Busy night for St. Keyna

The likely lads of the ‘In Camera’ team led by ExComp Ray Beckingham
Somerset Sceptre being handed over to MEZ St. Keyna by MEZ Royal Cumberland Chapter

The evening started with the reception of the Most Excellent Grand Superintendent and moved on to the ‘In Camera’ team of Excellent Companions Ray Beckingham, Andy Clapp and John Smith. They gave a very concise explanation of the meanings and symbolism of our workings in the Holy Royal Arch. The Companions and visitors were enthralled by the team.

A large contingent from the Royal Cumberland Chapter then presented the Somerset Sceptre to our Chapter for us to pass on to St. Luke’s Chapter on 21st March.

We then gave a rendition of the Symbolical and Historical lectures to our newest recruit, Comp Robert Edwards.

The evening was rounded off with an excellent meal in the presence of superb company.