Chapter of St George receive “The Royal Arch in Camera”

On Thursday 28th February the Chapter was pleased to receive a demonstration of “The Royal Arch in Camera” by E Comps Ray Beckingham, 2nd Prov Grand Principal, Maldwyn Davies and Charlie Barker. The Janitor gave an alarm on the door and E comp Charlie was admitted, wrongly dressed and giving the wrong salutation, which soon went as E Comp Ray put him straight! The three then ran through the in Camera with explanations of various parts of the Royal Arch ritual and historical information of the Officers in a Chapter.

E Comp Ray Beckingham
E Comp Maldwyn Davies [standing]
E comp Charlie Barker

On Completion a round of applause was given with thanks from the MEZ Simon Cassling, who once again had traveled over from Brussels that day.

The rest of the agenda then continued with the announcement of the three Principals to be installed in May, E Comp Peter Light as Z, Ken Clarke as H, and Michael Day as J, also the Treasurer, Comp Brian Whiteside, was announced.

The Chapter was closed after the rising and all adjourned to the Festive Board for a most convivial dinner.

Visit by MEGS to 3158, the Sceptre and the Banners 14/12/2017

The December convocation was a busy evening for the Chapter. The M E Comp John Bennett was welcomed and during the evening presented the Grand Chapter Certificate to Comp Guy Annan.
The Somerset Sceptre was delivered by a deputation from the Parratt and Axe Chapter No 814, lead by E Comp Gerald Morgan, and duly received by E Comp Neil Trood as the Z of the Chapter.
The Companions of the Chapter then proceeded to participate in the Ceremony of the Description of the Banners to advance the masonic knowledge of many newer members.
A lively and seasonal festive board was enhanced by an excellent response to the visitors’ toast by E Comp David Wakely, from the visiting Chapter, who delivered ritual on the “12 days of turkey”.

3158 Delivered Sceptre to Connaught 9/01/2018

Despite the distance and the January weather six Companions, led by E Comp Neil Trood made the trip to Midsomer Norton to deliver the Somerset Sceptre to Connaught Lodge No 3573.
During the evening a distinguished member of the host Chapter, E Comp Ron Babbage, was made an honorary member of the Chapter in recognition of his many years of service to Freemasonry and the Chapter. The visiting Scribe E, David Palmer was particularly keen to congratulate E Comp Ron – both being fellow Cornishmen.

Bro Guy Annan Exalted into St George, 3158, 26/10/2017

Bro Guy Annan was exalted from The Lodge of St George to become a companion of the Chapter of St George at the October Convocation.
The ceremony was conducted By E Comp Neil Trood as the first Principal this being his first convocation following installation in May. Part of the Mystical Lecture being delivered by a distinguished guest – E Comp Barry Woodside.
Comp Guy is shown being congratulated after the ceremony.

Installation of the Principals of the Chapter of St George – May 2017


At the Chapter meeting in May 2017 the Principal Officers were installed as follows:

Z E Comp Neil Trood
H E Comp Simon Cassling
J E Comp Peter Light

The Most Excellent Grand Superintendent was represented by the Deputy Grand Superintendent E Comp Barry Woodside.

The Three Principals are photographed in front of the banners which were dedicated in January of this year.

3158 welcomes Comp Mike Marshall

The Chapter of St George No 3158 welcomed Bro Mike Marshall, a member of Vivary Lodge, as a Companion when he was exalted in the HRA  at their February convocation.

E Comp David Bates welcomes Comp Mike Marshall
E Comp David Bates welcomes Comp Mike Marshall

The meeting was conducted by E Comp David Bates, Z: E Comp Simon Cassling, H; E Comp Neil Trood, J; with E Comps Rudge and Green and Comps Diment and Whiteside assisting.

Tracing board presented to Taunton Chapters

A Holy Royal Arch Tracing Board was presented to the Taunton H R A Chapters at the February convocation of The Chapter of St George by the the Most Excellent Grand Superintendent, E Comp John Bennett. The host

A HRA tracing board being presented at Taunton
A HRA tracing board being presented at Taunton

chapter was represented by E Comp David Bates, Z of 3158, The Chapter of Sincerity by E Comp Charlie Barker and Taunton Deane Chapter by E Comp Sid French.

The MEGS explained that a full explanation of the Tracing Board would be given in due course with Chapter members being invited to participate in the proceedings

A ‘Rogues’ Gallery’ of 3158 Members

Following a request, from Provincial Grand Chapter for a ‘photo album’ of Chapter members, duly submitted. It was decided in this Chapter to give a copy of this gallery to all Exaltees to speed the recognition of their new Companions. This was preceded by a request at a Chapter meeting, duly recorded in the minutes, to obtain the consent, or otherwise, of Companions for their photo to be used for this purpose.

