Calderley Chapter of Union No 906 Monday 6th March 2017

Due to E Comp Bob Biggs, MEZ, being unwell E Comp Bob Moore took over the chair. The chapter was opened in due form and Item 2 on the agenda was taken, though E Comp Julian May, Scribe E, was unwell and also E Comp Alan Thompson stood in and the Minutes were duly carried.

Item 3 was to ballot for Joining Members E Comp Anthony J Beaumont PrGScribeE and  E Comp Terry D Hayes, PrGTeasurer, which proved clear and both were welcomed by MEZ and given a copy of the Bylaws. Next item was to ballot for as Honorary Members E Companions Robert E Biggs, Walter R Cole and Terry S Wood, which again proved clear. Next came the Induction Ceremony of the Principals for the ensuing year.

First Principal:           E Comp Michael J Scaggs, PGStB
Second Principal:      E Comp Richard J Ellis, PGStB
Third Principal:        E Comp Keith R Fisher, PAGSoj

The Three Principals:  E Comps Richard Ellis, H, Mike Scaggs, MEZ, and Keith Fisher

The Principals then appointed and invested their Officers and E Comp D John Bennett, MEGS, delivered the charge to the Principals. E Comp Mike Scaggs then welcomed the MEGS and proffered the Sceptre which he accepted. The Grand Superintendent welcomed all Companions and Calderley Liaison Officers present, he also welcomed the Provincial Grand Master, E Comp Stuart Hadler and stated how sorry he was that E Comp Denis Calderley was unable to be present this evening but he sent everyone his good wishes.

The first item that the Grand Superintendent discussed was the situation of the new Web Site and particularly the Chapter pages. The Grand Superintendent and the Calderley Liaison Officer E Comp Adrian Halliwell had ploughed through each Chapters Web Page and analysed the results. These results were discussed in a general manner as the Grand Superintendent stated that he had no intention of circulating the result. Overall the result were disappointing with only 7 Chapters obtaining and excellent grading with 5 appearing to have had nothing inputted. There followed a discussion, with many Companions having a very varied opinion, with regards to the way forward. The conclusion was that it was felt that at this stage we should adopt a personal approach to individual Chapters and Liaison Officers and the Grand Superintendent agreed that he would implement this. It was also agreed that the Province would organise further training sessions at The Webbington Hotel. This would enable those Liaison Officers who had not received full training and this would also provide an update to those Liaison Officers who are obviously finding difficulties in producing an acceptable Chapter Web Page.

The Grand Superintendent advised the Chapter that there was some feeling about the Chapter continuing to be based at Burnham on Sea and that the preferred option was moving to Wedmore, which was now an acceptable alternative venue, due to the fact that Avalon Chapter have moved there following the closure of Wells Masonic Hall.

The Chapter Scribe Ezra, E Comp Julian May, also recommended that the date of the September Convocation should be moved towards the end of September in the future. After a full discussion it was agreed that the future September Convocations of the Calderley Chapter would be held at Wedmore Masonic Hall, this year on Friday 29th September 2017 and the Chapter will move its registered Masonic base to Wedmore Masonic Hall.

The Chapter 2nd  Principal, E Comp Richard Ellis advised the Chapter that his Installation in March 2018 would probably be held at Clevedon Masonic Hall and the Chapter 3rd Principal, E Comp Keith Fisher advised the Chapter that his Installation in March 2019 would probably be held at Wedmore Masonic Hall.

The Grand Superintendent reminded the Companions that at the next Convocation on Friday 29th September 2018, the Provincial Team would be dedicating the new Chapter Banner and hopefully, if it is completed, the Honours Board.

The Grand Superintendent then advised the Chapter that Supreme Grand Chapter had honoured Companions from the Province with Grand Rank. E Comp Barry Woodside promoted to PGSwdB, E Comp Richard Ellis promoted to PAGSoj. E Comp Maldwyn Davies appointed to PGStB and E Comp Chris Moore to PGStB. Brethren from The Provincial Grand Lodge of Somerset has also been honoured with Grand Rank. E Comp Ben Batley promoted to PSGD. E Comp Ray Baines promoted to PJGD. E Comp David Leakey appointed to PAGDC and E Comp Ian Walker appointed to PAGDC.

The Grand Superintendent also announced the Principal appointments within Provincial Grand Chapter of Somerset for 2017/2018. E Comp Alan Holton to be Deputy Grand Superintendent, E Comp Clive lambert as 2nd Provincial Grand Principal and E Comp David Parslow as 3rd Provincial Grand Principal. All these appointments were greeted with acclamation.

The three Provincial Rulers designate in the front row: E Comps Clive Lambert, 2nd Principal, Alan Holton, Deputy GS, and David Parslow, 3rd Principal

The Grand Superintendent then thanked all the Companions for their input and asked the Provincial Grand Director of Ceremonies to present the 1st  Principal of the Chapter, E Comp Mike Scaggs, to him. He thanked him for allowing him to preside over the discussion and returned the Sceptre of the Chapter to the 1st Principal and took his seat.

After the Risings and the Closing the Comps retired to the Dining Room for a very tasty Festive Board.

Good company at the Festive Board