Busy February Meeting For Avalon Chapter, No. 446

The regular meeting of the Chapter took place on Tuesday 18th February at 6.15pm at Wedmore. The meeting was very well attended and there was a very busy agenda. We were honoured with the presence of the MEGS, EComp Barry Woodside who had the very pleasant duty of presenting a Grand Superintendent’s Award to the MEZ, EComp Colin Snook. Colin graciously accepted the award and made a brief acceptance speech.

The Chapter was also delighted to welcome EComp John Smith as an honorary member, and John, who was recovering from his recent fall, expressed his gratitude for this honour.

In addition we exalted a new companion and balloted for two new candidates for Exaltation.

Following the formal proceedings we made our way to the Festive Board where we enjoyed an excellent meal, which included a great deal of laughter and bonhomie.