Barry Jones – Something I really enjoy

Having read about Barry’s accident and his recovery I asked him for an article on his hobby. Here is an article by E Comp Barry Jones which may be of interest to some Companions:

Adrian Halliwell
Provincial Liaison Officer

During my recuperation following my recent painfully decent down my stairs I have occupied myself with one of my hobbies, along with my Wife Karen, we are keen clay pigeon shooters with 6 shotguns between us. Due  to everything being closed I decided to get my shooting fix from my airguns/airweapons whatever name you give them will upset someone. I have 18 rifles and 33 handguns I call them handguns as I have a range of revolvers, semi automatic to single shot. My rifles vary from purest air rifles to military, fully firing replicas. In calibre off ·177, ·20, ·22 and ·25. My interest in shooting is target only, I don’t hunt with them not that I am anti hunting I just don’t see the need… but if needs must! I do a bit of pest control for my elderly neighbours as they are  keen bird feeders and watchers which unfortunately attracts the rats out of the nearby stream.

I have the following power plants in my collection of rifles and handguns; spring power, nitro piston(very similar to spring), pneumatic (it has a self contained pump) precharged pneumatic or PCP (requires a compressed air tank or stirrup pump) and CO2 (12gm and 88gm cartridges).

My firing point is a comfy chair and foot stool in my conservatory giving me a range of up to 25 yards I can extend that to 35+ yards by moving back into the sitting room. I have a 5 meter range in my garden shed for handguns and bad weather.

I have a variety of targets, paper targets which I place in brought pellet catchers, knock down resetting targets, chalk targets and back stops, which I use for any other targets, and those I have made myself, from tin cans, old fruit, eggs (messy and smelly) bottle caps, the list is endless. The law regarding air weapons is not too complex but is another subject on its own but simply they generally (there are some types that do) do not require a licence (except in Scotland). It can be an inexpensive hobby in which you can include all of the family. I find it fun and very satisfying to place a projectile  exactly where I want it.

There is a sport side to this hobby which I have tried in Field Target and Hunter Field Target.  Also major international competitions which I have NOT tried. I have included a few photographs of some of my rifles, I would be happy to write other articles in more detail about my hobby Including pictures of all the types of airweapons I own. I would like to add I don’t consider myself an expert or authority in the subject, it’s just been an interest of mine since the age of 14. If any Companions would like to learn more or share an interest I would be happy to be contacted on or 07411035541 also via WhatsApp.

A Stringer
Three nitro pistons two of which are military replicas
A Pneumatic rifle
Two PCP Rifles

Thank you for reading Companions,

Barry Jones.