Brotherly Love No 329 June 2017 Convocation

The Chapter was opened in due form at 6:30 and E Comp Adrian Halliwell, DGDC, announced that the Chapter was honoured by the presence of E Comp Clive Lambert, newly appointed 2nd Provincial Grand Principal, and he was welcomed by E Comp Neil Tinkley, MEZ, and proffered the Sceptre which was speedily returned. E Comp Adrian then announced that E Comp Alan Holton, the newly appointed Deputy Grand Superintendent, was also present, which surprised the DGS as he is a member of this Chapter and hadn’t been primed. E Comp Alan was welcomed and congratulated on his preferment.

After the usual notices and reports the Principal Sojourner retired to entrust the candidate for the evening¬†W Bro Christopher Kelly of Royal Naval Lodge. Bro Christopher then entered the Chapter and was exalted with an excellent ceremony conducted by MEZ assisted by numerous Companions of the Chapter with E Comp Clive Lambert giving the Congratulatory Address to Comp Christopher and E Comp Adrian Halliwell was pleased to do the third part of the Mystical Lecture, much to E Comp DGS’s relief.

Three Master Masons: A C Rash, Adrian Watkins & Exaltee Chris Kelly.
E Comp Mike Nathan, H, E comp Neil Tinkley, MEZ, Comp Chris Kelly, newly Exalted Comp and E Comp Derek Marpole, J, with E Comps Clive Lambert, Alan Holton and Adrian Halliwell lurking in the background.

After the Exaltation the Chapter was duly closed and the Companions made their way to the Dining Room for an excellent supper.

E Comp Alan Holton, DGS, taking notes as E Comp Clive Lambert, 2nd Prov GP responds to the Toast to the Province with E Comp Adrian Halliwell, DGDC, hovering in the background