Calderley Chapter of Union, September Convocation 2016

  • The chapter was held at its home of Burnham-on-sea on a pleasant evening though a bit warm, with a goodly number of Liaison Officers in attendance. The three Principals opened the Chapter and undertook the routine workings including: balloting for two Honorary and four Joining Members; proclaiming the Principals and Treasurer Elect, who all responded to this, though E Comp Keith Fisher raised a smile among those present, before handing over the sceptre to MEGS John Bennett who greeted four visitors from Hampshire and Isle of Wight and the CLOs.
    john and mike scraggs
    E Comp Mike Scaggs, H, listens to MEGS

    There followed some very interesting announcements starting with the establishing of a Chapter Banner for Calderley which would be dedicated at next September’s meeting. The design and colours using those on Provincial collars were agreed and the order will be placed immediately.


  • Next came the presentation of the Provincial Liaison Officer Collaret which has been commissioned with the three coloured ribbon to E Comp Adrian Halliwell, also CLO of Calderley Chapter. The new Calderley Liaison Officer Collaret with plain red ribbon will be presented to Chapter CLOs at their Installation meetings by the Representing Provincial Officer and is to be worn during the meetings and at the festive board of their own Chapters as well as at Calderley Chapter.
  • E Comp Bob Moore then officially announced the new Provincial Website is up and running, giving a general overview of its setting up, use by CLOs to update their own Chapter pages and other information. The new site address is The Calderley Liaison Officers will be responsible for their own Chapter’s page and have received a training session to make life easy for them. Companions are asked to have a look and if there are any comments please pass them on to: their own CLOs for their Chapter Pages; E Comp Adrian Halliwell, for other items: and Bob Moore if all else fails.
  • new bookletsMEGS then advised comps that a new Companions Guide has been produced as well as a booklet entitled “An Explanation for the Exaltee”, these will be issued to new Exaltees at that meeting by the Visiting Provincial Principal or otherwise by post.
  • The Provincial Stewards badge has been redesigned and now includes the word “Somerset” on it. All existing Provincial Stewards, past and present will be receiving these in due course.
  • “Talking Heads” was explained and was under the direction of E Comp Ray Beckingham. There are several teams of three who will be giving this playlet at a Craft meeting. One has already been carried out and Hendra Lodge in S Wales has asked the team to give this at their January meeting. There are already three “Talking Heads” being done at Fidelity and Sincerity, Wellington on 12th Sept, Elizabethan, Lodge Bath and Admiral Blake Lodge, Bridgwater.
  • When taking wine with Grand Officers at the festive board Craft Grand Lodge Officers should also stand.
  • In order to update the Provincial Database photographs of all companions are requested. This helps the visiting Provincial Principals to put a name to the face.
    MEGS returned the Sceptre to E Comp Bob Biggs who then closed the convocation after the Risings. Closing hymn was sung, if a bit raggedly [as no one had a song sheet], followed by the National Anthem before retiring to the dining room for an excellent meal.
Calderley top table
Top Table: E Comps Clive Lambert [3rd Prov Principal], Maldwyn Davies [2nd Prov Principal], John Bennett [MEGS], Mike Scaggs [H], Bob Biggs [Z], Richard Ellis [J] and Ray Beckingham [DC]
my table
Plates all stacked
Arthurs seat
Plenty of chatter
Rogues gallery
Tasty soup