Installation of New Grand Superintendent at the Webbington

Companions, myself with a few members of Wrington Vale Chapter attended the Webbington Hotel on the 18th October to witness the installation of the new Most Excellent Grand Superintendent of and over the Province of Somerset, E Comp Barry K Woodside. As usual when we go to the Webbington the sun comes out and it becomes very hot in the hall.

The meeting was very well attended with all Chapters represented and only a very few empty chairs,(this will not be a long post as the minutes have already been published) there was also a large number of Chapter dignitaries form across the country. It was a very good ceremony well worth attending as these events only come around normally every 10 years(that was my second!) It was with immense pride that the Companions of Wrington Vale watched MEGS install E Comp Ray Beckingham as Second Provincial Grand Principle and E Comp Neil Hurcum as Third Provincial Grand Principle, a real honour for our Chapter. It was not a long meeting but well worth the trip to the Webbington. Companions if you ever get the opportunity to witness the Installation of any Masonic Leader in any Order that your in I recommend that you try and go, as I said they don’t come around very often. There is  the chance to go along to one next year, when the date comes up put it in your dairy. I apologise for this post being late but for the past couple of weeks I have been dealing with a poorly dog with multiple trips to Langford Animal Hospital, She’s on the mend you would think there had been nothing wrong with her.

Best Wishes Companions.

Barry CLO Wrington Vale Chapter.

460th Convocation Wrington Vale Chapter 1199


Monday 8th October saw our 460th convocation, which started with remembering the following Companions that had passed to the Grand Chapter above: E Comp Roy Brookman; E Comp Walter Wood and Comp Cedric Platt.

The Chapter was honoured with the presence of E Comp. D John Bennett, Most Excellent Grand Superintendent in and over the Province of Somerset, accompanied by E Comp G.J Lester Past Provincial Assistant Grand Director of Ceremonies. As we did not have a candidate we had decided to catch up on two of the Holy Royal Arch lectures, namely the Historical and the  Symbolic in catechetical form (that was a mouth full for Z) both were done very well and meaningfully. For the new Companions catechetical means breaking the lecture into a form of questions and answers H takes the lead and 8 other Companions answer the questions, I was acting H and at least this time I didn’t miss anyone out!

It was a short but very useful and educational meeting and all in all very enjoyable, one really not to be missed. As we had a bit of time E Comp Ray explained about Solomon, which is a collection of lectures for Craft and Holy Royal Arch. E Comp Ian Angell was confirmed as Z elect, E Comp John Vowels, H, and Comp Gary Sharp, J. Installation is on the 10th December,  so Companions lets have a good attendance to support E Comps David and Ian. The meeting ended early and with much delight the excellent festive board started early as well, all proceedings finishing just after 2100hrs (9pm).

2019 is our Centenary year so its is something to look forward to. The plans at the moment are to celebrate with a Chapter banner and the possibility of a Centenary Jewel, I imagine there’s more to come. Companions don’t forget the 18th at the Webbington, see you all there.

E Comp Barry Jones, CLO Wrington Vale Chapter.

Wrington Vale Chapter May Meeting

Companions, for those that missed the May meeting you missed out on a very interesting, detailed and informative talk on the Woman’s Order of Freemasonry by E Comp Sybil Vosey. As in previous years we decided to entertain our Ladies including them in the talk as well as the festive board.

We opened dealt with a bit of administration called off and our Ladies joined us with E Comp Sybil and her driver another Lady E Comp, followed by the Grand Superintendent and his team. E Comp Sybil then gave us a very detailed talk on the history, structure, Lodges and Orders  of the Woman’s Order of Freemasonry. They started a bit different to us in that they where part of a French Co-ed Masonry, which means they admitted men and woman together. They broke away and formed their own female only order, their structure is similar to ours they have most of the other degrees as we do, they use the same regalia as we do except they wear a white gown like the Sojourners but a bit more feminine. The local lodge is Aqua Sulis 158, meeting near Bath, they hold their installation at Keynsham Masonic Hall. 2013 was the Order’s centenary.

After the talk  the Ladies left, we called back on, MEGS and his team departed in due form, we finished off any outstanding business and closed.

A rather pleasant and relaxed evening which was finished off with a very good Festive Board.

The Principals and their Good Ladies
The Principals, MEGS and his wife Jenny,
E Comp Sybil and her companion
The Principals and Somerset’s Grand Principals
Its always good to see a full dining room, a Festive Board that full makes a happy Treasurer








E Comp Barry Jones, CLO, Wrington Vale.

Comp Ken’s Exhalation

On the 12th February Wrington Vale Chapter was treated to one of the best if not the best exhalations I have been privileged to witness. The Provincial Team lead by MEGS carried out the exhalation of Bro Ken Avery, taking over just after we installed H. with the Grand Superintendent as Z, Second Grand Principal as H and Third Grand Principal as J. The Deputy Grand Superintendent carried out the narration of what the Janitor was saying to Ken outside the Temple during the ceremony. We were also joined by MEGs from Hampshire and Isle of Wight, Wiltshire and Dorset, plus a good number of Companions from those Provinces (we had 80 in total). The ceremony that followed can not have failed to impress Bro Ken (I was impressed as were the Companions), with the Temple full and the standard of the work was faultless, it all must have made Ken feel very privileged that evening.  E Comp D John Bennett as Z gave what can only described as a shining example of how to perform the Exhalation Ceremony the correct way which was ably backed up by the 2nd and 3rd Grand Principals and the rest of the Provincial Officers who took part in the evening. Just to cap off Ken’s ceremony the visiting Grand Superintendents perfectly preformed the Mystical Lecture.

