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The May meeting of Avalon Chapter (No 446) in Wedmore was another slightly unusual and thoroughly enjoyable occasion. For the second time in a row we performed a double Exaltation.

It was a warm May evening and the temperature and the attendance were both high. We were honoured with the presence of the MEGS Ray Guthrie, ably assisted by his Acting DC E Comp Tim Adams.

The two brethren to be exalted were W Bro Robert O’Malley-White (Benevolent Lodge) and Bro Viv Morris (St Dunstan’s Lodge). Unfortunately, our MEZ, E Comp Fred Body, was unable to be with us and so his place was taken by E Comp Colin Snook who did an excellent job. The ‘double’ ceremony went extremely well and the two Brethren became two Companions without hitch.

It was then the turn of the MEGS to swing into action and present Supreme Grand Chapter certificates to Companions Dallimore and Loxton. But his work wasn’t over. His next job was to present a Grand Superintendent’s Award to E Comp Brian Crome. This was totally unexpected by Brian who became emotional and lost for words (first time for everything). The award was very well deserved and the Chapter afforded Brian rightful acclamation.

From L-R: E Comp Tim Adams, Acting PrDC, Comp Viv Morris, Comp O’Malley White, MEGS, E Comp Brian Crome, E Comp Colin Snook (Acting Z), E Comp Tom Nutt (J), E comp Mark Caldwell (H).

We then retired to an excellent Festive Board lovingly prepared by the Deputy Grand Superintendent in his role of ‘chef extraordinaire’.

In summary, a good time was had by all and we look forward to our next convocation which, rumour has it, will be another double (possibly a very special one!!)

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