Somerset Executive at Devonshire Annual Convocation

On Saturday 9th November some of Somerset’s more senior members travelled to the South West Riviera with E Comp Barry Woodside our MEGS. Arriving at the Riviera Centre in Torquay they joined many Companions from Provinces across the South of England. It has to be recorded that it was not “Riviera” weather. However, once in the dry Companionship was found to be present in vast amount. This picture shows most of the Somerset Companions who had travelled to the Convocation.

The 2019 gathering would mark the 9th Anniversary of E Comp Simon Rowe’s tenure as MEGS of Devonshire. As his Warrant is for a ten year period it is anticipated that Supreme Grand Chapter will be announcing his successor during 2020. He’s shown here with E Comp Barry Woodside and E Comp Graham Glazier the MEGS of Dorset.

In Devon, Lunch is taken before the Convocation with tea and biscuits available afterwards for those not wishing to join the queues that quickly build up as drivers attempt to escape via the single exit.

There was a rather special guest at the gathering in the person of the Third Grand Principal, ME Comp Gareth Jones. He is shown below with E Comp Simon Rowe at table. There follows a series of other picture taken during the meal featuring the Somerset Companions.




Despite the hundreds dining the meal proved excellent, which is indeed a credit to the caterers at a venue of this size. After lunch and minimal toasts and speeches the Companions quickly donned regalia and made their way into the main hall. The ceremonial went smoothly apart from the MEGS’s microphone going on the blink shortly after the opening ceremony. It was torn off and a hand version provided soon after. I’m sure those interesting in more detail about the meeting will find such on the Devonshire web-site in due course. Meeting over it was fond farewells then back out to face the elements, which had not relented much. It had been a most enjoyable gathering.

Arthur W Rowe