The Companions of Wrington Vale were given a real treat that night and we feel proud and  privileged that such a prestigious ceremony was preformed in our Chapter. I turned up early and was asked to stand in for J for the entire meeting, I am very pleased I did as I feel very honoured  to have been involved in the ceremony albeit a small part as Wrington Vale Principals were treated to a night off.

Then to top it off we had an excellent festive board  which was punctuated with a very happy and friendly atmosphere, all in all very good evening was enjoyed by all who attended.   I took a number of photographs which I will put on another post.

E Comp Barry Jones
CLO Wrington Vale Chapter.

Tyntesfield Chapter

On the 8th February I was the guest of Comp J Jones at Tyntesfield Chapter, it was a real pleasure 1, to sit and watch after handing over as Z in December and 2, to witness a Chapter showing strength and resilience. That afternoon disaster struck in the form of a number of principle officers cancelling for genuine reasons, from family emergencies, stuck,on public transport and the like. Although it was a demonstration the candidate was missing as well, a potential nightmare. The Grand Superintendent showed his commitment to the order and stood in as candidate and a number of the Provincial team took on the missing jobs as did other members of the Chapter. The resulting ceremony was a credit to all members of the Chapter, MEGS and the Provincial Team turning disaster into success. Z couldn’t of been criticised if he cancelled the demonstration and had someone give a talk/lecture. An enjoyable ceremony was followed up by an excellent festive board. I have wrote this short post for Comp Rob Collins the CLO of Tyntesfield Chapter as he is yet to receive his access codes. Attached pictures, me looking stunned and myself, Rob and Jerry by the Tyntesfield honours board.

E Comp Barry Jones, CLO Wrington Vale Chapter.

1199 Quadripartite Meeting

Companions I have added a couple of new posts with pictures for you to look at, also congratulations to E Comp Mark Golding on his Provincial Preferment; well deserved. For Wrington Vale Companions and  others that read this the 12th February at Yatton at 1800hrs is not to be missed. The Exhalation of Bro Ken Avery will be a Quadripartite Convocation with the following MEGSs carrying out the ceremony: E Comp D John Bennett, Somerset, E Comp P Alan Berman, Hampshire and Isle of Wight, E Comp Graham R Glazier, Dorset and E Comp John C Reid, Wiltshire. Assisted by their Provincial Teams. It will be an amazing evening for Bro Ken and for the rest of us one NOT to be missed.

Book with E Comp Neil Hurcum email:  and E Comp David Bussell email:

Thank you,

Barry Jones

2015 to 2018 for Wrington Vale Chapter

Wrington Vale Chapter is going from strength to strength with a steady flow of candidates and we have had some remarkable ceremonies and events. E Comp Mark Golding was installed into the chair of Z  very competently by E Comp Tommy Charles following a quiet 2015.

During the year we had a very interesting talk by E Comp Ray Beckingham, leading nicely into myself giving the Historical lecture which I did twice during my time as H.

Mark took the reins and his first Exhalation was February a bit emotionally charged, a first for us and possibly Somerset carried out a flawless exhalation of his Father. Our May meeting with the Ladies we celebrated MEGS 50 years in The Royal Arch, which was a successful and enjoyable night . An Exhalation in October, then December we successfully balloted for MEGS to become an Honorary member and Mark with his usual flair Installed me into the chair of Z.

I had a very enjoyable year with 2 Exhalations and an excellent meeting in May, The Grand Superintendent accompanied by his Provincial Team and our Ladies joined us, presented the Chapter with our Tracing Board followed by a first class explanation. Another good night had by all.

December came and I installed E Comp David Weatherill as  Z and I was honoured to have E Comp D John Bennett as not only J but also as H, he installed J Elect Comp John Vowles perfectly then took on the duties of H. I must say MEGS set the bar very high that night and I think I did OK installing David who is a very good ritualist. February’s meeting is not to be missed, definitely a first for Wrington Vale and possibly Somerset. The Principles have the night off,(Z has to install H) as the Exhalation of Bro Ken Avery (Comp Harvey Jones’ and my candidate) is being carried out by 4 Provincial Teams from Somerset, Hampshire and Isle of Wight, Dorset and Wiltshire. One not to miss so book early with E Comp Bussell.

Thank you for reading.

Barry Jones.

Wrington Vale Chapter 1199 Forthcoming Installation

The Installation meeting of Wrington Vale on the 11th December 2017 is one not to be missed, unfortunately J/H elect is working that night so Neil Scribe  E asked for a volunteer from the PZ of the Chapter to stand in. You could say in old fashioned  terms the ink was still wet on the letter and the first volunteer was MEGS. Not only is The Grand Superintendent standing in for J he is going to install J elect Comp John Vowles, what a night for Comp John and the Chapter. Then our February meeting which we  have a candidate, the cermony will be  carried out by 3 Provincial teams from 3 different Provinces. Another first for the Chapter, if you are interested in any of the meetings contact Scribe E and book your meal via the Treasuer.

Thank you,

Barry Jones Z/CLO Wrington Vale Chapter 1199