Devon & Somerset Farmers Chapter 2019 Installation.

On Friday 29th November Companions gathered from across the two Provinces for the Chapter’s Annual Installation meeting at Uffculme. Devonshire Official Visitors were led by E Comp Chris Roach DGSupt (the MEGS being detained in Tenerife with his wife) while Somerset was led by the MEGS E Comp Barry Woodside. After much recent inclement weather it proved to be a dry crisp evening.

Many arrived early to indulge in the tea/coffee and biscuits that were provided and it proved an excellent opportunity for convivial conversation among old friends and new. As start time approached Companions other than those in the later procession donned regalia and made their way to the temple.

The meeting was smoothly opened by the outgoing Principals with the initial business and the opening address moving easily along. The visiting dignitaries were then received into the gathering and, followed by their supporters, duly seated. Cheques for their Provinces’ respective Charities were presented to E Comps Roach and Woodside. Comp Winter and E Comps Hill and Grubb were each taken through their Obligations in an efficient manner. All below the rank of first Principal were asked to retire then E Comp M W Yates Installed E Comp C R Grubb as MEZ. The new MEZ then Installed E Comp R Hill as H followed by Comp R Winter being made J. The MEZ then appointed and Invested the Officers to serve with them.

It’s worth recording here that, despite a few minor hiccups in the floor work, all of the spoken ritual was very well performed with few prompts and great sincerity. The rest of the evening’s business and the closing address were deftly attended to before all the visiting dignitaries left to return downstairs while the Chapter’s Companions and their visitors completed the last rising and duly closed the Chapter.

Companions regathered in the dining hall with plenty of time to acquire liquid refreshment before the Company was called to table for Grace. An excellent meal of Prawn Cocktail, Carrot and Coriander Soup, Roast Beef, Apple and Mincemeat Pie and Cheese and Biscuits was served. The preparation, presentation and tastiness of the mail was to a high standard. After the toasts the raffles raised a goodly sum for charity.

All too soon the convocation was over and it was time for goodbyes. The Officers of the Chapter should congratulate themselves on an efficient and well presented evening’s ceremony. I complete this report with some pictures taken at the end of the meeting and at Table.

The New Principals with E Comps B Woodside and C Roach
The Principals with E Comps D J Bennett PGSupt (Som) and S H A F Hopkins (the Chapter’s 1st MEZ)
The Principals with E Comps P Hughes 2nd PGP and S Joint 3rd PGP Devonshire
The Principals in much more relaxed mood at table

There follows shots of either end of top table and wider views into the room.


In closing I must record my thanks to E Comp Chris Summers for so graciously letting me take over his duties as the Chapter Liaison Officer and producing this report. I trust I met his expectations and his own high standards.

E Comp Arthur W Rowe

December at 139

What a superb meeting at Perpetual Friendship in Bridgwater. With several stand-ins for sick brethren I can only heap praise on the quality of their ritual. MEGS, E comp Barry Woodside had invited himself to the meeting, more why later, and was proffered the Sceptre by MEZ, E Comp Barrie Crow, which MEGS thanked him for but returned it to Barrie for him to proceed with the evening.

E Comp John Night, being unavoidably absent at the Installation meeting was invested as DC.

The main event of the evening was to Exalt Bro Justin Meadows, a member of Perpetual Lodge No 135. First up was E Comp Gary Boon, J, who gave a near word perfect asking the question, it was clear and very well delivered, which set the standard for the rest of the working. Next up was E Comp Steve Dare, acting as H. Steve was given a week’s notice but you wouldn’t have thought so! To complete the first part of the ceremony MEZ was also spot on.

135 usee their almost original ritual and the expanded Mystical Lecture is broken into two parts, E Comp Norman Hucker undertook the first part and E Comp Jerry Hayes the second. Once again it was superbly given and so good to listen to.

Comp Just being congratulated be E Comp Barry Woodside, MEGS, with MEZ Barrie Crow looking on

After the ceremony MEGS congratulated Justin along with the Principals. The Treasurer being absent it fell on E Comp David Attwater to give his report. There followed the Almoner’s report on companions and their wives who are suffering ill health.

