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Generous members makes Charity Steward’s job easy!!

Following up on the Provincial Royal Arch initiative for all Chapters in Somerset to support their local Foodbanks I’m now very happy to report that to date I have been able to pass on £106.00 from The Chapter of Sincerity No 261 and a further cheque for £270.00 from the Lodge of Unanimity and Sincerity No261.

 I’ve also had the pleasure of delivering over half a dozen boxes of dried, tinned and long-life goods, donated by Hall users, to the ladies at the Taunton Foodbank at the Belvedere trading estate off Albemarle Road. They are always pleased to see more supplies arriving and are definitely very appreciative of them.

 With the current box in the Taunton Masonic Hall filling up nicely and a few bob in the bucket on the bar I’ll be making another trip to see them after 261’s Installation meeting on Wednesday 18th Jan.

Please see below email and card received from the Foodbank in response to your generous giving.

Dear Roger

After two weeks leave I returned to the foodbank to find your donation of £106 in my in tray together with 11 gift aid forms. What a super gift!

Please pass on our grateful thanks to all your members for their kindness.

As the cost of living crisis deepens it is tremendous seeing the support like yours arriving here at Taunton Foodbank for those in need.

God bless you all.

Yours sincerely

Julian Brandon

Taunton Foodbank

 Thanks to all who have contributed.

Roger Bailey, Charity Steward, Sincerity Chapter No 261

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