Appointments and Promotions for the next Masonic year 2021-22

Provincial Grand Chapter of Somerset

Dear Companions

For the list of Appointments and Promotions for the next Masonic year, click here.

You will note that with one or two exceptions, the active officers are the same as last year. The rationale behind that decision is that for obvious reasons those officers have not thus far been able to fulfil any of their Provincial duties, and therefore it is only right to give them a chance to do so in the next 12 months. Both active and newly promoted past Provincial officers will be entitled to use their respective ranks as from the date of the Provincial Annual Convocation, 21st May 2021. However, at a recent Provincial Executive meeting, it was a unanimous decision to postpone that meeting until Friday 22nd October next. It was agreed that even if the ongoing government vaccination programme continues to be the success that it is, the probability of compulsory social distancing remaining in place is too high, thereby making a full Annual Convocation untenable. It is hoped that by postponing until October will enable us to hold it without restriction to seating.

At that same meeting, the Most Excellent Grand Superintendent, E. Comp. Barry Woodside, announced that E. Comp. Ray Beckingham, 2nd Provincial Grand Principal, would be retiring at the next Annual Convocation – whenever that might be – and that he would be installing E. Comp. Neil Hurcum as 2nd Provincial Grand Principal in succession to Ray. As well as thanking E. Comp Ray for his contribution during his tenure as 2PGP, MEGS also stated that E. Comp. Ray would be continuing with the excellent work he was already doing as the Provincial Learning and Development Officer, thereby retaining his seat on the Provincial Executive. Both Companions will carry on in their present respective roles until the next Annual Convocation, consequently that change will not happen on 21st May.

Kind regards

Tony Beaumont.
Provincial Grand Scribe E