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The Indissoluble Link & Charity!

On Thursday February 23rd four members took the time and effort to go on a shopping spree in aid of the Clevedon Foodbank, in support of the Foodbank Initiative being promoted by the Royal Arch.

The Clevedon Foodbank also covers Yatton so it was fitting that the W Bro’s David Bussell , Ben White , Christian Thorne and Neil Hurcum, representing Wrington Vale Chapter and Southey Lodge, based in Yatton and Clevedon, went and filled their trolley’s from the “needs list” provided by the Foodbank.

They then hastened to Wrington to acquaint Bill Dale the Foodbank Warehouse Manger with the provisions they had bought and the circumstances which had led thereto!

Bill was suitably delighted to receive the donations, which would be faithfully applied, though as he said “sadly these will not last long on the shelf in the present climate”, the final picture shows the intrepid shoppers and Bill Dale.

The actions of the Lodge and Chapter proving that the “Indissoluble Link” between the Craft and the Royal Arch can also be applied to Charity.

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