Another new companion at Connaught

A new Companion was Exalted into Connaught Chapter at its Regular November Convocation; Bro Sean Biggins, a relatively new member of Connaught Lodge. The meeting was very well attended with some 40 Companions.

Shortly after the Chapter was opened, the Janitor gave knocks on the door and admitted the Provincial Deputy Grand Director of Ceremonies, who announced that: “E. Comp Ray Beckingham 2nd Principal for the Supreme Grand Chapter of Somerset, is without, demands admissions!” he was admitted in due form accompanied by Several Grand Officers and Active Provincial Grand Chapter of Somerset.

Comp. Chris James’s Grand Chapter Certificate!

With the Chapter nearly full to the rafters, the Exaltation was carried out, our recently Exalted companion Comp. Chris James was presented with his Supreme Grand Chapter Certificate and 2 new joining members were proposed to be balloted for at the next regular Convocation in January.

The festive board had an excellent atmosphere, the Chapter was treated to Roast Lamb with Roast Potatoes and Seasonal Vegetables.

After the excellent meal; E.Comp Tony Cooper, proposed the toast to our newly Exalted companion. Comp. Sean Biggins was anxious to respond and said that he was excited about being a member of this order and that he was looking forward to working with and helping the chapter wherever he could.

The MEZ Neil Arthur stood and thanked everyone for coming and wished everyone a Happy Christmas and a Prosperous New Year!

C.L.O Comp. C Harding

Newly Exalted Comp. Sean Biggins responding!
E. Comp Ray Beckingham addressing the Companions!


Visitors Toast by E. Comp John Morris!
Address by MEZ Neil Arthur!
Festive Board!

C.L.O Comp. C Harding