A  familiar face was Exalted into Connaught

A  familiar face was exalted into Connaught Chapter 3573, none other than W. Bro Chris James the IPM of Connaught Lodge 3573. Many well known and distinguished Companions had turned up to support him. Among them was the Grand Superintendent for Somerset E. Comp Barry Woodside and Deputy Grand Superintendent for Somerset E. Comp Clive Lambert. The current WM of Connaught Lodge  E. Comp Brian Parry was also in attendance.

The Grand Superintendent presented Comp. Ian Ramsden with his Supreme Grand Chapter Certificate.

The festive board was well attended with nearly 40 Companions Dining. Who were treated to an excellent meal of, Egg Mayonnaise, Roast Pork, Cheese and Biscuits with Coffee.

During the speeches E. Comp Tony Cooper, stood, welcomed and congratulated Comp. Chris James  on becoming a member of Connaught Chapter 3573. He explained Chris’s life before becoming a Freemason and how he had spent most of his working life in the Ambulance Service, carrying out various roles, how he moved around the country with his job, and how he was promoted through the ranks.  Chris responded and thanked everyone, for making the evening an enjoyable and memorable occasion for him.

Looking forward to the next meeting in November, Connaught Chapter 3573, pending a successful ballot will exalt Bro. Sean Biggins. If you would like to come along on the evening please get in touch.

C.L.O Comp. C Harding

Grand Superintendent Barry Woodside addressing the Companions.


E. Comp Tony Cooper proposing the toast to Comp Chris James


Comp. James responding to the Exaltees toast.