King Alfred 3169 October Installation

On Monday the 28th of October the King Alfred Chapter 3169 held their annual Installation ceremony. The ceremony was attended by Excellent Companion Clive Lambert, the Deputy Grand Superintendent, accompanied by Excellent Companion Roger Bailey, Provincial Assistant Grand Director of Ceremonies, John Hewett, Provincial Grand Standard Bearer, and Jonathon Mansell, Provincial Grand Steward.

Following recent illness and operations, our current DC, E. Comp Ian White was not able to be DC on the night, so we were very grateful for the help provided by E. Comp Brian Horn from Inkerman 1222 as DC.

The chapter was opened by the outgoing First Principal, E. Comp. Sandy Glen who welcomed the Deputy Grand Superintendent.

The installation proceeded with E. Comp Dr Simon Sparkes being inducted to Z, and E. Comp Stuart Boyd was inducted as H.
As E.Comp David Mallinson was unfortunately not able to be present due to illness, E.Comp Arthur Rowe stood in as J for the remainder of the evening.

The rest of the officers were then appointed and invested to their respective offices.

The Deputy Grand Superintendent then gave the address to the Principals, which was followed by E. Comp Tom Gould from Inkerman 1222 (with our thanks) addressing the Officers and E. Comp Sandy Glen addressing the Companions.

The companions retired to an excellent festive board, to meet again for an exaltation on Monday 23 March 2020.

Stuart Boyd, Simon Sparkes and Arthur Rose (l-r) as the Principals for the night.

The Principals with Excellent Companion Clive Lambert, Deputy Grand Superintendent,  Barry Jones, Provincial Grand Steward, Excellent Companion Roger Bailey, Provincial Assistant Grand Director of Ceremonies, and Jonathon Mansell, Provincial Grand Steward.

Three Principals at the festive board.

Double Exaltation at King Alfred

On 10 May, the King Alfred meeting was special for two key reasons. Firstly there was to be a joint Exaltation, the only time this has been attempted in King Alfred Chapter, and secondly a number of eminent visiting companions stood in to assist in the ceremony, many at short notice.

The first task for the evening was for Z, E Comp Sandy Glen, to welcome E Comp Ray Beckingham, 2nd Provincial Grand Principal, on his official visit, escorted by E Comp Jeff Lester, Provincial Deputy Grand Director of Ceremonies.

The candidates for this special convocation were Mike Dew and his son Andrew Richards, both from Tivoli Lodge and proposed by Comp Danny Kennedy. They were conducted in the ceremony by Comp. Justin Pursey, and secondly by E Comp Malcolm Beard, the double Exaltation being specially arranged so that both candidates were involved in all parts.

In terms of the companions taking part in the ceremony, as he entered the Masonic Hall the past MEGS, E Comp John Bennett, was offered the opportunity to stand in as H and was delighted to assist. This was due to the current H standing in as Scribe E, who was unfortunately unavoidably absent.

Additionally, E Comp Tony Cooper, Provincial Grand Sword Bearer, assisted as DC whilst E Comp Ian White was in hospital, and E Comp Andy Clapp, Provincial Grand Charity Steward, assisted as ADC (whilst Malcolm Beard was acting sojourner). Comp Bill Stagg brightened up the ceremony with music whilst our usual guest organist was absent. At short notice Comp Danny Kennedy stood in as Scribe N.

All present agreed that this double exaltation was a special occasion for all, with credit to Sandy Glen for all the organisation.

Here we see Sandy Glen as Z, John Bennett as stand-in H, Jeremy Thomas as J, with our candidates Andrew Richards (l) and Mike Dew (r)

Jeff Lester, Ray Beckingham and Matt Jarvis, Provincial Principal Grand Sojourner are shown above added to the former five.

King Alfred May Exaltation

On Sunday 12 May the officers met for a rehearsal for the Exaltation the following night, however despite the meticulous planning from Z Sandy Glen, on that evening he unfortunately found himself too ill to be able to attend the following night. After a phone call, the existing H, Simon Sparkes readily agreed to stand in as Z, and Arthur Rowe assumed the position of H for the meeting.