Comp Chris Dyer being presented with MEGS Award lapel pin

On the Second Rising MEGS reported that because of the Provincial Almoner’s unfortunate accident E Comp Tony Cooper and Comp Chris Dyer would be sharing John’s duties until he makes a full recovery. He then called on the DC to present Comp Chris Dyer to him. He then presented the MEGS Award pin to replace the collar jewel that he had been given previously, with suitable comments on his past and future activities looking after the Provincial Almoners duties in the south and west of the Province.

The chapter was closed in peace and harmony and and companions adjourned downstairs to enjoy the festive board.

Adrian Halliwell
Provincial Liaison Officer

Chapter of Brotherly Love 329 Installation Meeting November 2019

Thursday 21st November saw the Annual Installation at the Yeovil Masonic Hall of the Principals of the Chapter of Brotherly Love.

The meeting was opened in its own usual style. Following which there was a knock on the door and E.Comp. Roger Bailey, Provincial ADC, announced that the Deputy Grand Superintendent E.Comp. Clive Lambert was without and demanded admission. An escort was formed and the DGS was escorted into the Chapter along with the Prov. Standard Bearer, E.Comp. Gerald Morgan, and Prov. Steward, E.Comp. Clive Brooke. The MEZ E.Comp. Derek Marpole proffered the Sceptre to the DGS who said that he was aware of the amount of effort that had been made by all for the evening and he was not going to take that away from them and he returned the Sceptre.

The usual business was completed followed by the reading of the Antient Minutes and the Chapter was then infused with incense.

Before the Installation of the new Principals the outgoing MEZ had the pleasure of welcoming E. Comp D John Bennett, PGS of Somerset, as an Honorary Member of the Chapter and presented him with a copy of the by-laws. E.Comp. Bennet suitably thanked the members of the Chapter for the honour accorded to him.

The meeting continued with the Installation of E.Comp. William Spregg into the Chair of Z, E.Comp. Anthony Rash into the Chair of H and Comp. Adrian Watkins into the Chair of J. The explanation of the Robes and Sceptres were delivered by the out going Principals to their successors.

The MEZ then appointed the Officers for the year. Then E.Comp. Clive Lambert delivered the Address to the Principals, the Address to the Officers by E.Comp. John Pinder and to the Companions by E.Comp. Alan Holton.

Having had two candidates proposed at the previous meeting, a ballot was taken for Bro. Christopher James of the Lodge of Brotherly Love 329 and Bro. Allan Barrie of Royal Naval Lodge 2761 which proved in favour of both.

The new Principals with E.Comp Clive Lambert DGS
Our new Hon Member E.Comp D John Bennett joining the Principals and the DGS

E.Comp Lambert then presented a Supreme Grand Chapter Certificate, in a very informative way, to Companion Alan Watkins.

After the usual business and Risings the Chapter was closed and the Companions retired to the festive board.

Somerset Executive at Devonshire Annual Convocation

On Saturday 9th November some of Somerset’s more senior members travelled to the South West Riviera with E Comp Barry Woodside our MEGS. Arriving at the Riviera Centre in Torquay they joined many Companions from Provinces across the South of England. It has to be recorded that it was not “Riviera” weather. However, once in the dry Companionship was found to be present in vast amount. This picture shows most of the Somerset Companions who had travelled to the Convocation.

The 2019 gathering would mark the 9th Anniversary of E Comp Simon Rowe’s tenure as MEGS of Devonshire. As his Warrant is for a ten year period it is anticipated that Supreme Grand Chapter will be announcing his successor during 2020. He’s shown here with E Comp Barry Woodside and E Comp Graham Glazier the MEGS of Dorset.

In Devon, Lunch is taken before the Convocation with tea and biscuits available afterwards for those not wishing to join the queues that quickly build up as drivers attempt to escape via the single exit.

There was a rather special guest at the gathering in the person of the Third Grand Principal, ME Comp Gareth Jones. He is shown below with E Comp Simon Rowe at table. There follows a series of other picture taken during the meal featuring the Somerset Companions.




