St Keyna Installation Meeting 2019

The three Principals with Ex Comp David Parslow and Ex Comp Mark Saunders

The St. Keyna Chapter held their Installation meeting which was attended by the Past 3rd Provincial Grand Principal Excellent Companion David Parslow, he was accompanied by our very own Director of Ceremonies Excellent Companion Mark Saunders.
The atmosphere was convivial and the three Principals were installed into their respective chairs with great sincerity.
The supper was very well received and all had a very enjoyable evening. The Chapter looks forward to October when the 2019 team will exalt a new companion.

St. Keyna welcomes our new Grand Superintendent

MEGS with the Principals of the Chapter and our newest Companion

St. Keyna Chapter welcomed  Ex. Companion Barry Woodside, Most Excellent Grand Superintendent in and over the Province of Somerset. He was accompanied by Ex. Comp Jefferey Lester, Past Prov ADC. He witnessed an Exaltation ceremony for our newest Companion, Comp. Darren Clark.

The meeting was well attended and Darren played an integral part and proved to be an excellent candidate.

The banquet was of a very good standard and all appeared to enjoy themselves as could be heard from the buzz in the dining room.

A night with a difference at St. Keyna Chapter

Excellent Companion Clive Lambert, Second Provincial Grand Principal, accompanied by Excellent Companion Ray Conneely, Provincial Assistant Grand Director of Ceremonies, attended St Keyna Chapter  to see the Installation of the Chapters’ Third principal, Excellent Companion Steve Coles.

The evening was most enjoyable which included a demonstration of the Exhaltation ceremony by the new St Keyna team.

The enjoyment continued with the meal downstairs and a raffle was held in aid of Blood Bikes.

The three Principals with Second Provincial Grand Principal and Provincial ADC

St. Keyna Chapter Installation and Cheque presentation

Thursday May 10th marked the date of the Installation at the St Keyna Chapter, which was very well attended. The meeting was preceded by the presentation of a cheque for £900 to the Brain Tumour Charity by the Principals and the Charity Steward, Comp Barry Dryland, to Emma Cronin, Community Fundraising Manager for the South West. (She is the one in the middle !!)
Through its fundraising activities and medical research it has convinced the NHS to commit over £30 million pounds to developing treatments and searching for methods to eradicate this condition which is highly prevalent in children. Partly due to their efforts and perseverance, the diagnosis time has been reduced from over 14 weeks to less than 7, enabling an earlier intervention leading to reduced recovery times and fewer fatalities.

The new Principals are E Comp Frank Sims as Z, E Comp Andrew Bardens as H and E Comp Steve Coles as J. The Chapter was honoured with the presence of E Comp Clive Lambert, 2nd Provincial Grand Principal, an old friend of the Chapter who delivered the address to the Principals in excellent fashion.

The festive board was first class and there was a great balance of humour, banter and camaraderie amongst the Companions, who were unanimous in their support for the newly installed Principals. The chapter is in for another great year.
Speak to your lodge Holy Royal Arch Representative about completing the journey.

Grateful thanks to EComp Barry McCormack for this write up and photo.

Busy night for St. Keyna

The likely lads of the ‘In Camera’ team led by ExComp Ray Beckingham
Somerset Sceptre being handed over to MEZ St. Keyna by MEZ Royal Cumberland Chapter

The evening started with the reception of the Most Excellent Grand Superintendent and moved on to the ‘In Camera’ team of Excellent Companions Ray Beckingham, Andy Clapp and John Smith. They gave a very concise explanation of the meanings and symbolism of our workings in the Holy Royal Arch. The Companions and visitors were enthralled by the team.

A large contingent from the Royal Cumberland Chapter then presented the Somerset Sceptre to our Chapter for us to pass on to St. Luke’s Chapter on 21st March.

We then gave a rendition of the Symbolical and Historical lectures to our newest recruit, Comp Robert Edwards.

The evening was rounded off with an excellent meal in the presence of superb company.

St. Keyna Exaltation Ceremony – October 2017

St. Keyna welcomed a new member to the Chapter and to Royal Arch Masonry at their October Convocation.

Bro Robert Edwards was exalted into the supreme degree and made a Companion by the three Principals and members of the Chapter.

Companion Bob is a member of the Vale of Brislington Lodge and is looking forward to many years in Royal Arch Masonry.

St. Keyna’s newest Companion Bob Edwards with the three Principals of the Chapter
Z and H relaxing and enjoying themselves after the ceremony

A happy convocation at St. Keyna Installation, 1833

New Principles of St. Keyna Chapter 1833 LtoR ExComp Frank Sims, ExComp Derrick Griffin and ExComp Andrew Bardens
Deputy Grand Superintendent with our new Principles.
Deputy Grand Superintendent with our new Principles.
Happy and Convivial. Our new APGM pointing the way!
Merchant Navy Companion being cautious
Its that APGM again enjoying his night out with friends
A quick view of the top table happy and contented after a splendid meal and meeting.

The Somerset Sceptre makes its way to St.Keyna Chapter

The Somerset Sceptre was presented to the Stand in First Principal E Comp Barry McCormack by the First principal of Avalon Chapter No.446 at the last convocation of St. Keyna Chapter No. 1833 at their home in Keynsham.

The MEGS  and Provincial Deputy Grand Director of Ceremonies E Comp Adrian Halliwell were also in attendance to see the sceptre transferred into safe hands until being presented to St. Luke Chapter, Bath a week later.

The Chapter also carried out a demonstration of the Exaltation Ceremony for all assembled.

St Keyna Principals with members of Avalon Chapter No. 446
St Keyna Principals with members of Avalon Chapter No. 446 and MEGS D John Bennett

Presentation of Tracing Board at St Keyna

At the last meeting of St. Keyna Chapter E Comp Bob Moore, Past Deputy Grand Superintendent gave an explanation of the Tracing Board and then presented it to the Chapter.

MEGS giving explanation of Tracing Board
E Comp Bob giving explanation of the Tracing Board

Our most recent Candidate, Comp Ewbank-Smith, was also presented with his Supreme Grand Chapter Certificate by the 3rd Provincial Grand Principal E Comp Clive Lambert.

Notice how Comp Martin is paying close attention. Good sign for the future of the Chapter.

Explanation of Supreme Grand Chapter Certificate

The evening was rounded off with an excellent meal and all enjoyed the convivial company of those present.

Presentation of Tracing Board to the Principals

St. Keyna Chapter October 2016

St. Keyna Chapter were honoured with the presence of, not one, but two MEGS at their October meeting. The candidate for exaltation,  Bro. Martin Ewbank-Smith, had no idea that someone that he went to Infants, Primary and Grammar school with was going to be present to surprise him.

The Most Excellent Grand Superintendent in and over the Province of Dorset, Ex Comp Graham Lazier came to witness his old school friend being exalted into the Supreme Degree. To balance things up our own Most Excellent Grand Superintendent also attended. They were treated to an excellent ceremony which was well performed by all present.

Ex Comp Graham also gave an impeccable Address to the new Companion.



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