The main business of the evening was a special exaltation, that of Nathan Henderson, son of Colin Henderson who is the guest organist. Stuart Boyd stood in as Principal Sojourner.

Our exaltee is seen below with his father Colin, and the 3 Principals.

The ceremony also had excellent renditions of the Mystical Lecture from E. Comps Ian White, Arthur Rowe and Terry Clark, and also the Symbolical Lecture from E. Comp Malcolm Beard and Comps Colin Henderson, Doug Walmsley and Justin Pursey. An explanation of the signs was given by Comp Danny Kennedy.

We look forward to our next convocation on 10 June, a double exaltation.

King Alfred 3169 March Exaltation


On Monday 25th March, King Alfred Chapter held their first Convocation of the new masonic year with E.Comps Sandy Glen as Z, Simon Sparkes as H and Jeremy Thomas as J.
The chapter were fortunate to have a candidate for Exaltation in the person of Bro James Joyce, a Master Mason of St Kew Lodge 1222 which also meets at Weston super Mare.


Bro James was entrusted and entered into the Chapter where several Companions undertook the ritual: E Comps Stuart Boyd and Malcolm Beard acted as Sojourners, E Comp Terry Clarke gave the Signs, E Comps Ian White, Arthur Rowe and Terry Clarke gave the Mystical Lecture. E Comp Arthur Rowe stood in as Scribe N.

The Chapter was also grateful to Comp Gordon Vinnicombe from Inkerman Chapter for acting as Janitor.


Companion James is seen with the Principals above, and with the acting sojourners below.

The Chapter retired for an excellent festive board, and will return on 13 May.

King Alfred 3169 Installation

On Monday 22nd October, King Alfred Chapter held its 120th meeting, the installation of E Comp Sandy Glen as First Principal.

Due to illness of our DC, E Comp Ian White and also unavailability of our ADC E Comp Terry Clarke, the Chapter was especially pleased that it would be in the safe hands of at short notice, E Comp Provincial Grand Director of Ceremonies, and also E Comp Geoff Lester, Past Prov ADC.

The meeting began by welcoming  E Comp Barry Woodside, Most Excellent Grand Superintendent in and over the Province of Somerset on the occasion of his first Chapter visit after being invested at the Webbington the previous week. He was accompanied by E Comp Ray Conneely, Prov Deputy Grand DC, E Comp Robert Nicholls Prov Grand Standard Bearer and E Comp Keith Smith Prov Grand Steward.

The first business was the election of two Honorary members, both Past First Principals of King Alfred Chapter, E Comp Bill Jefford and E Comp Arthur Rowe. Both were unanimously agreed in recognition of their contributions to the Chapter over many years.

The main business of the evening was the installation of the Principals for the ensuing year. The 3 Principals elect had already been past First Principals of King Alfred Chapter so only inductions were needed before E Comp Sandy Glen became Z, E. Comp Simon Sparkes became H and E. Comp Jeremy Thomas became J. The address to the Principals was then presented by the MEGS.

L-R Simon Sparkes, MEGS, Sandy Glen, Jeremy Thomas
King Alfred Principals, MEGS, Ray Conneely and Chris Moore
King Alfred Principals, MEGS, Bill Jefford and Arthur Rowe as new Honorary members

A full list of the officers for 2018/19 is on the 3169 King Alfred Chapter page.

After the Risings the Chapter was closed in peace and harmony and the companions adjourned for the Festive Board of Tomato Soup, Steak and Ale pie followed by Apple pie and custard.

Principals at the Festive Board

A very pleasant evening was had by all.

The next convocation will be an exaltation on 25th March 2019


King Alfred Chapter 3169 May 2018

King Alfred Chapter met on Monday 14th May 2018 with E. Comp Jeremy Thomas as Z, E. Comp Arthur Rowe standing in as H (for E. Comp Sandy Glen who was unwell at short notice), and E. Comp Tony Wilsher-Day as J.

The main business of this meeting centred on advancement in Chapter knowledge.

