December at 139

What a superb meeting at Perpetual Friendship in Bridgwater. With several stand-ins for sick brethren I can only heap praise on the quality of their ritual. MEGS, E comp Barry Woodside had invited himself to the meeting, more why later, and was proffered the Sceptre by MEZ, E Comp Barrie Crow, which MEGS thanked him for but returned it to Barrie for him to proceed with the evening.

E Comp John Night, being unavoidably absent at the Installation meeting was invested as DC.

The main event of the evening was to Exalt Bro Justin Meadows, a member of Perpetual Lodge No 135. First up was E Comp Gary Boon, J, who gave a near word perfect asking the question, it was clear and very well delivered, which set the standard for the rest of the working. Next up was E Comp Steve Dare, acting as H. Steve was given a week’s notice but you wouldn’t have thought so! To complete the first part of the ceremony MEZ was also spot on.

135 usee their almost original ritual and the expanded Mystical Lecture is broken into two parts, E Comp Norman Hucker undertook the first part and E Comp Jerry Hayes the second. Once again it was superbly given and so good to listen to.

Comp Just being congratulated be E Comp Barry Woodside, MEGS, with MEZ Barrie Crow looking on

After the ceremony MEGS congratulated Justin along with the Principals. The Treasurer being absent it fell on E Comp David Attwater to give his report. There followed the Almoner’s report on companions and their wives who are suffering ill health.

Comp Chris Dyer being presented with MEGS Award lapel pin

On the Second Rising MEGS reported that because of the Provincial Almoner’s unfortunate accident E Comp Tony Cooper and Comp Chris Dyer would be sharing John’s duties until he makes a full recovery. He then called on the DC to present Comp Chris Dyer to him. He then presented the MEGS Award pin to replace the collar jewel that he had been given previously, with suitable comments on his past and future activities looking after the Provincial Almoners duties in the south and west of the Province.

The chapter was closed in peace and harmony and and companions adjourned downstairs to enjoy the festive board.

Adrian Halliwell
Provincial Liaison Officer

Installation at 135

What an enjoyable evening we had in Bridgwater. The ceremony was somewhat simplified due to many officers remaining at post to allow the newer Companions to catch up.

Comp Kevin Beavan, with his Centenary Jewel, and Comp Gary Thomas, with his Certificate, with the Three Principals, Barrie Crow, Z, Chris Court, H, and Garry Boon, J, and E Comp Ray Beckingham

The caterers did a splendid job and there were two candidates voted in for Exaltation plus a joining member, Comp Kevin Beavan, who not only received a very warm welcome but received one of the few rare remaining Centenary Royal Arch Chapter jewels to wear in perpetuity. Companion Gary Thomas was presented with his Supreme Grand Chapter Certificate by E.Comp. Ray Beckingham, Second Provincial Grand Principal.

Although there were a number of apologies the Installation Convocation turned out to be a great success.

E.Comp. John M Griffin, PGStBr, PrGJan, P3rdPGPr
Scribe Ezra.

Perpetual Friendship March Meeting

On Monday 26th March 2018 following Comp Martin Poynter-Smith being Exalted, Companions Michael Holman and Stewart Morgan were presented with their Supreme Grand Chapter Certificates by the 3rd Provincial Grand Principal, E Comp David Parslow.
Despite the change of date, because of the Easter Bank holiday, a most enjoyable evening took place when many Centenary Jewels were ordered by the Companions which will be presented at the Centenary Convocation on the 1st October 2018. The Centenary Celebration is being attended by the Grand Superintendent E Comp D John Bennett accompanied by the Provincial Team.

Installation at Perpetual Friendship, no 135

The Installation Ceremony took place at Bridgwater Masonic Hall on 2nd October 2017. The Chapter was opened by MEZ, E Comp Richard Teague, and when a report was heard on the door and E Comp Adrian Halliwell, PrDGDC, requested admission. He reported that E Comp Alan Holton, Deputy Grand Superintendent was without, accompanied by two Supreme Chapter officers and two Prov Officers, and he demanded admission. An escort column was formed and retired. E Comp Alan was then received into the chapter and was greeted by MEZ and proffered the Sceptre which was rapidly returned.

E Comp Norman Hucker then gave a Eulogy for E Comp Graham Walker, PPrGSN, an Honorary Member of 135. Companions stood to order in respect of departed merit.

The Minutes for the previous Meeting were confirmed and the main event then took place – to Induct </ul> This was excellently by E Comp Richard and was followed by the appointment and investment of Officers, several companions were absent and would be invested at a later date.

E Comps Barrie Crow, J, Tony Knight, MEZ, and Terry Joyce, J.
E Comp Alan Holton, DepGS, and E Comp Clive Lambert, 2nd Prov Grand Principal with the Principals of 135

A Ballot was taken for the Exaltation of W Bro Stuart Morgan, a Past Master of Admiral Blake Lodge, which proved clear.

E Comp Alan Holton the presented a Grand Chapter Certificate to Comp Jeffrey Searle.

After the Risings the Chapter was closed in peace and harmony and the companions adjourned downstairs for the Festive Board sampling pate, chicken and seasonal veg followed by treacle tart or cheese and biscuits. The Dining Hall has been extensively redecorated and depicts photographs form bygone times of Bridgwater.

A very pleasant evening was had by all.

The 3 Principals


Provincial Team at Bridgwater

On the 1st February the Provincial Team visited Perpetual Friendship Chapter at Bridgwater where they exalted Companion Paul Moate.

Here we see the E Comps Barry Woodside 2ndPrGP, Richard Teague H, Bob Moore DGS, Mark Bajona MEZ, John Bennett MEGS, John Knight J and Chris Moore 3rdPrGP

There were 55 who attended and 50 sat down to dine on Mushroom soup, Pork with apple stuffing and seasonal vegetables, Bread and butter pudding or treacle pudding with custard finishing with Biscuits and cheese.

In this picture are the Provincial Team Sojourners along with the Exaltee.

While Scotland and the North of England were being hammered by gales, look what was blown into Bridgwater’s Masonic Temple. E Comp D John Bennett, Most Excellent Grand Superintendent in and over the Province of Somerset, together with 22 members of the Provincial Team. It was certainly an eventful occasion with much mutual enjoyment both in the Temple and afterwards at the festive board (as is evinced by these final pictures) where the usual toasts and traditions were observed. One of the youngest Companions, Comp Octavian Hale, proposed the toast to the visitors while E Comp Roger Hutchins of the Devon and Somerset Farmers Chapter responded on behalf of them all.