Despite the hundreds dining the meal proved excellent, which is indeed a credit to the caterers at a venue of this size. After lunch and minimal toasts and speeches the Companions quickly donned regalia and made their way into the main hall. The ceremonial went smoothly apart from the MEGS’s microphone going on the blink shortly after the opening ceremony. It was torn off and a hand version provided soon after. I’m sure those interesting in more detail about the meeting will find such on the Devonshire web-site in due course. Meeting over it was fond farewells then back out to face the elements, which had not relented much. It had been a most enjoyable gathering.

Arthur W Rowe

F & S have another memorable meeting, november 2019

At the November meeting of Fidelity and Sincerity we had good number of guests for a double ceremony in one night. The Chapter was opened and MEGS, E Comp Barry Woodside, personal guest of the DC, was welcomed by E Comp Jason Vincent and proffered the Sceptre. Knowing what was coming MEGS returned the Sceptre, H offered his but was also declined, good luck Chris next time perhaps?

The Almoner, E Comp Keith Smith, gave a report on various members and their ladies health including his own wife who is undergoing treatment for breast cancer.

The Three Principals L to R: E Comps Paul Spoors, H, Jason Vincent, Z, and Chris Waterhouse, J.

Next on the Agenda was to Invest E Comp Paul Spoors as H. He was presented to MEZ by E comp Adrian Halliwell, DC, and took his Obligation. Those below the rank of 2nd Principal retired and a Conclave of 2nd Principals was then declared. E Comp Paul was then invested with Robe, Collar and Sceptre and took his Chair. The companions were readmitted and MEZ gave the Robe Address. MEGS then delivered the Address to H.

Next item was to ballot for a Joining Member and a Candidate for Exaltation which proved clear, thank goodness, as W Bro Alan Clayton was to be Exalted that evening.

Alan was duly Exalted into the Chapter which was carried brilliantly by all those taking part, this is due to the Principals and Sojourners volunteering to have a “boys’ night” every Wednesday to practice the upcoming ceremonies. Congratulations everyone.

Comp Alan Clayton with the Principals
As before with E Comp Barry Woodside, MEGS.

There being no further business the Rising were taken. On the Second Rising MEGS rose to thank the Chapter and then called on the DC to present E Comp Keith Smith to him. MEGS then gave a resume of Keith’s masonic career detailing his devoted work as Almoner for both this Chapter and also F&S Craft Lodge. He then presented him with the Grand Superintendent’s Award Certificate and Lapel Pin. Keith was so taken aback he couldn’t respond, it’s not often this happens, he he!


The Chapter was then closed in peace and harmony and Companions headed for a very convivial Festive Board.

Team Visit To Somersetshire Chapter 2019

Pre Meeting Drinks – Cheers

On Wednesday 13th November the MEGS E. Comp Barry Woodside led a lively team on the annual Provincial visit to the Somersetshire Chapter which meets at Mark Masons’ Hall. He was well supported by the team including the Deputy Grand Superintendent E. Comp Clive Lambert and the 2nd Grand Principal E. Comp Ray Beckingham. Previous to which a number attended Supreme Grand Chapter earlier in the day

Although there was no ceremony at the meeting E. Comp Ray Beckingham had prepared a talk entitled “Who do think you are?” which was performed by members of the Chapter and the Provincial team. This was well received by all attending as it gave details of the individuals that are mentioned in the Royal Arch ritual.

Following the closing of the Chapter the Festive Board was held. An excellent carvery was served together the usual amount of wine. Following which the team made their way home happy and content.

Royal Cumberland No. 41, October Meeting

At the Royal Cumberland No. 41 Chapter meeting held on Tuesday the 15th of October, we undertook an Exaltation ceremony where Companion Paul Russell, a Master Mason of St Alphege Lodge No 4095 was exalted into the Holy Royal Arch. The four Companions in the photograph are Ex Comp David Hogg (H) Ex Comp Roger Karn (Acting Z) Comp Paul Russell and Ex Comp Malcolm Toogood (J).

