All three Lectures done at Fidelity and Sincerity – April 2018

E Comp Clive Lambert, 2nd Prov Grand Principal, with the Principals of 1966

At the April Convocation we were honoured with the presence of E Comp Clive Lambert, 2nd Provincial Grand Principal, accompanied by E Comp John Smith, Provincial Grand Almoner, and E Comp Sandy Glen, Provincial AssDC.

The Chapter was opened an MEZ, E Comp Peter Chidzey welcomed E Comp Clive Lambert and proffered the Sceptre which E Comp Clive thanked MEZ and swiftly returned it.

The Lectures were undertaken in catechetical form firstly with E Comp Joshua, Jason Vincent,gave the Historical Lecture directing five companions. The second lecture, Symbolical, was given by E Comp Haggai, Andrew Kerslake with the assistance of eight comps. Finally the Mystical Lecture was undertaken by E Comps Andrew Kerslake, Chris Summers and Adrian Halliwell.

The Principals for next season

Next item was to elect the Principals and Treasurer for the ensuing year, there being no other nominations the following were declared:

As Z, E Comp Andrew Kerslake
As H, E Comp Jason Vincent and
As J, Comp Paul Spoors

As Treasurer E Comp Keith Smith

L to R: E Comps Andrew Kerslake, Keith Smith, Adrian Halliwell, Peter Chidzey, Jason Vincent, Jim Nicol, Mike Condick and Comp Barry Renwick

Other voting was carried out and at he 2nd Rising E Comp Jim Nicol announced the following appointments: in Chapter E Comp Jim Nicol, PrAssScribe E, Comp Barry Renwick, PrGOrganist and Comp Keith Smith, ProvGSteward; in the Craft, E Comp Adrian Halliwell as PrSGD; and in Mark, E Comp Mike Condick, Grand Standard Bearer.

Two Grand Officers, E Comps Chris Summers and John Smith with 2nd Prov G Principal and the Principals of 1966

After the Chapter was closed photos were taken and everyone went to the dining room for an enjoyable Supper.