Calderley Installation Meeting

On 7th March Senior Companions from around the Province, as well as those Communication Officers who would, gathered at Clevedon for the Chapter’s Installation Meeting. The meeting was opened by E Comp Terry Wood the outgoing, in several senses of the word, MEZ. After the initial items had been attended to E Comp John Sillett DPrGDC entered and announced the presence of E Comp John Bennett MEGS. He was immediately received into the Temple accompanied by E Comp Chris Moore, 3rd ProvGPrin., warmly greeted and returned the Sceptre but with the proviso that he would take it again later.

Then it was on with the main items of business. Firstly, a ballot was held for joining members with, as it proved clear, E Comps Chris Moore and Chris Haliburton being welcomed as members. It was then time to Induct the Principals for the ensuing year. This was speedily completed and then they carried out the Investiture of those Officers appointed who were present.

With the new team safely in position the new MEZ greeted the Grand Superintendent and proffered the Sceptre which was, on this occasion, accepted. E Comp Bennett then thanked those Communication Officers who had attended and began a general discussion on a number of points. I’m sure a lot more on this will be circulated later via the Communication Officers but the main areas covered were the evolving organisation of the Communications Officers, their role and the new Web-site which it is hoped will be live before the Provincial Annual Convocation. A separate discussion also ensued regarding the design of a banner for the Chapter. It was stated that the funding for its creation had already been promised and E Comp Alan Holton had circulated a design, prototype 1, for consideration. Much constructive discussion
took place and E Comp Alan will be, by now, busy on his computer building prototype 2.

After these items had been talked out the Grand Superintendent returned the Sceptre to the MEZ leaving him to complete the evening’s business.

Soon the Chapter was formally closed, a photo opportunity taken, Companions retired and returned downstairs to the dining hall. An excellent meal was served and consumed with relish while relaxed conversation ensued. It should be remembered that all Somerset Companions are invited to attend his Chapter which is intended to be a communication channel in all directions. Companions can express views either directly or through their Communications Officers as well as hearing about Provincial aims from member of the Provincial Executive.

I close this report with a selection of pictures taken at table which show that there was considerable
conversation in train.


We close with a goodnight from the Chapter Principals and half of E Comp Ray Beckingham. Remember, Calderley Chapter of Union’s next meeting will be on Monday 5th September and is a golden opportunity for Somerset Companions to proffer views on how the Province can work better for all.