A Sombre Tale of Epicurean Anticipation Mercilessly Dashed upon the Unforgiving Rocks of Fate’s Ocean

4446-It Broke
In Other Words – IT BROKE !!!!
From left to right: Alan Dummet, Julian Bloys and John Hickman


But, I’m getting ahead of myself – let’s start at the beginning…….

The Installations meeting of Quantock Chapter took place on 20th September. The ceremony went well and appeared to be enjoyed by all.  Maldwyn Davies, 2nd Provincial Grand Principal and Adrian Halliwell, Provincial Deputy Director of Ceremony (and also the Provincial Liaison Officer, and therefore my boss as Quantock’s Liasion Officer) were in attendance.

Our three Principals for the year were expertly Inducted, they are – – – – – – – – – – > > > > > >

4446-quantock-installation-07< < < < – – – -And this is them eclipsed by our Provincial Visitors

Then we bounded downstairs more than ready to savour Karen’s feast. To be met by Karen’s anxious face and a very cold oven decorated with uncooked food. The cooker was broken!!


 Quantock Chapter is young and resilient; the pate starter was served followed by the abundant cheese and biscuits and the Festive Board went ahead. An enjoyable evening for all ensued. After the formal Toasts were finished, the offer to send out for fish and chips was not taken up by anyone.

Such was the success of the evening that we are considering having a hot buffet at our next meeting in February, rather than the more formal traditional Festive Board.  Watch this space for more information as our next meeting approaches.