50th Veterans Certificate presentation to E Comp Ian Jacobs

On Monday 25th November the Grand Superintendent travelled up to Wiltshire to Lansdowne Chapter No. 626 meeting in Chippenham to accompany the Grand Superintendent in and over the Province of Wiltshire, E Comp John Reid with the sole purpose of a joint 50th Veterans Certificate presentation to E Comp Ian Jacobs a Past Grand Superintendent of Wiltshire, 1995-2008.

E Comp Ian Jacobs was the consecrating Joshua of Calderley Chapter of Union No. 906 when it was consecrated on the 7th April 2011 at The Webbington Hotel and Spa, Loxton. The full consecrating team was selected by the officiating First Principal, E Comp Denis Calderley a Past Grand Superintendent of Somerset.

All of the consecrating team had been selected from a selection of Past Grand Superintendents from our adjoining Provinces who just happened to have served in their respective Provinces at the same time as E Comp Denis; their participation resulted in them all being made Honorary Members of the Chapter.

The three Principals of the Chapter, E Comp’s C M Tarbitten (Z), M J Emmett (H) and P Ginger (J) on behalf of the members of the Chapter presented E Comp Ian with a magnificently engraved whisky decanter and twin whisky glasses, much to Ian’s utter dismay and delight, particularly as he had no idea as to what was install for him, there being no mention of any such presentation in the Chapter Summons, the only agenda items reflecting the customary chapter business. It was only to be the high attendance that aroused Ian’s suspicions that something was afoot. With the formalities of the presentation completed E Comp Ian took full advantage to address the chapter with an emotional recounting of his happy 50-year service to the Holy Royal Arch and finally thanking all the companions for their friendship and support throughout his extraordinary and privileged Royal Arch Journey.

Following a full agenda and with the presentations successfully concluded, the companions retired to the ground floor dining room where a hearty and enjoyable festive board of stew and dumplings was enjoyed by all.