814 Dedication of Banners and Ensigns

MEGS E Comp John Bennett explaining the proceedings

On 23rd January 2018 the Provincial Team descended on the Parrett and Axe Chapter to dedicate the new Principal Banners and Tribal Ensigns, purchased by E Comp Gerald Morgan, MEZ. This was the first time that the Team had dedicated both sets at once.

The Chapter was opened by the three Principals E Comp Gerald Morgan, MEZ, E Comp Steve Albon, H, and E Comp Clive Saunders, J, and an alarm was given that E Comp Chris Moore, PrGDC, requested admittance. He announced that the Excellent D John Bennett, Most Excellent Grand Superintendent, accompanied by the Provincial Team, demanded admission and was duly admitted. MEGS was presented with the Sceptre of the Chapter and on this occasion accepted it. The Provincial Officers then took their places and the ceremony then continued. MEGS then related the ceremony that would be carried out and thanked Parrett and Axe Chapter for asking the Provincial Team to Dedicate the Banners and Ensigns.

MEGS Dedicating the Eastern Banner and Tribal Ensigns

The PrDGDC, E Comp Adrian Halliwell, headed the Banner Delegation from the Chapter before returning with the five principal Banners to form up in the east. The Banners were then paraded around the Chapter followed by them being placed in the south, west, north and east. Provincial Grand Joshua, E Comp David Parslow, then gave the Dedication Prayer. MEGS then explained why the Banners were so placed and the Provincial Principals took station by each explaining the positioning of the Banners and their related Ensigns.

MEGS then Dedicated the Banners with prayer and the 1st Principal of the Chapter to accept the Banners and Ensigns followed by the Patriarchal Benediction. The 3rd Provincial Grand Principal then gave an oration on the history of the Banners and Ensigns with some amusing pieces included.

E Comp David Parslow, 3rd PrGPrincipal, presenting the Grand Chapter to Comp Mac Mackay with Chris Moore, PrGDC, in attendance

MEGS then called on the next item on the Agenda which was to present a Grand Chapter Certificate to Comp Andrew ‘Mac’ Mackay, this was done by the now overworked 3rd Prins! The Chapter Officers were then reinstalled into their rightful places and the Provincial Team retired from the Chapter. The Chapter then completed the Risings and was closed in peace and harmony.

At the Festive Board all enjoyed a great meal, fish cakes followed by beef stew and completed by Somerset apple cake and custard. A raffle was held which raised over £200 and had numerous prizes which were spread out among members and visitors.

E Comp Adrian Halliwell
Provincial Calderley Liaison Officer