to say it no way affected the quality of the ceremony that the candidate witnessed. To a member the Chapter pulled together and produced an excellent high quality Exaltation that was a real pleasure to witness. The Principals work was first class, the Principal Sojourner was outstanding, a real pleasure to listen to, and the work done by the other Officers and last minute replacements was also excellent. It was heart warming to see a Chapter pull together at what some might consider a disaster and produce a Ceremony that is one of the best (outside my own Chapter, I had to put that!!) that I have seen. The candidate was treated to a first class Exaltation which I believe he really enjoyed and took it all in. Well done Tyntesfield. I am looking forward to my next visit.

On Behalf of Comp Rob  Collins, CLO, Tyntesfield Chapter,

E Comp Barry Jones, CLO, Wrington Vale Chapter.

Tyntesfield Chapter

On the 8th February I was the guest of Comp J Jones at Tyntesfield Chapter, it was a real pleasure 1, to sit and watch after handing over as Z in December and 2, to witness a Chapter showing strength and resilience. That afternoon disaster struck in the form of a number of principle officers cancelling for genuine reasons, from family emergencies, stuck,on public transport and the like. Although it was a demonstration the candidate was missing as well, a potential nightmare. The Grand Superintendent showed his commitment to the order and stood in as candidate and a number of the Provincial team took on the missing jobs as did other members of the Chapter. The resulting ceremony was a credit to all members of the Chapter, MEGS and the Provincial Team turning disaster into success. Z couldn’t of been criticised if he cancelled the demonstration and had someone give a talk/lecture. An enjoyable ceremony was followed up by an excellent festive board. I have wrote this short post for Comp Rob Collins the CLO of Tyntesfield Chapter as he is yet to receive his access codes. Attached pictures, me looking stunned and myself, Rob and Jerry by the Tyntesfield honours board.

E Comp Barry Jones, CLO Wrington Vale Chapter.

Year’s Progress at Tyntesfield

At our meeting on Thursday, 10 September 2015 we installed the following Companions, in the presence of the Provincial Grand Superintendent:-
Ex Comp Alan McMurray as “Z” – Ex Comp John Mansell as “H” – Ex Comp Mark Burton as “J”.

The Chapter has had a very successful year, with three new members being Exalted, and good attendance from both members and visitors at these meetings.

Our annual Sunday Lunch in February was an especially enjoyable event, thanks to the efforts (or is that magnetism ?) of our first principal, as we filled the dining room at Nailsea to capacity.