Calderley Banner Dedication

At the September meeting of the Calderley Chapter of Union No 906 the Provincial Team dedicated the new Banner for the Chapter so kindly donated by E Comp Denis Calderley, Past Grand Superintendent in and over the Province of Somerset.

The meeting was held in the new home for Calderley Chapter at Wedmore and was well attended with 11 CLOs to pass back their reports to their own Chapters. The Principals opened the Chapter and E Comp Chris Moore, PrGDC, announced that E Comp D John Bennett, MEGS, was without and was accompanied by E Comp Denis Calderley and the Provincial Team. They duly processed in and were greeted by the 1st Principal E Comp Mike Scaggs who proffered the Sceptre which on this occasion was taken by MEGS. The Provincial Team then took their stations and the Ceremony commenced. E Comp Denis with the Principals of Calderley Chapter then retired and were readmitted with E Comp Denis carrying the new Banner with hymn being sung.

E Comp Denis Calderley, Past Grand Superintendent

The Banner was presented to MEGS for Dedication. The Banner was uncovered and paraded around the Chapter again with another hymn. Once back in the East the Provincial Grand Joshua, E Comp David Parslow, gave the Dedication Prayer which was followed by MEGS Dedicating it. The Banner was then passed to the 1st Principal of Calderley and placed behind his chair.

E Comp David Parslow then gave an oration on Calderley Chapter, with historical facts and information.

The Provincial Rulers and Principals of Calderley Chapter
E Comps Mike Scaggs, MEZ, Richard Ellis, H, and Keith Fisher, J.

The ceremony was then ended and MEGS remained in the chair to give items of interest to the Companions:

  • An Order of Merit would be given to companions who have done exemplary work within the Province. These Merits will be known as the Grand Superintendent’s Award. The recipient’s name and reasons for them being proposed will be forwarded to the MEGS and he, with the DepGS, will discuss these and decide on who will received them. Please note that it is the companions of all Chapters who are eligible to nominate a fellow companion and it is not the MEGS who will put names forward. The recipients will be entitled to insert “GSA” after their names in any HRA correspondence and on honour boards. The first two recipients are E Comps Ray Guthrie and Alex Carter of Dungarvan Chapter, at Frome. There will be five GSAs awarded this year;
  • There will be a Provincial Book published in the New Year giving the history of this Province and every Chapter within it. The publication will be about 300 pages in similar style to the Craft Provincial book. There will be a discounted price of £25 if you order before publication and £35 after that. Get your orders in to E Comp Clive Lambert, 2nd Proc Grand Principal;
  • Calderley Chapter will have its home at Wedmore and will meet on the 3rd Wednesday or Friday or 4th Thursday in September and March. This seasons the March meeting will be at Clevedon, home of MEZ’s Eldon Chapter;
  • MEGS was then pleased to announce that, as the 1st Grand Principal, HRH Duke of Kent has served 50 years in that office, Supreme Grand Chapter have given an additional Grand Collar and a Promotion in this Province. E Comp Tony Beaumont will receive PGStB and E Comp Ray Beckingham will be promoted to PAsstGSoj. Congratulations to them both;
  • CLOs are encouraged to send a sub to the Calderley meeting if they are unable to attend;
  • Two Chapters celebrate their 200th Anniversary, Royal Sussex and Sincerity, and the Provincial Team will be there to present their Anniversary Charters.

MEGS then returned the Sceptre to MEZ and the Provincial Team retired. The Chapter then dealt with domestic items and was closed, with majority of the companions heading for the Festive Board, where a good three course meal was enjoyed by all. There followed the Toasts where one in particular is worthy of mention: that to E Comp Denis Calderley, given by MEZ, that  gave thorough detail of E Comp Denis’ time in HRA, which was followed by an emotional reply from Denis whereby the companions rose for a standing ovation.