Brotherly Love Chapter 329 Yeovil – Convocation 21st June 2018

It is very heartening to report that the whole evening last Thursday was most enjoyable, and why not, Freemasonry is our Hobby! When the main Players prepare themselves so well the result, including the work from the floor and an excellent Candidate was a delight to witness.  A truism comes to mind Work hard, and Enjoyment follows (well done Ken too).

Our Provincial Liaison Officer, E Comp Adrian Halliwell, has requested a report to accompany the photos sent for the Chapter Provincial web site. Companions all in Yeovil it’s so good to say the Ceremony was what we had come to expect in the past from 329 a leading Chapter in our Province. I heard the word – ‘Brotherly Love, good working again – No books, Congratulations…..!

Ian John Lyons, Candidate; E Comps Derek Marpole H; ME Mike Nathan Z; E Comp Bill Spregg J; Dep GS Allan Holton (Past Principal of 329) and Andrew Tiffin, Third Grand Principal of Wiltshire.

We had a very good number of visitors two John’s from Benevolence Chapter, Sherborne Dorset, the Candidate’s father  who spoke warmly of his experience that evening was E Comp Derrick Lyons, PPGReg, Chantry Bodina 9121, and Brother- in-law, E Comp Paul Kitt also of 9121.

E Comp Derrick Lyons responding to the Visitors Toast
Comp Ian John Lyons the Candidate replies to his toast

Installation of new Haggai at 329’s February Meeting

E Comp Derek Marpole  had been appointed Haggia, but following two serious operations he was unable to attend the Installation Meeting last November 16th, E Comp Colin Vine  stepped in on that occasion, thank you Colin. We are pleased that E Comp Derek is feeling better and  he was invested by MEZ, E Comp Mike Nathan, at our meeting on 22nd February 2018. The Address to the new H was given by E Comp Alan Holton, Deputy Grand Superintendent.

Below is a photo to prove it, that E Comp Neville Harrison stood in for E Comp Bill Spregg as Joshua at this meeting. Good to have E Comp Neville in a photo, he does so much for this Chapter.

E Comp Derek Marpole, H, E Comp Colin Vine, MEZ, E Comp Neville Harrison, acting J and E Comp Alan Holton, DGS

The Almoner gave details of those unwell especially Paul Newham who has recovered quite well from falling down the Lodge steps from the car park at last November’s Meeting. Also an In Memoriam  for Roy Scott, John Fowler, Mervyn Adams, John Bishop and Margaret Tinkley.

John Hawkins
Calderley Liaison Officer

Chapter of Brotherly Love Installation 2017

The Companions were honoured by the presence of  E Comp Alan Holton, Deputy Grand Superintendent, accompanied by E Comp Chris Moore, PrGDC, also E Comp Peter Bradshaw, PrGStdB, and E Comp Norman Sumpter, PrGStwd.

E Comp Alan was welcomed by MEZ E Comp Neil Tinkley and proffered the sceptre; Alan expressed his pleasure at being present for the Installation Ceremony in his mother Chapter of Brotherly Love.

E Comp Mike Nathen was Installed as Z  and Comp William Spregg as J. Unfortunately E.Comp Derek Marpole, H Elect, was recovering from a serious operation.

PZ E Comp Colin Vine volunteered immediately to stand in as H until Derek is well enough to return, hopefully by our next meeting on 22nd February 2018.

E Comps: Neil Tinkley, IPZ, Colin Vine, acting H,Mike Nathen,MEZ, William Spregg, J, and Alan Holton, DGS

The Meeting progressed happily under the direction of E Comp Ken Crang, DC, the Companions very much enjoyed the evening in the Chapter and at the Festive board. We had visitors from both our Daughter Chapters:  Parratt & Axe, No 814, Crewkerne, and  Benevolence Chapter, Sherborne, just over the boarder, represented by E Comp Brian Wannell, PPrGAssSoj.

Principals taking wine with E Comp Neil Tinkly, IPZ
E Comps Mike Nathen, MEZ and William Spregg, J responding to their Toast
E Comp Colin Vine sits out on this response to the Principals Toast with E Comp Neville Harrison looking askance

E. Comp Derek Marpole update 13th November 2017

Comp Derek Marpole has had a number of concerns, first an important operation on his Prostrate in September he had four days in hospital – successful and given the all–clear.

But last month he was taken into hospital again on a Saturday evening with a blockage, Pre-med on the Monday then a longer operation Tuesday to remove cancer in the large colon. This second op. has of course knocked him back having spent 11 days in hospital. Yesterday he said how good the hospital care was – but the ‘warmed up food’ not so unappealing.