Firstly the Historical Lecture was delivered under the direction of J, and some of the newer Companions took part as follows:

Part 1   Comp. Justin Percy
Part 2   Comp. Graham Caulfield
Part 3   Comp. Lindsay Edmonds and E. Comp Simon Sparkes

Secondly E. Comp Sandy Glen had obtained a quiz for the Companions to test their knowledge. Unfortunately as E. Comp Sandy Glen was not able to be present, E. Comp Simon Sparkes acted as question master. The questions covered a wide variety of areas such as the history of King Alfred Chapter, the arrangement of the Chapter and its ornaments, historical parts of the ritual (including some from the Historical Lecture we had just heard that often proved illusive!) and definitions for example where does vellum come from.

The answer sheets had been arranged numbering 1 to 25 in a grid with the numbers arranged randomly for each Companion, so the winner was to be the first Companion with 5 correct answers in a row, in a manner similar to bingo. Some early calls did not have fully correct answers, and finally joint winners were announced with E.Comp Arthur Rowe and E.Comp Tony Helliker. As these are among the most experienced Companions in our Chapter, the question master was prompted to announce that “age and experience beat youth and enthusiasm!”

Here we see the question master flanked by the winners.

The evening concluded with an excellent festive board and we look forward to the next meeting on 11th June.

King Alfred Exaltation March 2018


Monday 26th March saw the 116th Convocation of the King Alfred Chapter. This was the first meeting for Z, Jeremy Thomas since the installation last October.

It was also an opportunity to welcome the Most Excellent Companion D J Bennett Grand Superintendent for a fraternal visit, escorted by Excellent Companion A J Haliwell, Provincial Grand Director of Ceremonies. The initial procession also included two Grand Officers, Alan Thompson and Arthur Rowe, and Fred Body and Paul Gould from the Provincial Team.

[back] Adrian Haliwell, Alan Thompson, Fred Body, Arthur Rowe, Paul Gould [front] Sandy Glen, MEGS, Jeremy Thomas, Tony Wilsher-Day
Sandy Glen, MEGS, Jeremy Thomas, Tony Wilsher-Day









The main business of the evening was the Exaltation of W.Bro Danny Kennedy, Worshipful Master of Tivoli Lodge (who met in the same temple in Weston-super-Mare two 2 days previously). The candidate was conducted by E Comp Simon Sparkes acting as Asst Sojourner, and E Comp Malcolm Beard as Principal Sojourner.

The ceremony also contained:
Address after Exaltation – MEGS E. Comp D John Bennett.
Explanation of the signs – Ex Comp Terry Clarke.
Symbolical Lecture – Sandy Glen (H) assisted by Comps Doug Walmsley, Lindsey Edmunds , Justin Pursey & Graham Caulfield
Mystical Lecture – E.Comps Ian White, Arthur Rowe and Terry Clarke.

The MEGS also congratulated members of the Chapter who were having honours conferred at the Provincial Convocation at the Webbington on 17th May,
Anthony Wilsher-Day          Provincial Grand Standard Bearer
Patrick Norman Morrisey   Past Provincial Grand Registrar
Alexander William Glen      Past Provincial Grand Sojourner

Here we see Patrick and Sandy discussing their honours with the MEGS
The evening concluded with an excellent festive board, MEGS, Adrian Halliwell and our candidate Danny Kennedy are shown below.
 The next meeting is Monday 14th May, 6:30.

King Alfred October Installation

The Installation Convocation for King Alfred 3169 was held on Monday 23rd October and was attended by E Comp Clive Lambert, Provincial 2nd Grand Principal, accompanied by E Comp Anthony Cooper, Provincial Deputy Grand Director of Ceremonies.

The installation of the three Principals was carried out with dignity and sincerity. The installation ceremony was relatively short given H and J were Principals during the previous year.
The installed Principals are:
MEZ     E Comp J. R. Thomas
H          E Comp A. W. Glen
J           E Comp A. Wilsher-Day

King Alfred Principals with E Comp Clive Lambert and E Comp Anthony Cooper

After the installation of the officers, the address to the Principals was given by E.Comp. Clive Lambert, the address to the Officers by E.Comp Simon Sparkes, and the address to the Companions by E.Comp Malcolm Beard.