St George’s October Exaltation

On 31st October E Comp Peter Light, MEZ, was pleased to Exalt his Candidate Bro Matt Landy. After the Chapter was opened E Comp Rod Green was Invested with his collars, yes collars, as Almoner and Ass Scr E as he was absent at the Installation ceremony. Rod was also standing in as H.

A ballot was held for a Joining Member, Comp Michael Meatyard, which proved clear and he was welcomed in the Chapter.

Next item on the Agenda was to carry out the Exaltation of Matt Landy, a member of Vivary Lodge, which MEZ is also a member. The ceremony went very well especially as the Principal Sojourner was also standing in. There was no problem with this as E Comp Neil Trood was the man in the hot seat. All those that know Neil are well aware of his superb ritual, even more amazing as he is just shy of his 87th Birthday. Comp Matt was duly shown the Charter of the chapter and presented with the By-laws.

The Almoner gave a report on those Companions who were unwell, making a special report on E Comp Terry Wood who was recovering from another stroke. There being no other items on the Agenda the Chapter was closed in peace and harmony and the Companions adjourned upstairs for the Festive Board.

E Comp Adrian Halliwell
Provincial Liaison Officer

CHAPTER OF BROTHERLY LOVE No. 329 October Convocation

The chapter was opened and E Comp Derek Marpole, MEZ, welcomed all companions and the one visitor. He then invited E Comp Tony Rash to present the Historical Lecture in Catechitical form assisted Comps: Part A Frank Suter; Part B Brian Gay ; Part C Alan Watkins; Part D Grant Lyons; Part E Ken Sherring; and Part F Rob Mitchell

MEZ the asked E Comp  Bill Spregg (H) for the Symbolical Lecture assisted by Comps: Part 1 Rob Mitchell; Part 2 Adrian Horsey; Part 3 Alan Watkins; Part 4 Gary Hall; Part 5 Frank Suter; Part 6 E Comp Clive Barlow; Part 7 E.Comp John Hawkins and Part 8. by E Comp Brian Buckle.

Next on the Agenda was the Election of the Principals for the forthcoming year as E Comp Bill Spregg as MEZ, E Comp Tony Rash as H and Comp Adrian Watkins as J. Likewise the Treasurer, Comp Rob Mitchell.

Scribe E announced that there were two candidates for Exaltation in the coming season. However, he announced that there have been six resignation,  all for a variety of reasons and accepted by the Scribe E.

The Chapter was closed in Peace and Harmony and the companions made their way to the festive board for melon and Parma Ham, Faggots, creamy mash and veg completed with fruit crumble.



Provincial Grand Lodge of Somerset

Provincial Grand Chapter of Somerset

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Andy Wade –
Head of IT
Richard Dredge –
Head of Social Media
David Parslow –
Head of IT & Social Media for Royal Arch


Dear Brethren / Companion

One of Freemasonry’s core values is that of being non – political. This policy is absolutely clear at UGLE, Supreme Grand Chapter of England, and at Provincial level, HOWEVER, you as an individual share that responsibility.

When using Social Media it is essential to keep your political beliefs separate from your Masonic presence. We strongly advise you to take all steps necessary to ensure that you do not post your political beliefs on Masonic, shared or personal accounts.

Please bear in mind that this includes any of your original posts, plus likes and forwards. Please also be aware of liking or forwarding posts linked to group, pages, or organizations, as a post you ‘like’ may be linked to a group, page or organization with conflicting beliefs.

Such actions can bring Freemasonry into disrepute and threaten to undermine Freemasonry as a non-political Fraternity where men meet regardless of their religion, ethnicity or political beliefs.

If you have photographs of you wearing Masonic regalia, share Masonic content on your Social Media, or your profile and timeline content shows that you are a member of Freemasonry, it is easy for someone to confuse your personal beliefs with that of Freemasonry itself. Indeed this has already happened within the Craft.

Separate Social Media accounts for non-Masonic activities are easy to set up and we encourage you to do this in order to prevent any unfortunate conflicts of interest.

Sincerely & fraternally

Barry, Andy, Rich and David