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Team Visit to 1966 – November 2021

The Provincial Team were invited to Fidelity and Sincerity to conduct the Exaltation of Bro Richard Wilson. Richard is a member of Vivary Lodge No 8654 in Taunton which was the lodge where E Comp Barry Woodside, our past MEGS, was DC and Barry expressed a wish that the Team perform the Exaltation. To keep this wish the team assembled at 17:00 for a rehearsal which went very smoothly which proved to pay off dividends.

The Chapter was opened at 18:30ish with the usual Agenda items being dealt with quite speedily. Scribe E, E Comp Jim Nicol, gave the Almoner’s report as E Comp Keith Smith, the Almoner, was absent as his wife was isolating before an operation later on the week, we all wish Mo a speedy recovery.

New MEZ E Comp Paul Spoors

Next on the Agenda was to install E Comp Paul Spoors as MEZ, Paul missed the Installation Ceremony in September as he was recovering from cancer surgery. E Comp Paul was presented to MEZ E Comp Jason Vincent by the DC, E Comp Andrew Kerslake, and he was duly installed as MEZ with a few differences to the ritual because of Covid-19 precautions. MEZ then installed those officers who were absent in September.

E Comp Tony Cooper, PrGDC, announced that E Comp Clive Lambert, Deputy GS in Charge, together with the 21 companions of the Provincial Team were outside the temple and he demanded admission. E Comp Clive and the Team then processed in and took over the Chapter Officers’ positions to conduct the Exaltation Ceremony. It was an excellent ceremony with everyone doing their parts especially well. Main players were: E Comps: Neil Hurcum, Pr2nd Principal; Geoff Lester, Pr3rd Principal; Tony Beaumont, PrScribeE, acting as narrator; Adrian Halliwell, PrScribeN; Charlie Barker, PrPrinSoj; Roger Karn, Pr1stAssSoj, and Doug Stembridge acting as 2ndPrAssSoj. Others who took part giving the Mystical Lectures were: Roger Reina,1st part; E Comp Tony Cooper, 2nd Part, and Adrian Halliwell, 3rd Part. Not forgetting the PrJanitor E Comp Ray Johnstone-Smith.

From L to R: E Comp Neil Hurcum, Pr2nd Principal, Chris Waterhouse, H, Clive Lambert, DepGS, Paul Spoors, MEZ, Comp Richard Wilson, E Comps Geoff Lester, Pr3rd Principal, and Chris Summers, J.

Once the ceremony was completed E Comp Clive and the Principals congratulated Comp Richard Wilson on joining the Royal Arch and especially joining Fidelity and Sincerity. The Principals of 1966 and the Officers of the Chapter resumed their seats and the Team were congratulated by MEZ Paul then the rest of the meeting took place.

On the 2nd and 3rd Rising the Provincial Team processed out and the Chapter was closed in due form with 46 heading for the Festive Board.

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