Since being home he has suffered two urinary infections, but these have cleared up and he does take a short walk, all under the watchful care of Penny.

The villagers in Coker have been very supportive and he has had 30 cards from them alone. Brotherly Love Chapter has sent a get well card, and he has had several visitors.

RA Chapter Installation is on Thursday,  Derek was to Install J.  E Comp John Pinder has agreed to do this and E Comp Colin Vine will act as H until Derek is feeling up to it – which will not be before February 2018.

We all wish him well, but I thought members would like to have this update on Derek & Penny (Tel 01945 863055  M 07966 237257).

John Hawkins
Chapter Almoner
M 07710 180847

Brotherly Love No 329 June 2017 Convocation

The Chapter was opened in due form at 6:30 and E Comp Adrian Halliwell, DGDC, announced that the Chapter was honoured by the presence of E Comp Clive Lambert, newly appointed 2nd Provincial Grand Principal, and he was welcomed by E Comp Neil Tinkley, MEZ, and proffered the Sceptre which was speedily returned. E Comp Adrian then announced that E Comp Alan Holton, the newly appointed Deputy Grand Superintendent, was also present, which surprised the DGS as he is a member of this Chapter and hadn’t been primed. E Comp Alan was welcomed and congratulated on his preferment.

After the usual notices and reports the Principal Sojourner retired to entrust the candidate for the evening W Bro Christopher Kelly of Royal Naval Lodge. Bro Christopher then entered the Chapter and was exalted with an excellent ceremony conducted by MEZ assisted by numerous Companions of the Chapter with E Comp Clive Lambert giving the Congratulatory Address to Comp Christopher and E Comp Adrian Halliwell was pleased to do the third part of the Mystical Lecture, much to E Comp DGS’s relief.

Three Master Masons: A C Rash, Adrian Watkins & Exaltee Chris Kelly.
E Comp Mike Nathan, H, E comp Neil Tinkley, MEZ, Comp Chris Kelly, newly Exalted Comp and E Comp Derek Marpole, J, with E Comps Clive Lambert, Alan Holton and Adrian Halliwell lurking in the background.

After the Exaltation the Chapter was duly closed and the Companions made their way to the Dining Room for an excellent supper.

E Comp Alan Holton, DGS, taking notes as E Comp Clive Lambert, 2nd Prov GP responds to the Toast to the Province with E Comp Adrian Halliwell, DGDC, hovering in the background

Explanation of the Ensigns at Brotherly Love

At the April Convocation the Chapter opened at 6:00pm, which left a few companions outside the door as they arrived late, expecting the usual 6:30pm start, including myself. After the opening these wayward companions were admitted with an explanation of “car trouble, e.i. I didn’t get in it early enough” by one companion.

The Chapter welcomed E Comp Clive Lambert, 3rd Provincial Grand Principal, and was proffered the Sceptre by E Comp Neil Tinkley, MEZ, which he returned with thanks. MEZ then announced the passing to the Grand Chapter above of three companions and E Comp Neville Harrisson then gave a Eulogy for E Comp Graham Gomm Whitworth, PPGReg, a former Organist for the Chapter who was made an Honorary Member in 2010. He was aged 89. Companions stood to order in respect of departed merit for the three companions.

DonkeyLion2The Chapter then proceeded with the usual Agenda items before MEZ gave a most informative talk on the Ensigns of the Chapter. these are very unique, thought to have been in existence since the Consecration in 1822. The ensigns are like no other in the Province of Somerset being oval shaped cast in in metal (unfortunately I was unable to take a photo as I had no camera. I have been able to add the photos since).

A ballot was then taken for a Joining Member and E Comp Christopher Jeffrey was welcomed into the Chapter by the three Principals. A second ballot was taken to donate £250 to the TLC Appeal and £150 to Yeovil Opportunity Group, which was carried unanimously.

After the Risings the Chapter was closed in harmony, even without an organist, and the Companions retired to the festive board.

Adrian Halliwell, Provincial Liaison Officer

Chapter of Brotherly Love No 329 February Meeting

The Chapter was honoured by the presence of E Comp Maldwyn T. Davies, the Second Provincial Grand Principal for the Province of Somerset,  accompanied by E Comp  Adrian J. Halliwell, Dep Prov GDC and Prov Liaison Officer.
At 6.30pm The Most Excellent and their Excellencies invited the Second Prov. G. Principal and his DC to take their seats in the Chapter prior to the Opening Ceremony – this was accepted and our visitors found it most interesting.

