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A Special Evening at Wrington Vale Chapter

It was certainly a busy night at Wrington Vale’s Installation meeting on December 12th where the companions were treated to three ceremonies for the price of one!

As it was Installation night the incoming Principals E Comps Ben White, Ray Beckingham and David Weatherill were all inducted in a smooth and efficient manner, and with Officers invested and Addresses given the evening progressed.

E Comps; Geoff Lester, Ray Beckingham, H, Ray Guthrie, Ben White, Z, David Weatherill, J, John Bennett, PGS, and Neil Hurcum, Scribe E and 2nd Prov G Principal

E Comp D John Bennett, Past Grand Superintendent, was pleased to return his Patent of Office to Wrington Vale where he was exalted in May 1966 for the Chapter to hold and display on behalf of the Province. John made his Address to the Chapter and closed with:

E Comp John Bennett, Past Grand Superintendent, hands back his Patent to E Comp Ray Guthrie. MEGS

“I owe this Chapter a great deal because without this Chapter so many doors would not have been opened to me and I hope that by returning my Patent to Wrington Vale Chapter it will go some way to repaying the debt that I owe you all. Companions of Wrington Vale Chapter I thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

The agenda was followed and then under the Risings the Grand Superintendent surprised the Chapter and in particular E Comp Ray Beckingham in presenting him with a Grand Superintendent’s Award for the many years service Ray has given to the Province as well as within Wrington Vale.

For once Companions the Chapter witnessed a speechless E Comp Ray Beckingham who was extremely pleased and proud of his award.

MEGS Ray Guthrie presents E comp Ray Beckingham with a Grand Superintendent’s Award

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