E.Comp. Clive Lambert was given a further task, that of presenting a Grand Chapter Certificate to Bro Paul Barber which was presented in a fine manner to remind all companions of the significations of certificate.

After the installation ceremony, a fine festive board was enjoyed by all. Here are the 3 Principals at the festive board.

King Alfred Chapter 3169 May Convocation

The 113th meeting of King Alfred Chapter was again grateful for the support of companions from its mother Chapter Inkerman 1222.

Arthur Rowe (H), Maldwyn Davies (2nd Provincial Grand Principal), Tony Wilsher-Day (Z), Adrian Halliwell (PrGDepDC), Steve Bennett (3rd Provincial Grand Principal – Bristol), Sandy Glen (J)
E. Comp Brian Horn from 1222 kindly stood in as DC at short notice as E Comp  Ian White was called for a knee operation, whilst Comp Gordon Vinnicombe stood in as Janitor. In addition, E Comp Arthur Rowe stood in as H for E Comp Jeremy Thomas.
The first duty was to welcome E. Comp Maldwyn Davies 2nd Provincial Grand Principal, escorted by PrGDepDC E.Comp Adrian Halliwell. The Chapter was further delighted and honoured by a visit from E.Comp Steve Bennett 3rd Provincial Grand Principal from the Province of Bristol.
Whilst the Chapter is awaiting a candidate, a demonstration of the Exaltation Ceremony was performed. Comp Gosta Vou stood in as the candidate, which proved to be beneficial both for the officers performing the ceremony and the stand in candidate to reinforce the benefits of the Exaltation.
At the last convocation the Chapter made a donation of £500 to the East Africa Crisis Appeal. The Charity Steward E Comp reported that he had received a very grateful letter from Oxfam thanking the Chapter from the donation explaining the help this will bring.
The next convocation will be on 12 June at 6:30.
Adrian Halliwell, Steve Bennett and Maldwyn Davies at the May 2017 3169 Festive Board
Adrian Halliwell, Steve Bennett and Maldwyn Davies at the Festive Board
3169 Principals at the festive board
The Principals at the festive board

King Alfred Exhaltation and East Africa Crisis Appeal Donation

At the 112th meeting of King Alfred Chapter, after the announcement by E. Comp John Sillett, E.Comp. D. John Bennett the Most Excellent Grand Superintendent in and over the Province of Somerset was admitted, escorted by Officers of Supreme Grand Chapter and Officers of the Provincial Grand Chapter of Somerset.

King Alfred 3169 March 2017 meeting
(l : r – Arthur Rowe, Jphn Sillet, MEGS, Andy Clapp, Tony Wilsher-Day, Sandy Glen)
Unfortunately E. Comp Jeremy Thomas our ‘H’ was not able to be present, E. Comp Arthur Rowe stood in for this ceremony.
The main business of the evening was to exalt our newest member, Bro. Paul Barber (from Tivoli Lodge).
We also welcomed Justin Percy as a re-joining member, here seen with the Principals, and exaltee.
(l : r Paul Barber, Arthur Rowe, Tony Wilsher-Day, Justin Percy, Sandy Glen)


In the risings the MEGS congratulated our ‘J’ Sandy Glen on his promotion to Provincial Assistant Grand Director of Ceremonies, and also our guest organist Colin Henderson on his promotion to Past Provincial Grand Organist, to be carried out at the Provincial Meeting on 18 May.
With an extremely pleasant surprise, our Treasurer also announced that the Chapter was able to make a generous donation of £500 to the East Africa Crisis Appeal so that the money could be put to use in this desperate situation. This was quickly seconded so that the Charity Steward can progress this payment.
At the festive board, the MEGS also thanked John Silett for his service, a special mention for this evening given it was John’s last official outing with The MEGS, and also it was John’s birthday.
We now look forward to our next convocation on 8 May.


Note – further pictures will follow as not all are uploading to the webite at present.