Comp Brian Gay receiving his Grand Chapter Certificate from E Comp Maldwyn Davies

E Comp Maldwyn Davies, 2nd Prov G Principal, presented the Grand Chapter Certificate to Comp Brian Gay, then Comp Brian became the candidate for the Ceremony of Exaltation, which was carried out by the new team of Officers in an excellent manner.

Province: The recent Provincial Weekend at Bideford was again a great success and we were reminded that the Provincial Convocation Meeting will take place on Thursday 18th May 2017 at the Webbington where members of 329 will be receiving honours.

The Chapter’s Calderley Liaison Officer reminded the Companions to tune into the Prov Website regularly.

E Comp. John Hawkins Chapter Almoner gave his report to the Companions, which will be sent to all member of the Chapter. We learned that Comp Derek Cheney had an enjoyable 90th Birthday with many member of his family – Brotherly Love had sent him a signed card.

E Comp Neil Tinkley, Z, E Comp Mike Nathan, H, and E Comp Derek Marpole, J, with E Comp Maldwyn Davies, 2nd Prov Grand Principal and E Comp Adrian Halliwell Dep PrGDC

The Minutes of the evening will be reported at a later date before our next Convocation on Thursday 20th April 2017.

Brotherly Love RA Chapter 329 – Installation 17th November 2016

The Three Principals:  E Comp John Pinder Z, E Comp Neil Tinkley H and E Comp Mike Nathan J, welcomed E.Comp Barry Woodside Deputy Grand Superintendent to the Chapter, accompanied by: E Comp Derek Tadman PAGDC, E Comp Brian Buckle PGStdB. & E Comp Mike Rawlings, PGStwd.

The Chapter stood to remember Comp Alan Hunt who passed to the Grand Chapter above on 27th Oct he was  94, a Past member and Treasurer of our Chapter.  He is well remembered for his gentle disposition.

Item 4) The following Principals were installed in ancient custom:
E Comp Neil Tinkley as Z, E Comp Michael Nathan as H and E Comp Derek Marpole as J.

The Principals then Appointed and Invested their Officers:

Comp Derek Larner – Treasurer
Comp Bill Spregg – Scribe N
E Comp Clive Barlow – Scribe E
E Comp Ken Crang – DC
E Comp John Hawkins – Almoner
Comp Adrian Watkins – Prin. Soj.
Comp Garry Hall – 2nd Asst Soj.
E Comp Richard Stone – Asst. DC
Comp Ken Sherring – Organist
E Comp Brian Buckle – Asst. Scribe E
E Comp John Pinder – Janitor and Lift Conductor!

Item 8) A ballot was successful in favour of Bro Ben Watkins, son of Adrian Watkins. Bro Ben was initiated into Freemasonry by his father who will Exalt him in February, which will be of great interest to our Chapter.

E Comps Michael Nathan, H, Barry Woodside, DepGS, Neil Tinkley, Z, and Derek Marpole, J

Chapter photos by Derek Tadman & John Hawkins
John Gave his Almoners Report – Full version being sent to all members,  he also mentioned the Activities of The SMFA meetings at Bridgwater and Wedmore.
The HRA Carol Service on Saturday 3rd December at 3.00pm in St John’s Parish Church Glastonbury, after which refreshments available in the Masonic Hall – just opposite. Wives’ partners and families are invited.

The Companions signed a Birthday card to be sent to Comp D R (Dick) Cheney – he will be 90 on Dec 4th.

Yeovil Friendship Group Meets on the 2nd Friday each month at The Blue Bell (Hungary Horse) Preston Road, 1100hrs. All FM’s, widows and families are welcome – 9th Dec. Contact:- Mike Waterman Tel. 01935 478067

Triple Taulk has been circulated to all. Members should also look at the Provincial website ( and open The Brotherly Love web site to read the latest information.

Chapter of Brotherly Love No 329

On 26th February the Chapter met for its first Exaltation meeting since the Installation of the new principals. The Official Visitor was E Comp Bob Moore, Deputy Grand Superintendent, who was accompanied by a number of Provincial Officers.

In this picture are E Comps John Pinder H, Bob Moore DGS, Clive Barlow MEZ and Neil Tinkley J.

The main business of the evening was the Exaltation of Arthur Redshaw who as well as being an experienced Freemason proved to be an excellent candidate. Companions present enjoyed a very good ceremony and a convivial evening. The picture shows Comp Arthur tucking his notes away after replying to his toast.