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At the last meeting of Exmoor Chapter 2390 we had a wonderful evening not only did we have a Candidate for exaltation but the evening was attended by M.E.G.S. D. John Bennett. This was not a sit back and take it easy night for our Grand Superintendent but rather a working evening!

MEGS was put to work in the ceremony, when he was called upon by H (E. Comp. Bob Moore) to teach the candidate how to share the word, “Exmoor Style”!

After the exaltation MEGS officially presented the Somerset Royal Arch Tracing Board to Exmoor Chapter, to the delight of its members. The M.E.G.S. explained that this was the eighteenth Tracing Board that he had presented and still had a few more to go!

At the festive board M.E. D. John Bennett was also called upon to present the new Companion with a Somerset Royal  Arch tie this was in addition to the cuff links that he had received earlier.

He then proceeded to embarrass E. Comp. Chris Moore by congratulating  him on attaining Grand Rank.  A popular promotion here at Exmoor. Chris was admitted to H.R.A.  in this Chapter 17 years ago to this day! The 1st Principal at the time none other than E. Comp. Bob Moore.

We had a super Evening together and look forward to the next.

MEGS Presents a Royal Arch Chapter Tie
MEGS presents The Somerset Royal Arch Tracing Board to Principals of Exmoor Chapter

Somerset Royal Arch Tracing Board presentation to Exmoor Chapter

The Royal Arch Somerset Tracing Board will be officially presented to Exmoor Chapter 2390 on  Wednesday 22nd March 2017. This is the date of the next convocation of the Exmoor Chapter. The Tracing board will be presented by M.E.G.S. D. John Bennett, with this difference…

The lecture at the last meeting, when there was no candidate, was the lecture pertaining to the Tracing board, which was led by P.D.G.S. Robert Moore and 18 members of Exmoor Lodge. So despite the tracing board being officially presented the accompanying lecture has already been received.

The chapter will therefore be exalting a candidate on this evening in addition to the presentation.

The last meeting of the current season for the incumbent First Principal will be on Wednesday May 24th 2017

Z Phil Hackney H Bob Moore J Phil Thresher
Z Phil Hackney
H Bob Moore
J Phil Thresher


Training for the 21st Century

All deep in thought with E Comp Bob Moore tutoring
Bob and Barry Jones in session 2

9th August 2016 Chapter Liaison Officer training on new Provincial webpage at the Webbington Hotel and Spa.

The New Provincial Chapter Website is a real whizz…once you have had the training! A small group of Chapter Liaison Officers met for the first tranche of training on maintaining the new website and looking at the potential of the new Provincial Chapter web system.

It’s great, the Liaison Officers helped and supported one another in their learning, well led by Bob Moore, Adrian Halliwell and Chris Moore. We also had super coffee to fuel the learning!

Session 3 under way
Session 3 under way

Provincial Team visit Minehead

On 23rd March the Provincial Team gathered in the far west of the Province for what was to be a busy meeting at Exmoor Chapter.

It was an opportunity for the Grand Superintendent, E Comp John Bennett, to present E Comp John Lendon PPrGReg with a Certificate to mark his 50 years in the Royal Arch.

The presence of the Grand Superintendent also proved an ideal opportunity for the Chapter to present a cheque for his Provincial Charity directly to him. This was done by E Comp Chris Moore who is currently the 3rd Provincial Grand Principal as well as being the Chapter’s DC and Charity Steward.

The Provincial Team demonstrated their joint abilities with a presentation of the “Passing of the Veils”
ceremony. This had now become an annual rite of passage with each year’s team.

Here are a couple of further pictures of John displaying his certificate

Information and Pictures from
Steve Ford.