Adair Receive Ray Beckingham’s ‘Commentary on The Royal Arch’

E Comp Ray Beckingham was At the January meeting The Convocation was opened and the Deputy Provincial Grand Director of Ceremonies, E Comp Adrian Halliwell, was admitted. He announced that E Comp David Parslow, 3rd Provincial Principal, accompanied by two Companions of Supreme Grand Chapter, demanded admission. An escort was formed and he was admitted and greeted by E Comp Glynn Derrick, MEZ, and proffered the Sceptre which E Comp David quickly returned.

After the Minutes were approved those Officers who were absent from the Installation were investeE: E Comp Arthur Marrow as Charity Steward, Comp Nick Delaney as 2nd Ass Sojourner and Comp Alan Southey as Steward.

E Comp Ray Beckingham
E Comp Ray with the Principals: E Comps Alan Trask, H, Glynn Derrick, MEZ, and Tim Gosling, J.

E Comp Ray Beckingham then gave an oration entitled ‘A Commentary of The Royal Arch’ which was very informative and everyone in the Chapter made their daily advancement in ‘Masonic Knowledge’. E Comp Ray received acclamation on the completion of his talk and was thanked by MEZ.

On the 2nd and 3rd Risings the 3rd Principal commented on the members of Adair Chapter who will be honoured at the Provincial Convocation: E Comp Darrel Hinder as 2ndPrGSoj; E Comp Lionel Webb as PPrGScrE  and E Comp Ian Strickland as PPrGScrN. There be no further items the Chapter was closed with peace and harmony and the Companions then paraded out to gather for the Festive Board. At the splendid Festive Board the Sunday Lunch on 11th March was announced and a raffle drawn which all of the visitors won prizes.

E Comp Adrian Halliwell
Provincial Calderley Liaison Officer