Forget-Me-Not Donation by St George Companions

Members of the Chapter of St George participated in a donation of £200 to the ‘Forget-me-not Cafe’ at Langport where their respected companion, the late Comp Bob Rich had obtained valuable assistance whilst suffering from dementia. Comps Steve Thraxton, Ron Blake, Paul Diment  and E Comp Paul Buckler  were aware of the excellent work the club does in providing assistance to both those with memory problems and their carers and wished to record their appreciation in memory of a late Brother.

Banner Dedication in Taunton in January 2017

In 2016 the three chapters meeting at Taunton Masonic hall came to the conclusion that the banners that were in use by all three chapters were beginning to show their age and should be replaced. The chapters agreed that the cost would be shared and the new banners were purchased.
January 11th 2017 saw the MEGS Ex. Companion John Bennett together with the Provincial Team visiting the Chapter of Sincerity No 261, meeting at Taunton. The MEGS and Team were visiting the Chapter primarily to dedicate the new chapter banners that were a joint purchase between the Taunton Chapters: Sincerity, No 261; St. George, No 3158 and Taunton Deane, No 5221.
The Three Principals, or their representative, from each chapter were present at the meeting together with a goodly number of Companions (86 in total).
After taking the chair the MEGS explained that the Provincial Grand Scribe Ezra had stood down and that it was his pleasure to announce that Ex. Companion Tony Beaumont was to be appointed and invested as the new Provincial Grand Scribe Ezra.

invest E
The MEGS invests the new Pr G. Scribe E
Scribe E
The New Pr G. Scribe E is congratulated by the MEGS

After the investiture the MEGS moved the business onto the Dedication of the new Chapter Banners.

The 9 Principals being addressed by the MEGS


The new banners are paraded around the Chapter

The Standard Bearers were: Companion Town (261); Companion Prior-Sankey (5221) and Companions Green & Clarke (3158).

The New Banners are mounted on their respective stands

During the Dedication Ceremony the Oration was given by the Provincial Second Grand Principal Ex. Companion Maldwyn Davies during which he explained that:-

‘The reason for the acquisition of the new Banners is that the original Banners have, with age and usage, become almost illegible. The banners which have been replaced once before but have been in use for many years and it is almost certain that they were originally obtained by the Chapter of Sincerity as they obviously pre-date the formation of the Chapter of St George in 1954 and the formation of the Taunton Deane Chapter in 1986.

There is no record in the Archives of the Chapter of Sincerity to indicate when or even if they were purchased. There is a note in the minutes of the Chapter of Sincerity that on 9th  November 1983 the then M.E.Z. E. Companion David Hartley “drew the attention of the Companions to the Chapter Banners and Ensigns which had been renovated during the summer recess by Companion. Malcolm Plastowe and Mrs. G. Fish, wife of Ex. Companion. F. A. Fish, H of the Chapter. The M.E.Z. requested that the Scribe E, E. Companion Sidney Honniball thank those involved for undertaking this task.

The Accounts of the Chapter for that year shows an expenditure of £23.00 for repairs to Banners. As a point of interest the Chapter Subscription at that time was £7.00 P.A. and cost of Dining was £2.75!’

The Principals ranged under the new banners in the East

A copy of the full oration can be found here.

The Dedication Ceremony completed the MEGs continued by explaining that during a recent meeting in London he had been speaking with Ex. Companion David Hughes a Grand Inspector in the Metropolitan Grand Chapter. Ex. Companion David is the son of the late Ex. Companion Thomas Albert Hughes, Past Grand Superintendent in and over the Province of Somerset. Ex. Companion David had explained that he had his father’s original Patent and kindly offered to return it to the Province. As Taunton had been the Masonic home of Ex. Companion Tom it had been decided that the patent would be presented to the Taunton Masonic hall for display there.

Patent Pres
The MEGS receives the Patent from Ex. Comp David Hughes

Patent show

Patent of Ex. Comp Thomas Albert Hughes, Past Grand Superintendent in and over the Province of Somerset

The MEGS then called upon Ex. Companion Ray Baines Chairman elect of the Taunton Masonic hall Company and presented him with the patent for display at Taunton.

Ex. Comp Baines receives the Patent on behalf of the Taunton Masonic Hall Company
The work done the MEGS hands the Sceptre back to Ex. Comp R. Bailey (Z) Chapter of Sincerity
Princ and Banners
The Chapter Principals with the new banners. L-R: REAR; Ex. Comps J Rudge (H3158 (a)), K Hughes (H261 (a)), R. Seaton (J5221), K Hill (HJ5221), C Cluff (HJ158) D Brandhuber (J261) FRONT; D Bates (Z3158) R Bailey (Z261) and N Handbury (Z5221)

The chapter being closed 74 companions enjoyed a splendid festive board.Dining room