Adair Chapter Convocation March 2019

On Wednesday 27th March a regular Convocation of the Adair Chapter was held at the Masonic Hall in Clevedon. Once that the chapter had been opened by the Most Excellent and the normal business dealt with, including the installation of two officers not present at the installation meeting, a presentation of the Symbolical Lecture was given under the direction of ‘H’ (Tim Gosling).

Each part was taken by a different companion, including one kindly being voiced by a visiting companion. Each Companion was called to the floor in turn, where he could indicate the specific piece of the furniture his section was explaining.

Following this the Historical Lecture was excellently delivered in its entirety by ‘J’ (Pete Murray).

There being no further business the Chapter was closed by Their Excellences and the companions retired downstairs to the festive board.

The Three Principles of the Adair Chapter.