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Provincial Team in action at Inkerman – Nov 2021

The Provincial Team were in Weston-super-Mare on Monday 22nd November to undertake an Exaltation at Inkerman Chapter no 1222. The Team arrived for a limited rehearsal at just after 17:00 and then broke for liquid refreshments (coffee, etc).

The Chapter was opened by E Comp Syd Brailey, Inkerman’s 93 years old MEZ, with E Comps Julian Brown, H, and Philip Melson. J, with the opening hymn. The minutes of the previous meeting were confirmed and then E Comp Tony Cooper, PrGDC, informed the Chapter that E Comp Clive Lambert, Deputy Grand Superintendent in Charge demanded admission together with the Provincial Team. They then entered and were greeted by MEZ and the Sceptre was proffered to E Comp Clive who accepted it and then the Provincial Team took their places.

The Exaltation of Bro Andy Mills was then carried out by the Team including the main players: E Comps: Ray Beckingham, Past Pr2nd Principal; Geoff Lester, Pr3rd Principal; Tony Beaumont, PrScribeE, acting as narrator; Adrian Halliwell, PrScribeN; Charlie Barker, PrPrinSoj; Roger Karn, Pr1stAssSoj, and Doug Stembridge acting as 2ndPrAssSoj. Others who took part giving the Mystical Lectures were: Ray Beckingham,1st part; E Comp Tony Cooper, 2nd Part, and Adrian Halliwell, 3rd Part. The Secrets were given by E Comp Brian Horn, DC of Inkerman. The PrJanitor, E Comp Ray Johnstone-Smith, prepared the candidate. The Officers of the Chapter were then returned to their seats and the agenda items were completed.

E Comp Harry Blinston, Scribe E of the Chapter, gave a short informative presentation about the foundation and naming of Inkerman Chapter showing an Inkerman Medal and picture of the Village of Inkerman in the era of the famous battle which was very well received by the companions and acclamation given, details to follow.

On the 2nd and 3rd Rising E Comp Clive gave greeting on behalf of the Provincial Team and himself for allowing them to undertake the Exaltation of Comp Andy Mills. The Team then formed a retiring column to escort R comp Clive from the Chapter. For more details click here.

Companions of Inkerman then completed closing of the Chapter and joined the Team in the bar and ding room for a very enjoyable Festive Board. A comprehensive meal of mushroom soup, turkey and all the trimmings finishing off with a cheese platter.

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