A fantastic (but busy) evening at Avalon’s February meeting

On Tuesday 21st February Avalon Chapter met at their new home in Wedmore for an extremely busy but equally rewarding evening of Royal Arch Masonry. The agenda included a Provincial Team Visit, a visit from members of the fellow Founding Chapters of Somerset, the delivery of the Somerset Sceptre from Royal Sussex Chapter, an Exaltation carried out by the Provincial Team and the presentation of a Supreme Grand Chapter Certificate!!

A total of 70 Companions were squeezed into the temple and the proceedings began. It was one of those evenings where everything ‘went right’, and there was a warm feeling of companionship throughout. The Provincial Team were welcomed, and took their places in the Chapter, replacing Avalon’s own officers. Following this, the delegations from the Founding Chapters were received and welcomed by the MEGS.

The next business was to exalt our newest member (from Benevolent Lodge), and this was carried out with dignity and precision by the Provincial Team, led on this occasion by E Comp Barry Woodside, DepGS.

Following the exaltation and the return of Avalon’s officers to their rightful places, the Somerset Sceptre was presented to E Comp Adrian Moore (Z) by the Principals and members of Royal Sussex Chapter. With his usual aplomb and great voice, Adrian promised faithfully to take care of it and deliver it safely to the next recipients – St Keyna Chapter.

Finally the Third Provincial Grand Principal E Comp Clive Lambert presented a Supreme Grand Chapter Certificate with style and panache.

When the formal proceedings were over everyone crammed into the dining room to enjoy an excellent Festive Board. All in all it was a superb evening which was well attended and thoroughly enjoyed by all who were present.

Below: E Comp Adrian Moore (Avalon Z) receives the Somerset Sceptre from E Comp Richard Ellis (Royal Sussex).

Chapter meeting - wedmore travelling Sceptre 1 LR